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360 Security Solutions

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360 Security Solutions was a solutions provider serving Broward County and the surrounding area. 360 Security Solutions was located in Pembroke Pines, Florida.

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Services Offered:

Guard or Patrol Officers:

Hiring a security guard company has countless advantages to all aspects of residential or commercial protection. Security patrol services provide monitoring for property owners, safeguarding the environment, and prevent crimes. The presence of a standing guard on the property serves as a significant deterrent to intruders and potential break-ins. Furthermore, patrol services play many different security roles. They provide a safe and professional atmosphere for their client, family members, employees, or guests. Security guards work in public and private buildings, patrolling the interior and exterior premises. They can watch over doors, windows, and gates to make sure the property is well locked. If the alarm system triggers, security guards are the first ones on the scene, contacting the proper authorities when an emergency arises. Security guard companies deliver many other services, such as 24/7 field supervisors, security vehicle patrols, dispatch services, concierge services, bodyguard escort services, and more. Their staff is highly trained security officers that are fully licensed with the highest standards.


Serving Cities:

  • Miramar


360 Security Solutions

(954) 404-8376

12080 Miramar Pkwy

Pembroke Pines, Florida, 33025