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Scout Home Security

Scout Home Security System is a relatively new company that manufactures affordable, well-designed devices. Although its equipment selection is slightly limited, the Scout system integrates exceptionally well with many third-party smart home equipment. Scout Security System is an incredibly customizable DIY security system that prioritizes Wi-Fi connection over the landline or cellular coverage.


Scout Home Security’s notorious fame is its straightforward Do-It-Yourself (DIY) installation system, bringing four equipment packs for you to choose, or the freedom to custom build your security system from the ground up. Scout’s system comes with a centralized Hub to connect with all other devices. It depends solely on the mobile app or tablet for managing and integrating all other components. Scout system does not come with any keypad or control panel to manage your system; it is entirely app-dependent. This could somewhat complicate managing your system since you will have to be careful about your phone battery or leaving it behind at home. On the positive side, it is cost-effective, as you don't have to buy a new device to control your security system. One unique feature is the Scout’s Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) sticker that you attach to a random object at home to work as a secret key fob. Scout is a versatile security system, with effortless DIY installation equipment; its wireless devices come with peel-and-stick adhesives for an easy set up without punching holes in your wall or dangling wires. Scout has no professional installation service available, and you will have to pay for the equipment upfront.

The Scout System provides two monitoring possibilities: DIY-monitoring or professional monitoring (recommended). Both come with 4G LTE cellular backup and unlimited notifications. You need to subscribe to at least one plan to have mobile app access. On the plus side, there is no contract: you can choose from month-to-month monitoring fee or get a discount by paying a yearly monitoring fee. Scout equipment comes with a three-year warranty and a 60-day full refund guarantee.

Key features

  • DIY installation
  • DIY or Professional monitoring
  • Wireless Equipment
  • Wi-Fi coverage
  • Cellular and battery backup
  • Smartphone control
  • Intrusion Protection
  • Compatible with Smart Home Devices
  • Compatible with Environmental Sensors

Cost and contract information

Scout Security is an inexpensive DIY system that comes with four preset equipment packages that you can purchase, or build a custom-made system from the ground up, for top customization. Scout is an easy-to-do DIY installation system, with no activation or installation fees embedded. The company does not provide professional installation.

You can pay for your equipment up front, or you can finance it using Affirm financing plans. If you don’t want to purchase all your gear in advance, you can choose to fund it and pay monthly installments. With Affirm, all Scout orders over $50 are eligible, with the possibility to pay over 3, 6, or 12 months with rates from 10-30% APR.

Scout Home Security offers two monitoring plans: Always On and Always On+. With Always On, you will be self-monitoring your system through the mobile app, while the Always On+ includes 24/7 professional monitoring (recommended). The Scout equipment system won’t work without at least one active monitoring plan. Scout contract guidelines are pretty flexible, something rare in the security industry: No annual contract. You can sign up to a monthly fee or a yearly fee and can cancel at any time. Scout equipment has a 60-day money-back guarantee and comes with a three-year warranty.

Detail Always On Package Always On+ Package
Activation Cost $0.00 $0.00
Installation Fee $0.00 $0.00
Scout Equipment Packs Starting at $229 Starting at $229
Custom Built Equipment Starting at $120 Starting at $120
Monthly Monitoring Fee $9.99 $19.99
Yearly Monitoring Fee $107 $215
Monitoring Self-Monitoring Professional Monitoring
Connection Wi-Fi + Cellular Backup Wi-Fi + Cellular Backup
Contract Length No Contract No Contract
Prices may vary    

Coverage and policies

Scout Home Security wireless system uses Wi-Fi coverage, with a 4G LTE cellular backup; No landline required. Broadband monitoring connections are the best alternatives to cellular or landline connections; With Scout’s added cellular backup, it makes it an incredibly reliable connection. Scout Security is available in the United States and Canada (excluding Quebec) at this time.

Scout Security has a different approach to contract agreements: No contracts at all. Instead, you pay a monthly or yearly monitoring fee that can be canceled at any time; There is no cancellation fee. Even if you sign up for annual monitoring and decide to cancel midway, Scout will offer a prorated refund, regardless of whether or not you pay month-to-month or upfront for an entire year. The equipment has a three-year warranty, and 60-day money-back guarantee to test the system out.


Scout Home Security offers four preset Scout Equipment Packs: From the Small Pack, ideal for smaller homes or apartments, to the Architect Pack, designed for larger homes with multiple entry points. If you want, you can create a custom-built bundle for top customization. Every preset package includes the Scout Hub, a door panel, motion sensors, access sensors, key fobs, and a yard sign. You can always add more devices, such as indoor cameras, environmental sensors, and more. Unfortunately, Scout equipment doesn’t have outdoor cameras or video doorbell cameras at the moment. Scout Security provides a custom-built option that you can adapt, picking every item á-la-carte as best serves your security needs.

An impressive feature that stands out with Scout equipment is the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) sticker that uses radio waves for security: place it on a random object at home to work as a secret key fob.

Scout Equipment uses a Wi-Fi connection with a cellular backup for its coverage. It provides a fast connection to the monitoring center, and even if your internet goes down or an intruder cuts down your home phone lines, your system will continue active through its cellular connection.

Scout Security Equipment has a clean, aesthetically pleasing design, integrating nicely with your home décor. Its equipment comes with some benefits, for instance:

Scout Options Main Benefit Technology Type
The Scout App Control Intermediate App
Indoor Camera Motion Detection Intermediate Camera
Door Panel Control Basic Sensor
RFID Convenience Basic Sensor
Smart Door Locks Control Advanced Automation
Nest® Smart Thermostat Energy Saver Intermediate Smart Thermostat

Home automation

Scout Home Security System has a reputation for being the ultimate customizable system in the industry. It is impressive to see how many smart home integrations Scout system has. Scout extensive automation capabilities make up for their limit equipment selection. Scout has Z-Wave and Zigbee integrations with smart home devices that use one of those frequencies.

Scout System is compatible with Nest equipment, which allows you to add devices such as smart thermostats, outdoor cameras, and Smoke/CO detectors to your home security system. Scout and Nest communicate each other’s learning habits to make your home security system more efficient.

Using Amazon Echo devices, you can arm and disarm your system by directly talking to Alexa. It can update you on Scout latest activities, turn on the siren, and even tell your system to panic to send for help. Similar to Alexa, Google Home integration can control your Scout security system and be up to date on your home security activity, using voice commands.

Scout is also compatible with Philips Hue smart lights and LIFX smart light bulbs. By linking these devices to your Scout system, you will be able to turn the lights on/off from your smartphone. Your connected lighting products will flash red when an alarm is triggered, giving you an extra layer of visual indication to alarm events.

You can connect Scout with over 175 smart home partners using “If This, Then That” (IFTTT) integration, allowing you to customize your smart home setup with a wide selection of products and services. With IFTTT recipes, you tell your system what you want it to do once and then it will perform intuitively over time. Scout monitoring plans come with other features like:

Scout Features Always On Always On+
Wi-Fi Connection Yes Yes
4G LTE cellular and battery backup Yes Yes
Scout Mobile App Yes Yes
Push notifications to mobile device Yes Yes
Email / SMS alerts Yes Yes
Smart Home Integrations Yes Yes
24/7 Live Alarm Monitoring No Yes
Free storage for the first camera No Yes

Customer experience

Scout Home Security has two monitoring plans: DIY-monitoring and professional monitoring plans. With the self-monitoring option, you will be solely responsible for overseeing your home security. One major issue with DIY monitoring is that your system will be mobile-dependent: if you leave your phone at home or run out of battery, you won’t be notified of any alarms triggering; no one will call the police for you in case an incident occurs. Besides, the cost difference between a DIY-monitoring and 24/7 professional monitoring is only $10/month more; meanwhile, you still have to subscribe to at least one plan to get access to Scout’s mobile app to self-monitor.

Professional-monitored homes are more secure; you will have professionals watching over your system 24/7, ready to respond if one of your alarm goes off. Scout has a Wi-Fi connection with a cellular backup, so your system is active even if your internet goes out.

Scout Security System has a reliable customer service, with lots of different options for support. Scout’s website has video tutorials, a community forum, as well as a Knowledge Base with lots of topics ranging from general questions to troubleshooting. If you want to contact them, you can email, fill an online form, or call them directly; it has no live chat available, unlike many other companies today. The Scout customer service is open every day from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM CST.

Scout's website is very user-friendly, easy to navigate throughout all equipment packages, with prices at plain sight. All packs come with a description of the included components for you to browse which one fits your security needs better. Since the Scout System has a limited product catalog, the sales tactics are not overly aggressive, relying upon the vast home automation integrations that open the door for other companies’ devices to add on to your system.


Scout Home Security is perhaps the most comfortable DIY installation system in the market today; It is designed to be a straightforward, wireless setup that comes with no hanging cables or drill holes on your walls. DIY installations will save you money since you will be setting up the entire system. You will be responsible for pairing and placing all the security devices around your home. If you don’t have too much free time on your hands to take on a DIY project, or hardly any technical experience, you can always ask a friend to help out. Unfortunately, Scout Security does not offer a professional installation service. If you don’t want to take on a DIY project, Scout may not be the best option for you.

Scout System offers four preset packages to pick from, or you can custom-build your system from scratch. Building your own system may be a little overwhelming for those who don’t have too much experience with security systems; it is recommended to go with a preset pack which you can add more devices later on as you see appropriate.

After you purchase Scout’s equipment and monitoring plan, you will receive your equipment at home and move on to the DIY installation process. The Scout system comes with a comprehensive printed and in-app instructions. You start by downloading the app, set up the Hub in a central location, and pair up all the devices to your security system. We’ll get to a detailed step-by-step explanation for this process in the equipment section.

Scout System offers two monitoring plans: Always On for $9.99 / Month (DIY monitoring) and Always ON+ for $19.99 / Month (professional monitoring). You can pay a yearly fee in both plans to get a discount. Remember that Scout has a no-contract commitment so that you can cancel at any time.

Bottom line

Scout home security system is an affordable, straightforward DIY installation system, with an outstanding reputation of being one of the most customizable security systems in the market today. Scout’s limited proprietary equipment comes pretty standardly with wide-ranging third-party integrations to add to your basic security system.

The keypad-less system can make the Scout system a little annoying to use since you can enable or disable the system from the app.

Scout provides two monitoring options: a DIY-monitor and professional monitoring service, both reasonably priced compared to other security companies. It includes a unique Wi-Fi coverage with a cellular backup, for an extra layer of security connection. One feature that makes Scout Security stand out from other companies is that no contract is required, giving customers the freedom to cancel at any time. If you want a trouble-free DIY home security system that is reasonably priced, with the flexibility to add on lots of third-party home automation devices, Scout is the company for you.

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