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ADT Authorized Provider SafeStreets Overview

Renowned in the realm of home security, ADT has established itself as a leading provider across North America, offering a comprehensive suite of both wired and wireless security solutions and monitoring services. 

Aligning with ADT as an authorized provider, SafeStreets Security delivers diverse, customizable security packages and monitoring solutions. This range ensures that customers have the flexibility to enhance their security systems or opt for straightforward, user-friendly options.


SafeStreets is a recognized provider of home security solutions, known for its partnership with ADT, the leading company in the security industry. They offer a range of security products and home automation features, ensuring comprehensive home protection. With over 140 years of experience in the industry, SafeStreets prides itself on offering user-friendly, reliable systems with 24/7 home monitoring.

SafeStreets excellent customer serviceSafeStreets excellent customer service

Key features

  • 24/7 ADT Monitoring: Continuous monitoring by ADT professionals, ensuring rapid response in emergencies.
  • Professional Installation: Expert installation of security systems for optimal performance and reliability.
  • Security Cameras: Options for indoor, outdoor, and doorbell cameras for comprehensive surveillance.
  • Fire and Life Safety Devices: Equipment to prepare homes for unexpected fire and life safety emergencies.
  • Home Automation: Smart home technology for total control over home security and automation systems.
  • ADT Go Mobile App: A mobile app with SOS button, crash detection, safe-driving reports, and more.
  • High Decibel Alarm: Loud alarms to alert in case of security breaches.
  • Back-Up Battery: Ensures the security system remains operational even during power outages.
  • Voice Command App & Remote Access: Control your security system through voice commands and remote access via smartphone.
  • Pet Friendly: Systems are designed to accommodate homes with pets.

Cost and Contract Information

SafeStreets, an ADT authorized dealer, offers home security systems with a choice of an upfront payment of $125 or a spread over the first three months. The monthly fee includes maintenance and 24/7 monitoring. Equipment is leased within the monthly plan, and professional installation starts at $99. No activation fees are charged.

SafeStreets offers three main ADT packages: Traditional, Control, and Video. Each package can be customized to fit varying security needs and managed through the ADT Control App. The ADT contract requires a three-year commitment with a six-month money-back guarantee under certain terms.

Package costs start at:

  • $44.99/month for Traditional
  • $58.99/month for Control
  • $62.99/month for Video

Installation starts at $99 across all plans.


SafeStreets Secury System offers comprehensive home security solutions with a nationwide reach. Their services cover over 90% of the United States, with professional installation available in 44 states. For those outside these areas, SafeStreets provides equipment for DIY installation in all 50 states, ensuring wide coverage.

SafeStreets typically requires a 36-month contract. They offer a 6-month money-back guarantee, ensuring customer satisfaction with their services.

In partnership with ADT, SafeStreets provides a Theft Protection Guarantee, covering up to $500 of your insurance deductible in case of a burglary during monitoring.


SafeStreets offers versatile home automation packages, enabling you to tailor your home security to your specific needs. Each package includes essential equipment such as a digital control panel, door/window sensors, and motion detectors. You also receive a yard sign and window decal for added deterrence. A standout feature of all SafeStreets plans is the inclusion of a wireless keychain remote. This convenient device allows you to arm or disarm your system remotely within a 50-foot range of the digital keypad, enhancing ease of use and accessibility.

Key Equipment in SafeStreets

  • Smart Door Lock: Keyless entry via smartphone, with instant status updates.
  • Touchscreen Control Panel: Full system access, compatible with Amazon’s Alexa for home automation control.
  • Video Doorbell Camera: Detects motion, provides 720p HD video, and allows communication with visitors.
  • Door and Window Sensors: Instant alerts to SafeStreets if doors or windows are opened or closed.
  • Glass Break Sensor: Ultra-sensitive detectors with a 25-foot range, notifying of any glass break incidents.
  • Monitored Outdoor Security Cameras: HD, weather-proof cameras providing a live feed with infrared night vision.
  • Indoor Security Cameras: High-definition cameras offering clear video imaging, even in low light.
ADT Front PanelImage courtesy of ADT

Home Automation

SafeStreets offers a robust home automation system that is compatible with a wide range of Z-Wave devices such as smart plugs and thermostats.

Through the SafeStreets system, users have access to extensive control options, although it's important to note that compatibility with third-party Z-Wave devices isn't guaranteed.

SafeStreets' home automation seamlessly integrates with Nest products, enhancing its offerings. Additionally, the system works with Amazon Alexa and Echo, allowing for voice-activated control of the security system and smart devices.

This integration enables users to arm and disarm their security systems and manage various smart home features using simple voice commands, making home automation both convenient and efficient.

ADT Control AppADT Control App

Customer experience

Customers generally have positive experiences with SafeStreets' customer service. Reviews on Trustpilot highlight the professionalism, friendliness, and informativeness of SafeStreets' technicians. Many customers appreciate the thorough explanation and installation of their security systems, noting the technicians' willingness to ensure complete understanding and satisfaction before completing the installation????.

Furthermore, SafeStreets is recognized for staffing experienced, caring, and well-trained employees across their installation, customer support, and sales teams. They focus on providing comprehensive security solutions and ensuring customer satisfaction with their 5-Star Experience™ guarantee.

ADT installation

SafeStreets primarily emphasizes professional installation of its ADT-monitored security systems. This approach ensures that the system is set up correctly and functioning optimally from the start. The professional installation team is trained in the latest technology and practices to provide a smooth and efficient installation process. The cost of professional installation typically starts at $99.99.

In many areas, SafeStreets offers same-day or next-day installation services. This option is particularly beneficial for those who need their security system set up quickly.

SafeStreets' team of professionals will customize the installation based on the specific needs and layout of your home. This customized approach ensures that all components of the security system are placed optimally for maximum effectiveness.

SafeStreets Home AutomationSafeStreets Smart Security Pro installation technician

Bottom line

SafeStreets, as an ADT Authorized Provider, offers a comprehensive range of home security solutions that cater to a wide array of customer needs. Their offerings include various monitoring packages, from basic to advanced plans incorporating home automation and live video feed, all supported by ADT’s robust 24/7 monitoring service. SafeStreets' installation options are versatile, prioritizing professional installation with the availability of same-day or next-day service in many areas, and also offering DIY options for customers across all 50 states. Customer service experiences, as reflected in reviews, are predominantly positive, highlighting the professionalism and thoroughness of SafeStreets' technicians and support staff.

Combining high-quality equipment, flexible installation options, and dependable customer service, SafeStreets stands out as a reliable choice for home security needs. While their services require a contract and come with installation fees, the peace of mind and comprehensive protection they offer make them a worthwhile investment for many homeowners looking for a security system backed by the trust and technology of ADT.

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