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Deep Sentinel Home Security

Imagine if your security system could react immediately to any threat around your property. Does it seem far-fetched? Not for Deep Sentinel Security Systems: a comprehensive ensemble of technology, AI… Oh, and it comes with guards included. In the following, you’ll find an immersive approach to this new take on home security à la carte. 


With surveillance units nationwide, Deep Sentinel has the manpower to respond to threats in under 10 seconds. It’s valet-style security.

Powered by state-of-the-art AI technology, the camera only takes 5 to 10 seconds to detect suspicious activity and reports immediately to security guards once it detects a threat. In the following 30 seconds, guards will contact the local police and alert them of any suspicious activity that might be happening or about to happen. 


Key features

  • DIY Installation.
  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring Combined with Predictive A.I.
  • Real-Time Intervention.
  • Voice Response.
  • Wi-Fi connection.
  • Proactive alarm and monitoring.

Cost and contract info

Deep Sentinel is distinctive in its approach, moving beyond the conventional role of a security system. The commitment to a one-year plan, starting at $100 per month for the initial camera and an extra $50 per month for additional cameras, might seem atypical for a DIY system. However, this duration is relatively modest compared to the extended contracts associated with professionally installed systems, often spanning three to five years.

The Wireless DS2 System, designed for DIY installation, begins surveillance at $100/month, covering Wireless Cameras, 1 Smart Hub, and a year of Live Guard Service. Requirements include a stable internet connection.

For those opting for the PoE System with professional installation, the service starts at $100/month, encompassing Dome or Bullet PoE Cameras, 1 PoE Hub, and one year of Live Guard Service. 

This transparent breakdown allows users to plan according to their specific needs, emphasizing a tailored security solution. While the pricing might seem relatively higher, the value proposition lies in the preventive approach Deep Sentinel offers, potentially justifying the investment for certain homeowners.

Deep Sentinel's security system offers a one-year contract with a $399 cancellation fee for early termination. Included is a one-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to evaluate the system's effectiveness. Note that the monitoring fee commences immediately after the 30-day trial period.

Coverage and Policies

Deep Sentinel home security offers a wireless system that operates using a Wi-Fi connection, eliminating the need for a landline. However, it lacks cellular backup, which is often considered vital for ensuring secure and reliable communication.

Currently, Deep Sentinel is exclusively available in the United States and is designed solely for residential use.

Returns and Refunds

Deep Sentinel provides a 30-day return window for customers seeking a refund. To qualify, returns must be postmarked within this period, and items should be in their original packaging. Original purchasers of a Surveillance Package can return it in "like-new" condition to receive a full refund, excluding expedited shipping costs. Additional purchases are also eligible for a full refund on the product, with shipping expenses deducted.



Deep Sentinel's home security system combines ease of installation with advanced technology:

  • DIY Installation & Equipment: The starter kit focuses on outdoor cameras, the core component of the system. It's designed for easy self-installation, blending 24/7 human monitoring with an AI-powered Hub and next-generation wireless cameras.
  • Surveillance Strategy: The system uniquely relies on its cameras for full perimeter surveillance, eliminating the need for additional motion or access sensors.

Deep Sentinel's approach to home security includes:

  • Crime Prevention: Aims to deter potential intruders before they approach, offering a proactive security solution.
  • Installation Options: No professional installation required, with Handy services available for those who prefer expert setup (at an extra fee).

System Limitations and Recommendations:

  • Smart Home Integration: Absent in Deep Sentinel's design, with a focus on proprietary cameras. Users can add third-party smart devices separately, but they won't integrate with the system.
  • Connectivity: Dependent solely on Wi-Fi, without cellular backup. To mitigate internet outages, the use of an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for the router is recommended.

Design and Aesthetics:

  • Camera Design: Features a bulky and sturdy build, prioritizing functionality and deterrence over aesthetics. The design is tailored for outdoor use, emphasizing a strong, active security presence around the home.
Deep sentinel cameraImage courtesy of Deep Sentinel

Deep Sentinel Home automation

Enhancing a Deep Sentinel security system with practical home automation accessories is a streamlined experience. Users can expand coverage effortlessly by adding an extra camera and ensure continuous operation with spare standard batteries. Those inclined towards eco-friendly options may consider the Solar Charger & USB + Extreme Temperature Battery Kit to minimize battery changes. Improving WiFi coverage is made easy with the WiFi Range Extender, and for a weatherproof, hardwired alternative, the USB + Extreme Temperature Battery is a viable choice. 

Deep Sentinel now offers a third-party camera integration feature currently in beta. This allows users to incorporate their existing Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) third-party camera systems into Deep Sentinel's setup. Users can leverage Deep Sentinel's live guard service, AI-powered surveillance, and 2-way audio intervention for enhanced crime prevention. 

Third party Integration

Deep Sentinel focuses on security and privacy, deliberately avoiding home automation and third-party device integration. The company emphasizes the potential security risks of Bluetooth-compatible smart home hubs, preferring to maintain a standalone system to prevent common hacks. 

However, Deep Sentinel can coexist with existing Wi-Fi and smart home devices, allowing users to supplement with third-party products or separate indoor security systems, though they will operate independently.


Customer experience

Deep Sentinel's customer support is the operations base of your security army – and they’re always ready. Whether you prefer the classic call or the modern live chat, they've got the user’s back with a blend of professionalism and friendliness. While FAQs and forums might not steal the spotlight for everyone, having these extras in your security toolkit is a nice touch. You can also contact Customer Support at 1-800-603-9775 or shoot them an email at [email protected]

And when it comes to the one-year contract – consider it the trial period your sneak peek. It's your backstage pass to explore, check compatibility, and decide if this is the security you dream of. 

Deep Sentinel guardsImage courtesy of Deep Sentinel

Deep Sentinel’s website is very user-friendly, with extensive instruction guides, how-to videos, general questions, and more. You can contact them by placing a call, live chat, or use the Sentinel Bot pop-up to answer questions or set a meeting invite.  The website is easy to navigate, having all the information very accessible, with visible price tags on products and monitoring fees, along with available discounts.

Deep Sentinel Installation

Attention people who grew up around Lego blocks. This will sound familiar: Deep Sentinel's security system sets up seamlessly with a plug-and-play approach. 

Following the DIY instructional video, it takes about 30 minutes to sync the hub and cameras with the mobile app. Users can relax during the hub's initial installation and update. Users can download the app with a ladder, Deep Sentinel's screwdriver, and a drill, ensuring the internet router is nearby.

Deep Sentinel's installation process is easy-breezy; connect the hub to the router and a power outlet. Users sync effortlessly with the app to confirm their phone's Wi-Fi connection for a smooth setup. Optimal placement, strategically away from potential interference, maintains a reliable 100-foot distance from the router. Guided by the user-friendly app, the journey continues with battery charging, insertion into the cameras, and seamless synchronization, making the installation feel like a well-coordinated dance. Each step flows seamlessly into the next, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable setup experience.

Navigating the daunting world of screws and drills becomes a cakewalk, thanks to Deep Sentinel's handy instructional video. 

Tweaking angles, securing cameras, and defining protection zones through the app is like giving your security a personal touch. 

And here's the quirky cherry on top: confirming ownership involves a spontaneous "O" dance in front of the camera, summoning a Sentinel Guard. In a nutshell, Deep Sentinel's installation and setup are all about the balance of practicality with a side of playful user engagement.

Bottom line

Deep Sentinel Security Systems presents a groundbreaking approach to home security, elevating it from a service to a comprehensive experience. Boasting state-of-the-art AI technology and a network of surveillance units across the nation, Deep Sentinel ensures a rapid 10-second response to potential threats. The system goes beyond traditional security setups, incorporating live guards and two-way audio communication for real-time monitoring and intervention. This unique blend of technology and human touch positions Deep Sentinel as one of the industry’s pioneers.

The customer-centric approach extends to policies such as a 30-day return window, aiming for customer satisfaction. The robust customer support, conveniently available via call, live chat, and email, provides users with multiple channels to address queries or concerns. Additionally, including FAQs and forums in the support center offers convenience for users seeking self-service solutions.

Deep Sentinel's commitment to innovation is evident in its integration with third-party cameras and ongoing beta testing for further enhancements. This forward-thinking approach allows users to incorporate their existing Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) third-party camera systems into Deep Sentinel's setup. 

The focus on continuous improvement, coupled with a transparent breakdown of costs and services, positions Deep Sentinel as a frontrunner in the evolving landscape of home security, even with close competitors. The value shines on its own.

In essence, Deep Sentinel doesn't just offer a security system; it delivers a holistic security experience tailored to you by you. From the seamless integration of cutting-edge technologies to the user-friendly installation process, Deep Sentinel redefines feeling secure at home. With a unique blend of AI-driven surveillance, live guards, and a touch of playfulness, Deep Sentinel stands out as a symbol of innovation in home security. You can experience the future of home protection with Deep Sentinel Security Systems.

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