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Home Security in Alaska:

Burglar alarms are an excellent way to protect your family and business.  The benefits of securing an alarm system are boundless: from deterring potential burglars from break-ins to professional monitoring services contacting the police or fire department on your behalf. Home protection is one of the leading reasons people buy a security system in Alaska today.

Home security companies in Alaska offer new, reasonably priced equipment packs and first-rate professional monitoring plans to their customers. Security companies deliver systems within reach for the average buyer.  They provide innovative equipment, along with the latest technology on home and business monitoring, for a more robust solution.  Home security companies in Alaska present a wide range of smart home products to choose from, designed to meet your security home or business needs.

In Alaska, a lot of people live farther apart or have vacation homes cut off from any major city or town. Incorporating camera surveillance to a security system is a great way to enhance your home or business protection in Alaska. Security systems in remote areas may not have landline communication services available. Home security companies provide internet or cellular connections for their wireless equipment and camera surveillance services. In addition, these companies offer security systems to residential or commercial customers, covering all boroughs in the state of Alaska.

Home Security in Alaska

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Alaska Crime Statistics:

Alaska crime rates are almost double compared to the national level rates.  Property offenses are the top concern for the residents of Alaska. Property crimes have the highest rate compared to other violations such as murder, robbery, and aggravated assault. The crime statistics issued by The FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Service Division show the following outcomes for the state of Alaska in 2018:


- 24,339 incidents of property crimes reported
- 16,364 incidents of larceny-theft
- 6,526 incidents of violent crimes
- 3,979 incidents of burglary


Installing a security system in Alaska can help make you feel safer at home, having that extra level of security for you and your loved ones.  A home security system helps you keep a closer watch over your home or business. You can watch live feeds from indoor cameras, and get notifications on your mobile phone, warning you of any possible on-going critical situation at home or office.

Best Home Security Systems in Alaska:

In recent times, Home security technology has progressed immensely. From the traditional security systems that involved expensive, hardwired installation and complex sensor systems to more user-friendly systems. Today, home security companies provide affordable, high-tech equipment with groundbreaking features, such as smart home automation.

Nowadays, home security companies in Alaska offer customers options like DIY or professionally installed equipment and reasonably priced professional monitoring. Because of this, it makes home security systems in Alaska more accessible to the average customer. Security companies deliver state-of-the-art equipment packs and affordable monitoring plans, designed to cover your home or business security needs.

In today's market, deciding which home security system in Alaska works best for you may be a mind-boggling job, with so many security companies in play. Home-security.com can make your decision-making process go as smoothly as possible. Modify the filters bellow, matching your needs, and the home security match tool will zero in on the best home security system for you in the state of Alaska.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Home security providers in Alaska:

Security advisors in Alaska provide expert solutions designed to cover your home or business security needs. Home security providers present an array of services, from home security system installations to smart home automation and professional monitoring services.

Additionally, licensed providers in Alaska may provide various home security-related services, such as surveillance camera installations, smart lock installations, audio and video home installations, and many more, to enhance any security system.

Here is a list of locally owned home security providers and contractors in the state of Alaska.

Able Locksmiths and Security Center, Alaska

Able Locksmiths and Security Center

  • 206 East Northern Lights Blvd., Anchor...

    • Serving Anchorage
    • Security Systems, Burglar Alarm Sys...
    • Alarm System Monitoring, Residentia...
    Guardian Security Systems - Anchorage Municipality, Alaska

    Guardian Security Systems - Anchorage Municipality

  • 2600 Seward Highway, Anchorage, 99503

    • Serving Anchorage
    • Security Systems, Surveillance Came...
    • Alarm System Monitoring, Residentia...
    A+ Security - Anchorage Municipality, Alaska

    A+ Security - Anchorage Municipality

  • 2000 E Dowling Road Suite 4, Anchorage...

    • Serving Anchorage
    • Security Systems, Surveillance Came...
    • Alarm System Monitoring, Residentia...
    Cardoso IT Solutions, Alaska

    Cardoso IT Solutions

  • 3733 West 64th Avenue Unit A, Anchorag...

    • Serving Anchorage
    • Security Systems, Burglar Alarm Sys...
    • Alarm System Monitoring, Security S...
    Elite Audio Video Systems, Alaska

    Elite Audio Video Systems

  • 675 Wasair Drive Unit 6, Wasilla, 9965...

    • Serving Wasilla
    • Security Systems, Surveillance Came...
    • Residential Security Services

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