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ADT vs Brinks Home Security Systems

In the dynamic realm of home security, ADT and Brinks stand out as leading contenders, each offering a blend of advanced features and smart home integration that caters to modern safety needs. This article delves into a detailed comparison, shedding light on the unique aspects of ADT and Brinks, from their market presence and technological innovations to user experiences and customer support excellence. Whether you prioritize sleek design, user-friendliness, affordability, or DIY options, our analysis will help you navigate the nuances of these systems to make an informed decision that aligns with your home security objectives.


In the rapidly advancing landscape of home security, the ADT and Brinks systems have emerged as popular choices, offering innovative features and seamless integration with smart home technologies. As we delve into the comparison between ADT and Brinks, it's essential to understand the context by briefly exploring the market presence of ADT  and Brinks.

ADT, known for its sleek design and user-friendly interfaces, has become synonymous with smart home solutions. Their security systems, encompassing cameras, doorbells, and sensors, are celebrated for their integration capabilities and advanced features. Brinks, on the other hand, gained prominence with its video doorbells and expanded its portfolio to include comprehensive home security systems. Recognized for affordability and DIY installation, Brinks appeals to users seeking simplicity in home protection.

Key Features Comparison

When selecting a home security system, understanding the key features is paramount. Let's delve into a comprehensive comparison of the features, functionalities, and specifications offered by ADT and Brinks.

Professional Monitoring

  • ADT:
    • Boasting a remarkable 140 years of experience, ADT is an industry giant in professional monitoring.
    • Nine monitoring facilities across the country ensure redundancy and continuous coverage, enhancing reliability.
  • Brinks:
    • Operating for 27 years, Brinks provides professional monitoring services with backup servers and generators for uninterrupted security.

Equipment Quality and Modernization

  • ADT:
    • Equipped with modern and streamlined devices, including the ADT Control panel.
    • Integration capabilities with Google Nest cameras for advanced security features.
  • Brinks:
    • Provides reliable equipment, such as the Brinks Home Hub.
    • Note that cellular backup may require a separate device for activation.

Home Automation Integration

  • ADT:
    • Offers seamless integration with third-party home-automation devices through the ADT Control panel.
    • Voice control compatibility with major platforms like Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • Brinks:
    • Supports wireless connectivity to third-party home-automation devices via the Brinks Home Hub.
    • Integration capabilities with Amazon's Alexa and the Google Assistant for voice-controlled convenience.

Installation Experience

  • ADT:
  • Brinks:
    • Offers professional installation, included at no additional cost in the Smart Security Ultimate package.
    • Provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, covering equipment costs.

Flexibility and DIY Options

  • ADT:
    • Flexibility in payment plans for enhanced affordability.
    • DIY installation option available with the Blue by ADT system.
  • Brinks:
    • Provides a DIY installation option for users preferring an independent setup.
    • Offers a choice between DIY and professional installation based on user preferences.

Integration with Smart Home Platforms

  • ADT:
    • Broad compatibility with major smart home platforms, including Google Home and Amazon Alexa.
    • Ensures seamless integration into broader smart home ecosystems.
  • Brinks:
    • Aligns with major smart home platforms, providing control through Google Home and Amazon Alexa.
    • Offers integration with existing smart home setups for enhanced convenience.

Compare Components of ADT vs Brinks Home Security



  • Door/Window Sensors: Safeguard entry points with these standard sensors.
  • Motion Detector: Covers a range of up to 35 x 40 feet, providing extensive coverage.
  • Glass Break Sensor: Detects the sound frequency of glass breaking for added security.


  • Door/Window Sensor: A staple for entry points to detect unauthorized access.
  • Motion Detector: Covers up to 30 feet, suitable for various room sizes.
  • Glass Break Detector: Enhances security by detecting glass breakage.



  • Indoor Camera: Keep an eye on the interior spaces of your home.
  • Outdoor Camera: Monitor the perimeters and exterior of your property.
  • Video Doorbell Camera: Enhance doorstep security with visual verification.


  • Indoor Camera: Provides interior surveillance.
  • Outdoor Camera: Monitors the external surroundings for added security.
  • Video Doorbell: Enhances front door monitoring and package protection.

Control Units:


  • Touchscreen Control Panel: A user-friendly interface for system management.
  • Smart Door Lock: Allows remote locking and unlocking via the security system.


  • Control Panel: Manages and controls the security system.
  • Smart Door Lock: Enhances access control and integrates with the security system.

Price Comparison and Affordability

Initial Investments

With ADT, the journey begins with starting costs hovering around $450, a figure that can fluctuate based on how you tailor the system to your needs. Additionally, opting for professional installation will add a $99 fee to your bill. On the other hand, Brinks prefers to tailor its pricing to each customer's specific needs, requiring direct contact for precise figures. The costs here will vary depending on the chosen equipment and service packages, ensuring a customized approach to security.

Ongoing Expenses

The monthly fees further differentiate these two options. ADT's monitoring plans are priced between $44.99 and $59.99, offering a range of services to fit different needs and budgets. They also provide flexible payment options to enhance accessibility. Conversely, Brinks presents a slightly lower price range for its monitoring services, from $39.99 to $49.99, with exact details available upon inquiry, ensuring transparency and tailored solutions.

Sustained Value

Looking at the long-term benefits, ADT stands out with its flexible payment plans, easing the financial burden over time. They also reassure customers with a six-month money-back guarantee on equipment and installation, highlighting their commitment to satisfaction. Brinks counters with a 30-day money-back guarantee, focusing on customer contentment and providing a cost structure that caters to various budgetary needs.

Installation and Compatibility 

Navigating the intricacies of installation and compatibility is crucial when selecting a home security system. Both ADT and Brinks offer tailored solutions to accommodate different preferences and technological ecosystems.

Installation Services

ADT takes pride in its professional installation services, ensuring a hassle-free setup for its customers. For those who prefer a hands-on approach, ADT also provides a DIY installation option through its Blue by ADT system, catering to the varying needs of its clientele. Similarly, Brinks offers professional installation, which is a feature of its Smart Security Ultimate package, appealing to those who value convenience and expert setup. Additionally, Brinks acknowledges the growing trend towards independence in installation with its DIY option, empowering users to take control of their home security setup.

Smart Home Compatibility

In terms of compatibility, ADT ensures its systems work seamlessly with major smart home platforms like Google Home and Amazon Alexa. This integration facilitates a cohesive smart home ecosystem, allowing for streamlined control and automation. Brinks mirrors this approach, aligning its systems with the same leading smart home platforms to offer users intuitive control and integration capabilities. This compatibility extends to existing smart home setups, ensuring Brinks systems enhance convenience without disrupting the established harmony of users' smart environments.

Pros and Cons

ADT Pros:

  • Established industry leader with over 140 years of experience.
  • Multiple monitoring centers for enhanced reliability.
  • Integration capabilities with Google Nest cameras for advanced security features.

ADT Cons:

  • Potentially higher upfront costs, depending on customization.
  • Monitoring plans may be on the higher end of the price spectrum.

Brinks Pros:

  • Competitive pricing and flexible payment plans.
  • DIY installation option for users seeking independence.
  • Quality equipment with reliable performance.

Brinks Cons:

  • Limited to a single monitoring facility.
  • Pricing details require direct contact with the company.

Evaluating Customer Support: ADT vs Brinks

When assessing the customer support capabilities of ADT and Brinks, it's essential to consider both the responsiveness and the variety of support channels they offer, as well as the level of customer satisfaction they achieve.

Responsiveness and Availability

ADT stands out with its 24/7 customer support, promising immediate assistance at any hour. This commitment is supported by a range of communication channels, including phone, email, and live chat, ensuring that help is always within reach. Brinks matches this with its own 24/7 customer support framework, offering continuous assistance to address any concerns, underscored by a similar breadth of support channels to cater to customer preferences.

Diverse Support Channels

Delving deeper into the support avenues, ADT's 24/7 phone support stands as a cornerstone of its direct assistance approach, complemented by email and live chat options for those seeking alternative contact methods. Brinks also offers a comprehensive suite of support channels, including phone, email, and chat, with its virtual tech support often highlighted for both its rapid response times and the friendliness of its staff.

Customer Feedback and Satisfaction

Turning to customer satisfaction, ADT receives positive remarks for its installation process, alongside high average ratings that underscore its reliability and the quality of its professional monitoring services. On the other hand, Brinks is frequently lauded for its technical support and virtual tech assistance, with positive average ratings that reflect a high level of overall customer satisfaction.

Reviews and Ratings: Unveiling User Experiences

ADT: A Symphony of Satisfaction

ADT, with its extensive 140 years of industry presence, has conducted a harmonious symphony of satisfied customers. Users appreciate the company's reliability, robust integration with smart devices, and a multi-pronged approach to monitoring. The multiple monitoring centers contribute to enhanced reliability, ensuring that users remain protected at all times.

Brinks: The Cool Underdog

Brinks, a relative newcomer with 27 years of experience, emerges as the cool underdog in the home security arena. Users applaud Brinks for its competitive pricing, flexible payment plans, and the option for DIY installation, catering to those seeking independence in setting up their security systems. The quality of equipment receives positive nods for its reliable performance.

Comparative Ratings 

While quantifying user experiences is challenging, an aggregate look at online platforms provides a glimpse into the collective sentiment. ADT generally maintains a strong user satisfaction rating, backed by its long-standing reputation and comprehensive security offerings. Brinks, despite its shorter industry tenure, boasts commendable ratings, particularly in areas of affordability, DIY convenience, and quality equipment.

Recommendations for Choosing the Right Home Security System


  • Budget Considerations: ADT and Brinks offer varied pricing structures, catering to different budget constraints. Consider upfront costs, monthly fees, and long-term value.
  • Installation Preferences: Assess whether professional installation or a DIY approach aligns better with your preferences. Both ADT and Brinks provide options to cater to different user needs.
  • Smart Home Integration: If seamless integration with existing smart home platforms is a priority, both ADT and Brinks offer compatibility with major players like Google Home and Amazon Alexa.
  • Customer Support Importance: Evaluate the significance of customer support in your decision-making process. Both ADT and Brinks provide 24/7 customer support through multiple channels.
  • Equipment and Features: Delve into the specifics of the equipment offered by each system and the features that matter most to you, such as advanced monitoring, video analytics, and home automation.


ADT's robust integration capabilities, particularly with Google Nest cameras, attest to its adaptability in embracing emerging technologies. On the other hand, Brinks impresses with a forward-thinking mindset. While specific future-proofing strategies may not be explicitly outlined, Brinks' emphasis on quality equipment hints at a readiness to integrate technologies. 

Conclusion: The Grand Finale

ADT and Brinks stand as reputable choices for home security, each with its unique strengths. By carefully weighing the factors outlined above, users can make an informed decision that aligns with their specific requirements. Both captivating performers, each with its unique flair. ADT, a seasoned virtuoso with over 140 years of reliability, presents a series of integration and a commitment to customer satisfaction. On the flip side, Brinks emerges as the cool underdog, impressing with competitive pricing, quality equipment, a futuristic touch in customer support, and an independent spirit that comes with DIY installation. Boom.

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