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123-Sys Networking

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Located in Union City, California, 123-Sys Networking is a solutions provider serving Alameda County with more than 15 years of experience. 123-Sys Networking specializes in IT infrastructures, security systems, surveillance camera installation, and video doorbell installation within their service catalog. They specialize in consulting, design, implementation of local area networks, home networks, corporate and home wireless systems, servers setup and migrations, data backup, security solutions, VPN implementation and end-user support.

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Founded in 2011, 123-Sys Networking is an accredited service provider helping customers build, organize, improve and maintain their IT infrastructure.

123-Sys Networking specializes in designing, consulting, and implementation of local area networks (LAN), corporate and home wireless systems, home networks, and more. 123-Sys Networking also offers servers setup and migrations, security solutions, data backup, VPN implementation and end-user support for such devices as desktops, laptops, and phones.

Areas of Expertise:

Security System:

A security system is a combination of devices and services which work to protect a residence or business against the threat of invasion or intrusion. Security systems sometimes serve as protection from natural disasters as well. Residential, commercial, and industrial customers alike use security systems to safeguard against theft (burglary) and property damage. Security systems are available in a range of formats, levels, and pricing packages. They may involve professional installation or DIY installation. Whether these systems are intended to protect against a single incident or high threat of invasion at all times, they may involve a number of components, such as video cameras, alarm systems, smart home automation, notifications, smart locks, smart sensors, and more.

Security Camera Installation:

Security cameras, also called CCTV, are used within security systems to help users monitor a certain area. Unlike surveillance cameras, video cameras send signals to a monitor at a specific location and don’t necessarily connect to an IP network. Security cameras serve to help thwart home crime attempts, including theft. Cameras may be placed in plain sight or hidden, depending on security system needs. A variety of security system cameras are available, ranging from video doorbell cameras to a number of different indoor and outdoor cameras, and cameras may involve self-monitoring or professional monitoring. Installation of security cameras depends on user needs and the security system provider, but either DIY installation or professional installation may be available. Professional installation helps avoid wiring issues and other issues that may arise during DIY installation.

Services Offered:

Video Doorbell Installation:

A Video Doorbell is a smart doorbell that notifies the user via smartphone or another electronic device when someone arrives at their doorstep. It is triggered by a built-in motion sensor or when the visitor rings the doorbell. It is the latest and most popular in smart home products, created for customers looking to enhance their security systems. It allows the user to use a mobile phone app to communicate with the visitor in real-time. Video doorbells come equipped with high definition cameras and night vision. Some even allow the user to open the door remotely using a smart lock. Some video doorbell installations are DIY projects that can be done by the customer. Other video doorbells require professional installation performed by a certified expert that will configure the video doorbell properly, which may have an extra cost.

Access Control Services:

Access control systems are the main hub of security systems, providing access to or denial of entry to a given area. Access control is the combination of hardware and software in a security system that helps secure points of entry. These systems may include a security system’s control panel (its hub or computer), the system reader, and its smart locks/electric locks — as well as the components of these system parts. Typically, these systems require professional installation due to the wiring and connection requirements.


Certified Electrical

Number: EC13001584 - Expires: 08/31/2020

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert - MCSE

VMware Certified DC Virtualization - VCA

Cisco Certified Network Professional - CCNP

EMC Information Storage Associate - EMCISA

ITIL Foundation Certified


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123-Sys Networking

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