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Smart Home for New Users

Nowadays, you likely hear a lot of new technologies being released that make your home smart. What does that entail exactly? Smart homes are automated devices that make running your home and life more comfortable. Whether through a central hub like Google Nest or by controlling everything on your phone through various apps, it controls multiple aspects of your residence. Here are some of the top smart technologies that you can implement to make your home a smart home.

Climate Control

One of the most popular ways that people make their homes smart is with climate control technology. Smart thermostats are a great way to cut down on energy bills and ensure your home is at the temperature you want. There are various ways to use smart thermostats. Some can be programmed to set the home at certain temperatures throughout the day.

Others can be controlled via your phone. Through a simple app, Alexa, or the Nest, you can switch the temperature inside of your home to whatever you desire. No matter how far away you are from home, you can control just how warm or cold it is with a click of a button.

Smart Lighting

If you've ever come home at night to find your home covered in pitch darkness, then you likely have found yourself wishing that you left a light on before you left home. That can waste energy, however. Thankfully, with smart lighting, keeping your home illuminated is easy.

There are several different kinds of smart lightbulbs that connect to your Wi-Fi. When you're at your office or away from home, you can simply turn the lights on at your home with a click of a button on your smartphone.

Even your dimmer can be controlled through your phone. You'll never have to get up from the couch again just to dim the lights or turn them off.

Smart Outlets

Similar to smart lighting, smart outlets allow you to turn on or off certain appliances that are connected to it. If you have something like motorized blinds, then you can open and close them no matter where you are by tapping your phone. The same goes for your TV or bed lamp. You can control everything from great distances or short ones.

Smart Locks

One way to add further security to your home is to have smart locks installed. There are several variations of smart locks. Some rely on your biometrics in order to open. They do a quick scan of your face as you approach the door and unlock when it recognizes you. Others rely on your fingerprint. Some can simply be unlocked with your phone.

Smart locks make locking up after yourself easy. Even if you find yourself on the road or at the workplace and realize that you forgot to lock the front door, you can amend your mistake by just pulling out your phone.

In the event that one of your kids forgot their keys, you can unlock the front door for them. They won't have to stay outside in the extreme heat or cold until you get home.

Smart Speakers

Those who love to listen to music or watch movies at home with theater-like quality need to invest in smart speakers. Nothing is more annoying than having to stand up and walk all the way to speakers to adjust them. Smart speakers take away that problem. Volume control, treble or bass customization, and other essential controls can all be performed by just sitting on the sofa with your phone.

Together with the smart outlets, you could turn your sound system on just as you enter your home to give yourself a dramatic entrance.

Smart Security Systems

Perhaps one of the most exciting areas where homeowners have really benefit from smart technology is in security. There are so many different smart security systems available that criminals will think twice about attempting to break into your home.

One such device is a smart security camera. These cameras can be easily be synced up with your phone. No matter where you are in the world, you always have eyes on your house.

The same goes for smart motion sensors. Any time motion is tracked on the device, you'll receive a notification about it. Keeping your home, family, and belongings safe has never been easier or more effective. With the best home security that integrates into your smart home, you’ll have full access to your home.

Technology Integration

With so many different smart devices, it may seem like controlling them all requires its own app. This isn't the case. There are several programs that integrate and weave all of these devices together, so you can control them all in one place. It's an essential part of automizing your home.

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