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SimpliSafe Home Security

In the world of home security, SimpliSafe stands out with an offering that's as effective as wallet-friendly. Picture this: professional monitoring for less than your daily coffee expense, and the first month is on the house – a welcome bonus. The installation is a breeze whether you're a tech wiz or opt for the VIP treatment with a professional setup.


Finding the right security system becomes a tailored experience with SimpliSafe. It's not a guessing game; it's a matchmaking system. A few questions, and boom! – your personalized security match is revealed. SimpliSafe acknowledges that homes aren't one-size-fits-all, and their approach reflects a commitment to customization.


Key Features 

DIY Installation: SimpliSafe's systems are designed for easy, hassle-free setup, requiring no drilling or wiring. For those who prefer, professional installation is available for an additional fee.

Flexible Monitoring Options: Choose from self-monitoring or opt for one of SimpliSafe's 24/7 professional monitoring plans, offering cellular connectivity with Wi-Fi backup.

No Contract Required: Enjoy the freedom of using SimpliSafe without a long-term contract, a rare feature in the security industry.

Comprehensive Protection: SimpliSafe systems include motion sensors, entry sensors, and a base station for effective home security. Advanced features like environmental protection, intrusion protection, and remote control are also available.

Smart Home Integration: Although limited in home automation integration, SimpliSafe works with popular smart home devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, enhancing your home security experience.

User-Friendly App: Control and monitor your home security system remotely with the SimpliSafe app, available for both iOS and Android users.

Affordable Plans: SimpliSafe offers various packages to suit different home sizes and needs, with no installation fees and optional 24/7 monitoring plans.

SimpliSafe stands out for its ease of use, flexibility, and comprehensive security coverage. The system includes innovative features like wireless indoor cameras, temperature sensors, and water sensors, ensuring all-around safety. Additionally, SimpliSafe offers life safety alarms, like panic buttons and 105dB sirens, for added security.

Simplisafe Cost and Contract Information

SimpliSafe caters to a spectrum of home security needs, featuring packages ranging from the cost-effective Foundation at $249.96 to the comprehensive Beacon and Haven systems at $709.90 and $519.86, respectively. Also you have The Essentials, priced at $279.95, balances affordability and functionality. Each package shares the convenience of hassle-free installation and the flexibility to pay over time or in full without the constraints of contracts.

Bestowing users with options, from the smoke detection of The Hearth at $399.91 to the extensive protection of The Knox at $479.87. 

SimpliSafe Monitoring Plans

  • Standard Plan: Basic intrusion and environmental protection at $19.99 per month.
  • Interactive Plan: Advanced features including home automation, video recording, and environmental monitoring at $29.99 per month.
  • Camera Recording Plan: Cloud storage for up to five cameras at $9.99 per month.
  • Fast Protect Plan: Premium option with storage for up to 10 cameras, professional monitoring, and cellular backup at $29.99 per month.

Installation Options:

  • DIY Installation: SimpliSafe systems are designed for easy self-installation.
  • Professional Installation: Offered through OnTech for an additional fee, ensuring optimal setup.

Simplisafe Coverage and policies

In 2024, SimpliSafe Home Security Systems stands out with its wireless, cellular-based technology, providing reliable coverage without the need for a landline. While primarily available in the United States, be mindful of its performance in areas with weaker cellular signals. 

SimpliSafe's user-centric approach includes a no-contract policy, eliminating cancellation fees and offering a three-year warranty and a 60-day trial period. This approach not only assures quality but also grants customers the freedom to choose a security solution that best fits their lifestyle.


SimpliSafe products come with a 1-year limited hardware warranty, extendable to 3 years with the Fast Protect™ service. This commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is reflected in their warranty policy, offering peace of mind and assurance in the reliability of their products????.

Simplisafe Equipment

SimpliSafe offers an extensive range of equipment to cater to various security needs. This includes:

  • Motion Sensors: Equipped with technology to differentiate between people and pets, these sensors enhance security by alerting you to any unexpected movement.
  • Entry Sensors: Ideal for safeguarding vulnerable entry points, these sensors detect when windows are opened or tampered with, immediately sounding an alarm.
  • Base Station and Keypad: Acting as the command center, they connect and manage all components, enabling easy system control and customization.
  • Outdoor and Indoor Cameras: Featuring built-in spotlights and HDR imaging, these cameras provide clear visibility day and night, with live footage accessible via the SimpliSafe mobile app.
  • Hazard Sensors: Including Smoke & CO Detectors, these sensors protect against environmental threats like fires and carbon monoxide.

Each piece of equipment is designed with user-friendliness in mind, ensuring easy integration into your home security setup.

Home automation

SimpliSafe supports smart home integration, adding an extra layer of convenience and control. While it is compatible with popular platforms like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, it's important to note that direct compatibility with certain smart home devices, such as smart light bulbs and thermostats, may be limited. Despite this, SimpliSafe's smart home features, such as remote arming and disarming through mobile devices, make it a versatile choice for modern homes??.

Customer experience

SimpliSafe is renowned for its excellent customer service, offering multiple channels for support. Contrary to the absence of live chat in many similar services, SimpliSafe provides a comprehensive support system including a live chat feature, email, and phone support. Customers can reach out to their support team every day from 8 AM to Midnight (ET) for any assistance.

For more personalized support, SimpliSafe's website hosts a Help Center and customer forums. These forums serve as a platform for users to discuss their systems, ask specific questions, and share experiences. The Help Center is a valuable resource for general inquiries and troubleshooting, offering detailed guides and FAQs.

This robust support structure emphasizes SimpliSafe’s commitment to customer satisfaction, ensuring users have access to help whenever they need it.

Simplisafe Installation

SimpliSafe's installation process is a testament to their commitment to user-friendly security solutions. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or prefer professional assistance, SimpliSafe caters to all with its versatile installation options.

DIY-Friendly Design

SimpliSafe shines in its DIY installation approach. The process is intuitive and straightforward, making it accessible even for those who aren't tech-savvy. Unboxing is the first step, where you'll find well-labeled components ready for setup. The SimpliSafe app plays a crucial role, offering clear, step-by-step guidance. Users appreciate the simplicity of connecting devices like the Base Station and Keypad, which involve basic steps like pulling out battery tabs and securing devices in chosen locations. The entry and motion sensors are equally user-friendly, adhering easily to surfaces without the need for tools.

Professional Installation Option

For those who prefer a hands-off approach, SimpliSafe offers professional installation starting at $99.99. This option is ideal for users who value expert setup and time-saving convenience. The professionals ensure that every component of the system is optimally placed and fully integrated, providing peace of mind for those less inclined towards DIY tasks.

Flexibility in Monitoring Choices

Post-installation, SimpliSafe provides options for monitoring services. Users can opt for self-monitoring or subscribe to professional monitoring services, with plans starting at $9.99 monthly. The flexibility to choose between these options allows homeowners to tailor their security system to their specific needs and budget.

Bottom line

To wrap it up, SimpliSafe redefines home security, offering a comprehensive and flexible solution without the complexities associated with traditional systems. 

With a focus on whole-home protection, SimpliSafe puts control in users' hands, providing affordable 24/7 professional monitoring. Fast Protect™ Technology enhances police response times, offering an efficient and reliable system.

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SimpliSafe values privacy, which is evident in features like the integrated shutter on indoor cameras. The lifetime warranty and hardware discount for subscribers reflect a commitment to user satisfaction without contracts or hidden fees, ensuring a straightforward and adaptable home security experience.

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