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Vivint vs ADT: Which Home Security Solution Is Better for You?

Looking for a reliable home security system? Compare Vivint and ADT to find the perfect fit. Evaluate features, pricing, and customer reviews to make an informed decision. Discover the differences in installation process and customer service. Find out which company offers better customer satisfaction and explore expert opinions.

You've found yourself at a crossroads, trying to decide which home security solution is right for you, even after narrowing it down to Vivint and ADT. 

On one side, ADT is a true veteran in the industry with a remarkable 150-year legacy. 

On the other side, we have Vivint, which only started business in 1997 but is already generating a buzz with its innovative approach to home security. 

It's indeed a clash of the old guard versus the new wave.

But there's more that goes down to choosing a home security brand than just the years of existence. In this Vivint vs ADT comparison guide, we'll help you choose the better home security solution by: 

  • Giving you a brief overview of both brands 
  • Comparing their top products and prices
  • Examining their customer service, user reviews, and ratings
  • Differentiating their key features

Brief Overview of ADT

ADT is a leading home security provider in the US and Canada. It's the biggest provider of hardwired, wireless equipment, including monitoring services in both countries. 

In the US, ADT is the oldest in the business, established since 1874. ADT offers home security systems with 24/7 professional monitoring, motion detection, video surveillance, smart home automation, and more. 

Some key features of ADT systems are their landline or cellular connectivity options and their. You can also choose between hardwired or wireless systems. Other features include: 

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Mobile alerts
  • Intrusion protection
  • Home automation
  • Medical response

Brief Overview of Vivint

Although Vivint has been in the home security scene for a while, it is a much newer brand than ADT. Established in 1997, Vivint is a reliable home security company known for its innovative and comprehensive solutions. 

Vivint offers 24/7 professional monitoring service, smart home automation, video surveillance, doorbell cameras, and more. 

You can easily control and monitor their systems remotely through dedicated mobile apps. 

Vivint focuses on the latest technology and seamless integration with home automation devices. It is a trusted choice for modern and reliable home security solutions.

Vivint vs ADT: Product Comparison 

Now, let's check out some of Vivint and ADT home security offerings and compare what they bring to your indoor spaces:

Security Systems

  • Vivint: Vivint Smart Home Security System
  • ADT: ADT Control Security System

The Vivint Smart Home and the ADT Control systems offer 24/7 professional monitoring, motion detection, and remote access through their mobile apps. 

The packages also include door/window sensors, motion detectors, and control panels to fit your needs.

Vivint and ADT also both use the Z-wave technology for connectivity. But this has a lower frequency than WiFi or Bluetooth. So, we wouldn't say one brand edges the other here. It's a tie

Video Surveillance

  • Vivint: Vivint Outdoor Camera, Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro
  • ADT: ADT Video Doorbell, ADT Outdoor Camera

When it comes to capturing those intruders, both brands offer top-notch features. Vivint's cameras boast 1080p resolution, two-way audio, and smart motion detection. 

ADT's cameras hold their ground, too, with features like HD video, advanced motion and environmental detection, and two-way communication. While ADT's cameras are solid options, Vivint's provide a superior video experience.

Smart Home Automation

  • Vivint: Vivint Smart Home
  • ADT: ADT Control

If you want to bring serious intelligence to your home, both Vivint and ADT have your back. Vivint's system lets you control and automate all sorts of home accessories, like lights, thermostats, and door locks, from one slick platform. 

ADT Control offers similar capabilities. You can remotely manage your devices. 

However, Vivint is the clear winner here because their devices connect easily to Alexa and Google Assistant. Unlike ADT systems, you don't need to upgrade to monthly payments to access this feature. 

Mobile App Control

  • Vivint: Vivint App
  • ADT: ADT App

With these apps in your pocket, you can take control of your security system no matter where you are. 

Straight from your smartphone or tablet, you can: 

  • Arm or disarm the system
  • Get real-time alerts or a peek at live video feeds
  • Control your smart home devices

Both apps are available for Android and iOS devices. But while ADT offers several apps with different functionalities (from ADT Cam to Alert), Vivint lets you have most of these features in one app. 

Vivint vs ADT Pricing Comparison

Typically, Vivint packages come with a monitoring contract, and you're looking at shelling out around $30 a month. Plus, the one-time purchase cost of Vivint is relatively higher than ADT's. 

Vivint's equipment costs around $599, while ADT goes for $125 with a monitoring fee from $28.99 to $52.99

Vivint looks a more expensive home security system to buy and maintain. But as you can see in the comparisons, its products beat similar ones from ADT. 

There's a massive $400+ difference between each company's offer. But you know it's all about the quality Vivint offers. Plus, if you pay outrightly, you own your system with no monthly contract fees. The only cost to cover is the monitoring fee. So, again, Vivint wins here

Customer Service, Reviews, and Ratings

Vivint sure knows how to stay connected with its customers in the US and Canada. They've got multiple channels for communication, like phone and online support. 

However, based on the Trust Pilot reviews, it seems like Vivint might need to step up its game when it comes to resolving complaints and issues. Some folks haven't been too thrilled with their customer support experience. 

But the average rating of 3.8 out of 5 shows most users are generally satisfied with their equipment and services. 

ADT, on the other hand, also offers great customer service. The average rating on Trust Pilot is 3.4 out of 5, which is not bad. They've got their support channels too. 

Key Differences between Vivint and ADT

Vivint is all about cutting-edge security systems with home automation capabilities. Conversely, ADT sticks to the tried-and-true approach with reliable security systems and a big focus on professional monitoring.

Regarding installation, Vivint likes to bring in their own people for a proper setup. Although ADT requires professional installation, you can choose between pro or DIY installation when adding extra devices and sensors.

Now, let's talk contracts. Vivint wants you for the long haul, usually around 42 to 60 months. That's 3½ to 5 years. But ADT keeps it a bit shorter with 3-year contracts

Pricing is another factor. Vivint might hit you with higher upfront costs. But ADT tries to stay competitive with their monitoring fees.

Vivint or ADT: Which One Is Right for You?

Well, it all boils down to what you prioritize. If you love being on the tech forefront and are okay with a longer commitment, go for Vivint. But if you want installation and contract terms flexibility, ADT might be more your speed.

Please take a good look at their features, pricing, and what other customers have to say. Consider your budget, how much automation you want, and how much support you need. The right choice is the one that fits YOUR needs and gives you that peace of mind for your home security. 

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