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Deep Sentinel Home Security

Deep Sentinel is the new kid on the block when it comes to security systems, bringing a new, innovative way to approach your home security.  It is a residential home security system that combines Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) with 24/7 human monitoring service by trained experts.  The most significant difference between Deep Sentinel and other home security systems is that Deep Sentinel is proactive about its alerts:  It can identify a possible crime in progress and respond accordingly, rather than reacting after a sensor is triggered and the process of breaking into your home has started.


Thanks to its A.I. technology, human security monitors can speak through the cameras’ built-in speakers to defuse situations or contact your local police directly to provide immediate assistance.  Because of its integrated security system and monitoring service, Deep Sentinel has no smart home integration.



Deep Sentinel is a high-end price range residential security system, with a single starter package and a monthly surveillance subscription.  The equipment is a wireless DIY installation system that includes one A.I. Hub, three outdoor HD cameras, four rechargeable batteries, a yard sign, and decals.  The wireless cameras are the system’s main component, they are battery-operated with a rechargeable battery with a life of about two months.  The cameras are robust, designed this way by two factors: First, the size of the cameras is due to space the battery takes up; second, the system is designed to stand out, as an initial deterrent to intruders.

The Deep Sentinel system is active from the moment you set it up and does not require arming or disarming when you enter or leave your home since it is directly integrated with the LiveSentinel service.  You can use the Deep Sentinel app on your mobile phone to review alerts, access account features, review video footage, and contact customer support.

The professional monitoring agents are called LiveSentinels.

The equipment needs to be paid upfront; however, it has no activation or installation fees.  Unfortunately, Deep Sentinel has no financing plans available.

Professional installation is not offered, but the company has partnered up with Handy to provide qualified people that offer this service.  Keep in mind that the system is designed for outdoor residential surveillance, not recommended for monitoring apartments or buildings.

Deep Sentinel has a 24/7 professional monitoring service; there is no DIY-monitoring option for the first year.  After the contract is up, you can choose between self-monitoring or continue with professional.  A small factor to consider is that the system uses Wi-Fi coverage but no cellular backup, which means that if your internet goes down, there won’t be any communication with the LiveSentinel monitoring service.

Deep Sentinel system comes with a minimum one-year commitment, with a steep cancelation fee.  You can subscribe to a monthly fee, or pay an annual fee that comes with a considerable discount. After the first year, you can choose to renovate a monthly monitoring fee that you may cancel at any time or opt for self-monitoring. The equipment comes with a one-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee.

Key features

  • DIY Installation.
  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring Combined with Predictive A.I.
  • Real-Time Intervention.
  • Voice Response.
  • Wi-Fi connection.
  • Proactive alarm and monitoring.

Cost and contract info

Deep Sentinel is a high-priced security system that offers only one equipment starter kit with a single professional monitoring service.  You can add more outdoor cameras to cover your house’s perimeter, for an extra cost. The company does not offer any other device or sensors since its outdoor cameras mainly monitor your home, with the help of A.I. technology, eliminating the need for any additional security component. You will have to pay for the equipment up front, making it a little hard to attain because there are no financing plans available.

Deep Sentinel is a DIY-installation system, with no installations or activation fees. The company does not offer any professional installations services; It did partner up with Handy to provide professional installation for those who need it.

Deep Sentinel home security system provides only one simple professional monitoring option, integrated with artificial intelligence (A.I.) technology, to bring a completely different surveillance service, like nothing we’ve seen on the security industry. Deep Sentinel uses predictive A.I. technology and real-time monitored surveillance to provide a security system with fast response time, end false alarms, and uphold your privacy. This one-option approach may be perfect for first-time buyers since there are no confusing equipment bundles or monitoring plans to choose.

The professional monitoring service comes with Wi-Fi coverage, but no cellular backup, a feature that has become vital with broadband security systems because cellular backup adds an extra layer of security, making the connections more reliable by keeping the system active, even with a power outage or your internet going down.

You can cancel at any time, but prepare yourself for the steep termination charge of $399

Deep Sentinel has a one-year contract agreement which you may cancel before the contract ends, but it comes with a steep termination charge of $399.  The equipment comes with a one-year warranty, and 30-day money-back guarantee so that you can test the system out.  After the 30-day trial ends, the monitoring fee will start right after.

Home Security System Remark
Activation Cost $0
DIY-Installation Fee $0
Professional Installation Fee Starts at $110.00
Equipment Starter Pack $499.00
Monthly Monitoring Fee $60.00
Annual Monitoring Fee $488.00
Additional Monthly Fee for Extra Camera $9.99
Additional Yearly Fee for Extra Camera $99.00
Monitoring Type Professional Monitoring
Connection Type Wi-Fi
Contract Length 12 Months
Prices may vary  


Deep Sentinel home security is a wireless system that uses Wi-Fi connection for its coverage; no landline required.  One disadvantage is that there is no cellular backup, a feature that provides more secure and reliable communication.  Deep Sentinel is only available in the United States and for residential home use only.



Deep Sentinel has a one-year contract agreement; if you want to opt out early, you will have to pay a steep termination charge of $399.  After the first year, there are flexible plans to choose from.  You can subscribe to monthly/yearly professional monitoring fees that you can cancel at any time, or want to self-monitor your system at no extra cost.


Deep Sentinel home security comes with one simple DIY-installation equipment starter kit, with outdoor cameras as its central focus component. This modest selection goes directly linked to how the system works. The system is a blend of 24/7 human intervention, a Hub with predictive A.I. built in, and next-generation wireless outdoor cameras, something pretty unique in the security system.


Deep sentinel cameraImage courtesy of Deep Sentinel

Deep Sentinel has no add-on devices, such as motion or access sensors, since the outdoor cameras will provide the surveillance of your home’s perimeter in combination with the proactive monitoring center. The company’s model and foremost goal are to prevent the crime before the intruder even gets a chance to get close enough to break in. The company does not have professional installation service for its equipment, but if you prefer, they recommend you use Handy services, for an extra fee.

Deep Sentinel has no smart home integrations, as the system depends on its propriety cameras for monitoring.  If you want, you can add third-party smart home devices as a separate system, but they won't integrate with the Deep Sentinel system as a whole, unlike many security companies that join in forces to bring different products for your security system. This leaves plenty of room for improvement, compared with most of the security systems in the industry that allows home automation integration to control everything from one location.

Deep Sentinel uses Wi-Fi coverage for its connection; there is no cellular backup.  If your internet goes down, the system will lose communication with you and the monitoring center.  We recommend you buy an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) to provide battery backup for your internet router for when the electrical power fails. Small UPS systems provide power for a few minutes, but larger ones have enough battery for several hours, ensuring your security system with continuous internet service.

The equipment comes with an extra rechargeable battery to work as a backup.

Due to the size of the camera’s battery, Deep Sentinel equipment has a bulky, sturdy design, intended to deter intruders. It is not very aesthetically pleasing, but then again, the cameras are for outdoor usage, meant to stand out and send a message that a live security team is protecting your home.

Home automation

Deep Sentinel has no home automation capabilities or integration with third-party devices, and it is by design.  The company states: “Deep Sentinel system is engineered for security and privacy. We believe that Bluetooth-compatible smart home hubs leave security hubs open to common hacks that can compromise your security and data. For that reason, we’ve kept the Deep Sentinel unconnected from smart home hubs until we find a secure way to work with these home appliances”.

Deep Sentinel has no smart home automation or third-party integrations.

Deep Sentinel can co-exist side-by-side with any home Wi-Fi or smart home devices.  You can buy third-party products or a completely separate indoor security system, but they will work as two different systems.  So, keep in mind that if you want to have indoor cameras, motion detectors, or access sensors to monitor your home from within, it may be an expensive setup to have besides Deep Sentinel's system.  Unfortunately, it does not support Amazon Alexa or Google assistant.

Prime value

Deep Sentinel is a home security system that provides initially one monitoring option: A professional monitoring service. After the one-year commitment ends, you can continue with the pro monitoring service on a monthly/yearly basis, or opt for self-monitoring, where your event feeds will no longer stream to Deep Sentinel live surveillance center.  Deep Sentinel is designed to integrate camera surveillance, artificial intelligence, and real-time professional monitoring, something unique in the security industry.



Deep Sentinel’s prime value is in their preventive system. With Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) technology, the system can filter out or ignore all different types of motion around your home, like your neighbor’s cat taking a stroll or cars driving by on your street, and focus its attention on legitimate potential threats.

Deep Sentinel has trained its A.I. to detect suspicious behaviors, helping the system focus its attention on such unusual actions, for instance; when a person lingering on your front porch or checking out your home; this potential threat will send a live feed to the LiveSentinel monitoring agents for further review, and possibly take action or engage with the possible threat. Deep Sentinel will intervene in real-time, using the camera’s built-in speakers for two-way communication to clarify or defuse the situation with the person involved in triggering the threat. If the situation escalates to a crime in progress, the surveillance center will contact your local law enforcement.

Deep Sentinel gives a 30-day no-questions-asked guarantee with its equipment.

Deep Sentinel states that they identify a risk in under 10 seconds and contact the police within 20 seconds.  The police will classify the call as a high priority, due to reporting a verified crime in progress and sharing details about the intruder and the incident.

By combining the best of A.I. and specially trained agents, Deep Sentinel ensures that it never sends out a false alarm and don’t worry about the system invading your privacy during your pool party: Deep Sentinel is a one-way system, which means that the live surveillance agents can only respond to potential suspicious behavior from your home’s system. No feed from your home cameras will be seen unless it’s a potential threat the A.I. detects.

The main drawback is that Deep Sentinel only uses Wi-Fi coverage with no cellular backup.  If there is a power outage or your internet goes down for any reason, the smart cameras will still detect motion and stream videos to the smart Hub, storing them for later view, but there won’t be any communication with the monitoring center or notifications to your mobile app.

Customer experience

Deep Sentinel is building an excellent reputation due to its surveillance agents’ interactions. The LiveSentinel agents are subject to a thorough, on-going training program, designed to improve response time and ability to recognize possible threat situations before they start.  They become skilled at describing suspects to the police to help the authorities identify and apprehend them.


Deep Sentinel guardsImage courtesy of Deep Sentinel

Deep Sentinel’s website is very user-friendly, with extensive instruction guides, how-to videos, general questions, and more. You can contact them by placing a call, live chat, or use the Sentinel Bot pop-up to answer questions or set a meeting invite.  The website is easy to navigate, having all the information very accessible, with visible price tags on products and monitoring fees, along with available discounts.


Deep Sentinel home security is a DIY installation system that can be installed in 30 minutes.  You will be in charge of setting up all the cameras around the outskirts of your home, making sure you cover the entry points and avoiding blind-spots within your home perimeter.

Deep Sentinel cameras are wireless, so you don’t have to deal with irritating cables dangling from your walls or creating a new outlet for an outdoor camera since the video equipment is entirely battery-powered.

Taking on a DIY installation may be a little overwhelming for some people, especially if you lack the technical experience. We recommend you ask a family member or a friend to help you out with all the setup.  If you prefer to have a professional technician to do all the work, Deep Sentinel has partnered up with Handy services, a company that offers professional installations and many other services, for an extra cost depending on how many devices you need installed starting at $110.

Deep Sentinel security offers only one equipment starter kit since its system is designed for camera surveillance only.  You can add one more camera to the bundle, as the Hub only supports four, which, according to the company, is more than enough to cover the perimeter of your home. The additional monthly fee for the extra camera is $9.99 a month, or get a discount by buying the yearly fee for $99. The system is not compatible with any other third-party products or comes with home automation capabilities.

First thing you need to do after you receive your equipment is to download the Deep Sentinel app and follow the step-by-step instructions on how to link and place all your cameras. You will plug in the Hub first and connect it to your router, and move on to pairing all the cameras. The app will guide you through the entire process of placing the cameras and checking if they are in the right spot.  If you don’t have the time or any technical experience, it is best you ask a friend to help out or hire the professional installation technician.

Deep Sentinel home security system offers only one professional monitoring plan, at $49 a month, or a discounted yearly agreement of $488.  The system comes with a one-year contract commitment.

After the first year contract is complete, you can opt to a self-monitor option (not recommended), or continue with the professional monitoring plans with the possibility of going monthly or annual agreements.

Bottom line

Deep Sentinel is a unique home security system with a DIY-install equipment package, sold with an innovative professional monitoring service, like nothing we have ever seen from any other security company.  This pragmatic equipment selection is directly related to how the company offers to monitor its customers:  a combination of real-time human surveillance, a predictive A.I. Hub and outdoor wireless cameras. The system is not designed for apartments or business locations that are within a building or shopping mall, as it is meant for residential outdoor surveillance only.



The system has no other devices or sensors since it is engineered to predict security incidents before they happen.  By using surveillance cameras and A.I. technology, the LiveSentinel agents can monitor your home and receive alerts of suspicious behavior around your house; they verify if it is a possibly dangerous situation, and intervene by either engaging with the intruder or contacting the local authorities.

Deep Sentinel is a pioneer company in camera surveillance and professional monitoring service, perfect for customers who prefer a rare proactive approach to home security.

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