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What are the Components of a Home Security System?

Crime tends to increase during an economic downturn as people struggle to find ways to put money in their pockets. That means your home, valuables, and the potential lives of your family are put into question. Having the right kind of security components in your home is vital for your protection. Here are a few components your home should have if you’re seeking home security systems after an act of vandalism or if you’re looking to use home security systems as a preventative measure.

Motion Sensors

While traditional motion sensors are still helpful in scaring away criminals, thanks to the advancement in security technology, motion sensors have become innovated. Long gone are the days when a motion sensor would merely turn on a light and scare would-be criminals.

These days, motion sensors can send an alert to your phone. No matter if you're at work or in the home, you can respond to the notification and contact the authorities if necessary. Some motion sensors can even be tied to an alarm or a voice-messaging system that allows you to speak to the criminals.

Smart Locks

With the world slowly becoming more integrated with smart technology, one security component that should not be overlooked is smart locks. There are a few different variants of smart locks. Some are simply keypads that require you to punch in a number. Others sense some form of a key fob that unlocks the door when you near it. Others rely on your biometrics and scanning your face before unlocking.

All of these are great methods to include in your home. It makes locking and unlocking your home easier. It also means that criminals are less likely to be able to break into your home.

Video Surveillance

There are so many different types of video surveillance systems available. One of the most helpful has been the doorbell camera. Situated either inside or above your doorbell, this camera can keep you constantly aware of those at your door. The next time someone rings your doorbell, you can see if it's merely a delivery person or someone with ill intentions.

Other video surveillance systems allow for two-way conversations. If you pick someone up on your feed that shouldn't be there, you can ask them what they're doing without leaving the safety of your couch. Even better, many surveillance systems also notify your phone when they catch something of interest.

Monitoring Systems

Home monitoring systems are a great benefit to have to ensure the safety of your home. An important component of how security monitoring systems work is to install sensors strategically throughout your home. When the sensors are triggered, an alert is sent to your security company. They will then assess the situation and notify local police or fire departments to dispatch personnel if necessary.

Monitoring systems are a quick and effective way to alert the authorities without lifting a finger. You can also download apps to check on your home while you’re at work or away on a trip to ensure everything is how it should be.

Yard Signs

Believe it or not, yard signs can also deter burglars from breaking into your home. Security signs can provide an extra layer of security in addition to an active security system. Since burglars are looking to get in and out as quickly as possible and without any issue, having a security sign on your yard can prevent break ins.

If a burglar knows you have a home security system set up, they may feel it would be too difficult to try to break in without getting caught or setting off sensors or alarms. Strategically placing signs near back entrances and easy-access windows help improve overall safety.

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