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Home Security in Alaska

Alaska is synonymous with breathtaking landscapes, colossal ice glaciers, and diverse wildlife. It’s no secret that outdoor enthusiasts come here to enjoy great adventures, as Alaska has some of the most incredible scenery in the entire country.

Visitors flock to relish in Alaska’s winter wonders, like the awe-inspiring aurora borealis that light up the sky. Riding in a sled basket behind a dog mushing racing team through spectacular snow-covered plains is also one of the most popular and adventurous attractions in the state.

Alaska and adventure go hand in hand. The Last Frontier is packed with stunning, raw terrains that are the perfect setting for backcountry experiences, unlike any other. Hop on a bush plane and get your camera ready to see pristine parklands filled with incredible wilderness settings, from mountain ranges to volcanoes and wetlands.

The name Alaska originates from the Aleut word “Alyeska,” meaning The Great Land.

The Great Land offers guests and locals a plethora of unusual activities, from hiking on ice-age glaciers to watching wild bears catch salmon from a waterfall. And with thousands of rivers and lakes, Alaska offers a vast assortment of water sports adventures that range from kayaking through spectacular fjords to wild whitewater rafting rides.

And don’t forget Alaska’s more wacky events, like the Running of the Reindeer (think of Spain’s bull run but with reindeer), or the annual outhouse race. Creatively decorated Porto-potties are strap down to a couple of skis at the bottom and get ready to run through downtown Anchorage. Only in Alaska can you take part in both madcap events during the Fur Rendezvous festival.

In a state this size, the weather can vary dramatically by region and season. The climate in Alaska can go from long, cold winters to cool summers where snow is possible year-round. Floods, blizzards, and snowstorms are the most common acts of nature that annually hit the state. Along with a growing concern for property crimes, it compels Alaska residents to make safety a top priority.

Alaska has the largest land area in the nation, roughly 15% of the United States’ size. It is twice the size of Texas!

Burglar alarms are an excellent way to protect your family and business. The benefits of securing an alarm system are boundless: from deterring potential burglars from break-ins to professional monitoring services contacting the police or fire department on your behalf. Home protection is one of the leading reasons people buy a home security system in Alaska today.

Home security companies and providers in Alaska offer new, reasonably priced equipment packs and first-rate professional monitoring plans. They provide innovative home security systems and the best technology on home and business monitoring for a more robust solution.

Alaska’s security companies and providers present a wide range of smart home products to choose from, designed to meet your security needs. A lot of people live farther apart or have vacation homes cut off from any major city or town. Incorporating camera surveillance into a home security system is a great way to enhance your protection in Alaska.

At one person per square mile, Alaska has the lowest population density in the country.

Adding a video doorbell camera to your home security system will let you interact with anyone standing on your front door. Pairing it up with a smart lock system, see when the dog walker arrives and grant her access inside your home. You can even tell her about last-minute changes in your four-legged friend’s exercise routine, all from the app on your smartphone.

Security companies and providers in Alaska deliver cutting-edge equipment and the latest home automation features for cherry-picking. Home safety is fast becoming an affordable commodity that is now within grasp by the average buyer. Home security companies offer the best alarm systems to residential or commercial customers, covering all boroughs in Alaska.

Alaska Crime Statistics

Alaska crime rates are almost double compared to the national level rates. Property crimes have the highest numbers compared to other violations. Home safety is, without a doubt, the top concern for residents of Alaska.

The crime statistics issued by The FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Service Division show the following outcomes for the state of Alaska in 2018:

• 24,339 incidents of property crimes reported
• 16,364 incidents of larceny-theft
• 6,526 incidents of violent crimes
• 3,979 incidents of burglary

With unspoiled wilderness and the spirit of adventure flying through the air, Alaska is the ultimate outdoor destination. Natural beauty overflowing with magnificent mountains, fjords, and glaciers make this vast state the perfect family vacation.

Hike, fish, or paddle your way through some of the largest and most breathtaking national parks in the country, making Alaska a haven for nature lovers. Discover whales, seals, and grizzly bears that roam the stunning landscapes.

Alaska is without a doubt a top outdoor attraction, with its charming small towns and tucked-away gems waiting to be explored. But with so many bucket-list attractions, homeowners have some concerns about leaving their homes unattended while discovering the beautiful state of Alaska.

Installing a home security system in Alaska can help make you feel safer at home, having that extra security level for you and your loved ones. Home security companies offer a complete catalog of smart products and features to enhance your safety. A home security system helps you keep a closer watch over your home using devices like environmental sensors and cameras.

Setting up a freeze sensor near water pipes can help prevent them from bursting and causing significant property damages. Watch live feeds from indoor cameras and get notifications on your mobile phone. Home security systems warn you of any possible ongoing critical situation at home or office.

Best Home Security Systems in Alaska

In recent times, Home security technology has grown immensely. Home security alarms have evolved from the traditional systems that involved expensive, hardwired installation and complex sensors to more user-friendly equipment.

Today, Alaska’s home security companies provide affordable, high-tech devices with groundbreaking features, such as smart home automation. In Alaska, home security companies offer customers options like DIY or professionally installed equipment and reasonably priced professional monitoring.

There over 3,000 rivers and 3 million lakes in Alaska. Lake Iliamna is the largest one, at 1,000 square miles.

Because of this, it makes home security systems in Alaska more accessible to the average customer. Security companies and providers deliver state-of-the-art equipment packs with a voice assistance interface designed to cover your home or business security needs.

But deciding which home security system in Alaska works best for you may be a mind-boggling job, especially with so many security companies in play. We at Home-security have created a handy tool to simplify the entire process. It can narrow down the top security companies in Anchorage, AK, and other cities across the nation.

Home Security Providers in Alaska

Home security companies in Alaska provide expert solutions designed to cover your home or business safety needs. Local providers deliver an array of services, from camera installations to smart home automation and professional monitoring services. They also offer the best security alarm systems in Oregon and any state across the nation.

For example, licensed locksmiths come to your location, pick a lock, extract a broken key, or rekey on-site. Many of them also offer the best smart lock system installations for Alaska residents to go with your home security system. You will never have to worry about losing your keys while biking through Glenn Highway National Scenic Byway.

Additional services include video doorbell camera installations, smart thermostats, heating system repairs, and many more for the ultimate smart home living experience.

Here is a list of locally owned home security providers and contractors in the state of Alaska:

Security beginners

Able Locksmiths and Security Center

5 206 East Northern Lights Blvd., Anchor...
  • Serving Anchorage
  • Security System, Burglar Alarm Inst...
  • Professional Monitoring Services, R...
Security beginners

Guardian Security Systems

0 2600 Seward Highway , Anchorage, 99503...
  • Serving Anchorage
  • Security System, Security Camera In...
  • Professional Monitoring Services, R...
Security beginners

A+ Security - Anchorage Municipality

0 2000 E Dowling Road Suite 4, Anchorage...
  • Serving Anchorage
  • Security System, Security Camera In...
  • Professional Monitoring Services, R...
Security beginners

Cardoso IT Solutions

0 3733 West 64th Avenue Unit A, Anchorag...
  • Serving Anchorage
  • Security System, Burglar Alarm Inst...
  • Professional Monitoring Services, S...
Security beginners

Elite Audio Video Systems

5 675 Wasair Drive Unit 6, Wasilla, 9965...
  • Serving Wasilla
  • Security System, Security Camera In...
  • Residential Security Services

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