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Vivint Home Security System is a world-class security company leading Smart technology and automation for homes and businesses. If you want protection driven by smart technology, Vivint Home is an exceptional choice. It offers features like automated door locks, indoor camera, remote thermostat and lights control, video doorbell and many other state-of-the-art wireless equipment that makes it easy to automate many aspects of your home.

Vivint Smart Home

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Vivint Home brings different features to the table, such as three monitoring plans, professional installation and a 4-5 year contract.  It offers the option of buying your equipment up front in a set package or fully customized it to your home or business needs.  Their system is entirely based on a cellular connection for extra security, thus eliminating wires or unpleasant holes in your wall.  Having a wireless setup allows you to arm and disarm your system remotely, which lets you oversee the control panel even when you are away from home.

Vivint has a three-day return policy.

Key Features

  • Security monitoring
  • 100% Wireless
  • Control Hub
  • Mobile access
  • Home automation
  • Security cameras
  • Professional installation

Vivint cost and contract information:

Vivint Security is one of the most expensive home security systems in the market today.  Since you can tailor every aspect for your specific needs, the price on the equipment may vary for every client. Vivint System gives you a couple of options when it comes to obtaining the security equipment: You can pay upfront the full price and enjoy a no-contract monthly fee with the advantage you can cancel at any time without paying any penalties, or you can finance it using the Vivint Flex Pay plan. If you don’t want to purchase all your equipment in advance, you can choose to fund it and pay monthly installments. The only catch is you’ll have to sign a contract or use Vivint Flex Pay, where you can pay off up to $4,000 of security equipment for 42 months or 60 months at 0% APR on approved credit.  Keep in mind that Vivint System charges a cancellation fee if you want to terminate the service.

Type Vivint Total Home Vivint Smart Home Smart Home + Video
Installation Cost Starting at $49.99 Starting at $49.99 Starting at $49.99
Monthly Monitoring Fee $29.99 $39.99 $49.99
Equipment Cost Starting at $599.99 Starting at $599.99 Starting at $599.99
Contract Length 42 or 60 months* 42 or 60 months* 42 or 60 months*
Remarks* None if equipment paid in full None if equipment paid in full None if equipment paid in full

Vivint coverage and policies:

Vivint Home Security System offers cellular-based protection, available nationwide, but keep in mind that if you live in a rural area with poor cell coverage, the Vivint system won’t do you much good. Vivint is committed to providing an affordable, outstanding home security service in an ample variety of locations, reaching widely across the United States and Canada, to cover the majority of North America.  

Vivint has a cancellation policy that varies depending on your location. The guideline specifies that you have three days to cancel the service unless you live in Alaska, Canada, or you’re over 70 years old. If you are moving, you will be subject to their moving policy.


Vivint home security equipment:

Vivint Home Security stands out from other companies by designing their equipment, not only providing with top of the line products but a sharp and slick line.  Whether you want to check your living room remotely by video monitoring or lock your front door, Vivint will meet all your home or business security needs.  You control your equipment utilizing Vivint Sky control panels with 7" touchscreens, overseeing entryway sensors, motion detectors, and environmental sensors.  Video cameras and other home automation features are available with top Vivint plans, which support Vivint Sky mobile app control and voice recognition.

When you sign up for Vivint Home Security System, you’re required to buy a basic equipment package. Vivint Home allows you to customize your home automation according to your needs, giving you the freedom of choosing from several equipment options and services. You can always add equipment to these bundles, but be wary though, costs start to add up quickly. When you decide on a package, Vivint will take care of all the essential details, such as installation and networking connections, so you don’t have to worry about which models or versions of equipment will arrive at your doorstep.

Vivint Home Security offers four starter packages for equipment, starting around US$700 to US$2,000, letting you pay it off over five years through the Flex Pay monthly plan to offset the costs. Vivint’s starter kit consists of the touchscreen panel plus your pick of 6 smart sensors: motion detectors, door/window sensors, glass break detectors, smoke or carbon monoxide detectors, and flood/freeze detectors.

Here are some outstanding Vivint Security high tech equipment features :

Smart Home Options Benefit Type
Smart Door Locks Worry-free control Automation
Doorbell Camera Detection and monitoring Camera
Outdoor Camera Motion detection Camera
Ping Camera Indoor motion detection Camera
Thermostat Energy Saver Automation
Smart Garage Accesibility Automation
Home Automation Accesibility Automation

Vivint home automation capabilities:

Like many home automation systems in today’s market, Vivint Home Security System equipment uses Z-wave technology.  Z-wave is a wireless technology specially fitted for home automation devices. Working at a lower frequency than Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, Z-wave frequencies are less likely to to be interrupted by other devices running at the same time, allowing a stable, nonstop coverage and hands-free control over your home.

Z-wave works by linking compatible devices via the Vivint SkyControl panel.  This panel acts as a Z-wave "centralized hub" connecting your Vivint-compatible Z-wave devices for exceptional dominion over your household.  Once your home automation devices sync to SkyControl, you can adjust the settings from anywhere via the Vivint Sky app.

Vivint Home can incorporate several devices, such as Amazon's Alexa and Google Home, which becomes particularly convenient so you can control your entire Vivint System with your voice.  Vivint equipment is also compatible with both Amazon Echo and Nest, giving you more home functions and manage them from any web-enabled device. And since Vivint Home System works with the Nest Thermostat and Amazon Echo, you can buy them as part of your purchasing equipment package.

Vivint customer experience:

Vivint Monitoring plan guarantees home protection by trained Vivint security agents,  committed to safeguarding your family and home from intruders.  While your home security cameras and apps let you see what is happening, Vivint Security has professionals available to take action for you at all times.  As long as you arm your system, Vivint Monitoring can respond to any alarms or triggers from sensors it receives.

Vivint Home Security Monitoring service helps you when it is necessary.  They have Customer support 24/7 to provide by professional when emergency help is needed.  Vivint’s continuous monitoring service is always available. Vivint system works by using the Vivint SkyControl Panel, which has a two-way talk communication system for efficient use.  Vivint Home professionals can determine if the authorities need to be contacted, such as a fire or a robbery in progress so that they can alert the police for prompt action.

Vivint Security System Customer Sales tactics earned a reputation for being exceedingly aggressive. Though its equipment is reliable, the company had multiple pending complaints about the subject and a low rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).  Vivint has been accused of aggressive door-to-door sales pitches, but over the past couple of years, there has been a vast improvement in their sales tactics services, due to their more structured pricing plan introduced in 2017.  Nowadays, Vivint Home rating has risen to a “B-“ score, plummeting the customer complaints significantly.

Vivint installation:

Vivint Home equipment requires a Vivint professional installation technician to do all the setting up and connectivity for you.  Vivint doesn’t bring the option to its customers to have a  DIY (Do It Yourself) installation; this way, the company guarantees that all the pieces of equipment are correctly installed and properly running.  Vivint Home professionally installed system allows you to get the most form your smart home so you can customize to what you need and want.  With a DIY system, gear is often obtained from different brands, not promising that they all work together and you’ll possibly need to use different apps to control each device.

DIY installation involves a lot of research from your part, learning and deciphering between brands and prices and spending time trying to install all the devices and hiding wires. If you run into a problem trying to make them all work together, you won't have a support rep to answer questions you may have. With Vivint Installation Technicians, you’ll have a stress-free installation, since they know the technical side of it and they also have understanding knowledge into placement.

With Vivint Installation, once you decide on a package plan, they will arrive at your doorstep with all the equipment that you need.  The biggest weakness is the time commitment. Vivint is not known as a company for speedy installs; depending on where you live, it could take up to a week to get your system installed.  Once they arrive, it takes some time to set things up, a little as three hours or more.  But at the end of the day, you’ll have your smart home automated service up and running.

Vivint Home Security System equipment is a serious matter, so they require professional installation.  Customarily, installation starts at $49.99 and increases from there on, depending on the additional gear purchased. These fees are one-time payment and range from $49.99 for the most basic setup to $199.99 for the more complex installations. Only in rare circumstances, expenses exceed $199.99. Having your system installed professionally guarantees that all Vivint equipment will be installed correctly and is up and running with world class quality.

Bottom Line:

Vivint Home Security is the top choice for high-tech wholesome automated home protection.  The equipment, even though it is on a higher price range, offers many Smart Home choices, such as smart locks, motion and environmental sensors, doorbell cameras, indoor and outdoor cameras and a Sky Control panel that allows you to manage everything in your house, from locking the doors to turning off the lights. The wireless system protects against any trespassers or attempts to cut down the alarm wires, with a 24/7 monitoring service that contacts you the moment a sensor goes off.  If you don’t mind a more expensive service with top of the line products, Vivint Security System is the one for you.

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