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Nest Home Security

A helpful home that starts with easy setups and a cool aesthetic? Yes! 

With a comprehensive range of smart devices designed to enhance daily life, Nest dives into intelligent technology and reveals more about smart gadgets and how-to-home automations. Anyone can build a more intelligent home, one device at a time, and bring them together for a personalized experience. Oh, and Google automates everything. So much yes.

Overview and Key Features

You’re the boss, applesauce! The newly redesigned Google Home app puts total control, featuring a five-tab layout for better organization. Ensure security and safety with front door monitoring packages, outdoor monitoring packages, comprehensive packages, and Nest Aware subscriptions. 

You can also stay entertained with the home entertainment package, room-filling audio package, audio anywhere package, and around-the-house package. 

Save energy with Nest Thermostats, adjusting temperature and lighting effortlessly through the app. 

Nest devices are even better with the Pixel portfolio, providing a seamless and integrated experience. 

Customers can book a professional installation through OnTech for a hassle-free setup. It is a hefty combo of home security that can flow with any budget or quirk.

Google DoorbellGoogle Doorbell

Nest Cost and contract information

There’s one for everyone. 

The Front Door Monitoring Package, priced at $250, features a second-generation Nest Hub and a battery-powered Nest Doorbell camera. Similarly, the Outdoor Monitoring Package, also $250, includes a second-generation Nest Hub paired with a battery-powered Nest Cam. 

For comprehensive security, the Total Security Package, priced at $525, incorporates a Nest Hub Max, a battery-powered Nest Doorbell, and a battery-powered Nest Cam. 

Enhance packages by adding a Nest Mini and opt for professional installation, available at $99 for the Front Door and Outdoor Monitoring packages and $160 for the Total Security Package.

Additional Charges

Google Nest collaborates with ADT through Nest Aware or ADT subscriptions for added protection. 

Nest Aware subscriptions are $60/year, offering 30 days of event history, intelligent alerts, and 911. Upgrade to Nest Aware Plus for $120/year, featuring 24/7 video history for up to 10 days and 60 days of event history. The Tag fob simplifies disarming the system upon arrival without needing a passcode and allows for individual access schedules for users. 

While the Nest Secure kit is competitively priced at $399, additional Detect sensors are priced at $49 each. 

Users can expand and integrate their system with Nest devices like Nest Thermostat, Nest Yale Lock, Nest Hello Doorbell, and Nest Indoor/Outdoor security cameras.

Coverage and policies

Nest Security System needs Wi-Fi connection for full functionality, enabling remote control and device connectivity. Optional cellular backup enhances stability.

While globally available, monitoring services are confined to the U.S. and Canada. The system's subscription model is flexible. Purchases made upfront can cancel subscriptions without penalties. However, financed equipment or contracts have binding terms.


Experience peace of mind with Nest-branded products backed by Nest Labs' Limited Warranty. This warranty assures the owner that the Nest product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a specified period, offering one to two years of coverage, depending on the product. In the event of a defect, Nest Labs provides repair, replacement, or a refund at their discretion. 

Nest Equipment

Enhance your home security and lifestyle with Nest's range of cutting-edge equipment, designed for diverse preferences. Here’s a closer look at the key components of Nest Home Security Equipment:

Audio Experience with Intelligent Speakers: Nest’s speakers are designed to blend into any home setup, offering a powerful audio experience.

Interactive Displays: Providing personalized information and convenient control, these displays keep you informed and entertained.

State-of-the-Art Streaming Devices: Experience smooth, immersive content with Nest's advanced streaming devices, a perfect addition to modern home entertainment.

Wi-Fi Solutions: Nest ensures a reliable and robust internet connection with its cutting-edge Wi-Fi, vital for the seamless operation of all your smart devices.

Intelligent Smoke & CO Alarms: With Nest’s smart alarms, receive real-time alerts and enjoy unparalleled peace of mind, knowing your home is safe from smoke and carbon monoxide dangers.

Smart Door Locks: These locks offer convenient and secure access control, enhancing the safety and accessibility of your home.

Real-Time Monitoring with Smart Cameras: Nest’s cameras, including the Nest Cam IQ Indoor, offer features like 1080p HD video, a 130-degree field of view, digital zoom up to 12 times, and enhanced night vision with 16 infrared LEDs. 

Smart Doorbells: Stay connected to your front door with advanced features like person and vehicle detection, enhancing your home’s security.

Accessories: Expand and complement your Nest system with a diverse range of accessories, allowing for full customization of your smart home.

Nest Thermostat 3rd GenImage courtesy of

Home automation With Nest

The Nest Security System offers a seamless integration with the Nest web console and mobile app, providing an intuitive interface for both tech enthusiasts and beginners. Users can easily arm or disarm the system, monitor sensor status, and track daily events. The Family & Guest feature allows for customizable access and permissions.

Nest's capabilities extend to smart home devices and Alexa integration, enabling endless possibilities for the tech-savvy. Nest Aware subscription enhances your Nest camera experience with up to 60 days of event history, ten days of continuous recording, and package arrival alerts.

Setting up Alexa to control Nest devices is straightforward. Use the Google Home app to add the Google Nest skill in the Alexa app, transforming your smartphone into a powerful command center. For instance, adjusting your Nest thermostat is as simple as a voice command to Alexa.

Hey GoogleHey Google - Triggers your system

Customer experience

Nest Home Security continues to be a prominent player in the smart home industry. However, recent customer feedback highlights some challenges in their customer service experience. Users have reported concerns with the durability of products like smoke detectors and cameras, noting failures within months of purchase. Interaction with Google's customer service, now overseeing Nest's support, has often been unsatisfactory, leaving issues unresolved and emphasizing expired warranties.

Additionally, functionality issues with Nest thermostats, such as connectivity problems and unintended automatic scheduling, have caused frustration. Customers describe the troubleshooting process as lengthy and ineffective, leading to a general sentiment of dissatisfaction. This feedback is crucial for prospective buyers and Nest alike, emphasizing the need for improved customer support and reliable product performance in the competitive smart home market.

Nest Installation

There are two options for installing and setting up Nest at home.

Professional Installation Services 

Why stress setting up new gear when you can let the experts handle it? 

Opting for professional installation at checkout is a game-changer. If you're already rocking a device, OnTech's got your back: Local licensed experts will nail your setup securely and share pro tips on using your Nest device, and they'll roll with your schedule, be it nights or weekends. Plus, there's a sweet saving tip – bundle up a bunch of gear, toss it in your cart, seal the deal, and then book the installation hassle-free. Cheers to tech made simple! (FYI, the licensed experts are the brainchild of Nest's pals at OnTech.)

DIY Installation

Power to the people!

Why sweat the small stuff when setting up your Nest Secure? Keep it breezy by plugging in the Nest Guard first. Just get that Google Nest Guard powered up, and follow the user-friendly app's cues for a seamless setup. Next, take control with Nest Tags. Use the app to assign them to the folks who'll be handling the arming and disarming duties – simple and personalized. Don't forget the Nest Detects. Ensure you've got those bad boys in the app before you stick them on doors, windows, or walls. It's a DIY Nest Secure party, making home security uniquely yours. Got questions or need a hand? Hit up the support team for that extra peace of mind.

Nest Video DoorbellNest Video Doorbell

Bottom line

The Nest Home Security System offers a seamless and comprehensive solution for those seeking protection and peace of mind. With easy setups and a sleek aesthetic, Nest introduces a range of smart devices designed to enhance daily life. The system allows users to build a more intelligent home, one device at a time, and bring them together for a personalized experience. From security and safety packages to entertainment and energy-saving options, Nest caters to diverse preferences and lifestyles.

The Nest Home Security System covers a range of devices: Nest Thermostats, Nest Yale Locks, Nest Hello Doorbells, and Indoor/Outdoor security cameras.

The Nest Home Security System provides a comprehensive and integrated solution for building a smarter home, with the option for professional installation to ensure a hassle-free setup. Whether you're a tech enthusiast or a homeowner looking for enhanced security, Nest has something to offer.

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