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Cheyenne Electric

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Cheyenne Electric is a solutions provider serving Laramie County located in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Cheyenne Electric specializes in technology integration, home automation and residential security services.

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Founded in 2015, Cheyenne Electric is a veteran owned and accredited service provider. Cheyenne Electric offers security services using GE, Leviton and Cutler Hammer products.

Areas of Expertise:

Security System:

A security system is a combination of devices and services which work to protect a residence or business against the threat of invasion or intrusion. Security systems sometimes serve as protection from natural disasters as well. Residential, commercial, and industrial customers alike use security systems to safeguard against theft (burglary) and property damage. Security systems are available in a range of formats, levels, and pricing packages. They may involve professional installation or DIY installation. Whether these systems are intended to protect against a single incident or high threat of invasion at all times, they may involve a number of components, such as video cameras, alarm systems, smart home automation, notifications, smart locks, smart sensors, and more.

Smart Home Automation:

Smart home automation offers the latest in security system technology, providing a way for homeowners or business owners to monitor their security through a smart device or home base or hub control panel. Automation syncs both security system components and other smart home features, such as thermostats. From a security system app, users can control their smart locks, window and door sensors, receive notifications regarding carbon monoxide and heat sensors, and more. Smart home automation systems may be connected via wired or wireless systems and generally work alongside full security systems. They may be self-monitored or professionally monitored.

Services Offered:

Residential Security Services:

Some companies and certified professionals provide solutions that are focused on delivering a set of products and services for residential customers only. They are designed to fit any home’s needs, from certified locksmiths and electricians to home security systems, home automation, and home theater systems. Companies offering residential services dedicate themselves to provide excellent service to customers who live in different types of homes, from small apartments to larger homes.


Master Electrician

Number: M5541 - Expires: 07/01/2020

Electrical Contractor

Number: C-44781 - Expires: 07/01/2019


Serving Cities:

  • Cheyenne
  • Horse Creek
  • Burns
  • Meriden
  • Hillsdale
  • Albin
  • Pine Bluffs
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Cutler Hammer


Cheyenne Electric

(866) 658-0807

200 West 6th Street

Cheyenne, Wyoming, 82007