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Home Security in Redding, CA

Nestled at the upper end of Sacramento Valley, Redding, CA, is a vibrant city surrounded by magnificent mountain peaks and beautiful forests. It is an outdoor paradise filled with miles of hiking and biking trails, and a love for all things paddling.

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Redding is a quiet town with a steady stream of tourist traffic, thanks to its proximity to some of Northern California’s best outdoor attractions. Close to popular destinations like Mount Shasta, the Sierra Nevada mountain ranges, and the Cascades, there is never a shortage of places to travel and enjoy Redding’s natural beauty.

Redding is the 2nd sunniest city in the nation, with an average of 300 days of sunshine!

In the heart of Redding, the iconic glass-floored Sundial Bridge, designed by renowned architect Santiago Calatrava, crosses the Sacramento River. It divides the city proper from many spread-out suburbs overflowing with breathtaking scenery.

You can hike through the Sacramento River National Recreation Trail and appreciate Redding’s pristine river. It is the crown jewel of the city’s trail system, packed with lush paths for amazing bike rides or a pleasant stroll.

For the ultimate outdoor experience, nature-loving enthusiasts must seek out the famous “three Shastas.” A must-do among climbers, Mount Shasta is one of the most impressive peaks in the nation. This dormant volcano is the ideal stop for a family skiing trip in the winter or the perfect summer hike.

The Sacramento River is California's longest river, running right through the heart of Redding.

Just a short drive out of the city, Lake Shasta is a popular water sports destination for tourists looking for an unforgettable house boating experience. This man-made lake is enclosed by the Shasta Dam, another widespread tourist interest. It is the second-largest concrete structure in the country, filled with history and beautiful views of the lake and Mount Shasta.

After a long day of exploring the ‘Trails Capital of California", relax and grab a bite at the Airpark Café. Watch airplanes and helicopters take off with the gorgeous Whiskeytown Recreation area as a backdrop while savoring a tasty burger and a handcrafted beer. With its laid-back atmosphere and awe-inspiring surroundings, Redding is a perfect vacation destination for young and old alike.

Redding is labeled one of the sunniest cities in California, with pleasant weather throughout the year. Nevertheless, Shasta County is susceptible to acts of nature like wildfires, floods, and heatwaves. Redding residents are looking for better ways to protect their homes from these natural disasters as well as from property crimes.

One of the best ways to protect your property in Redding, CA, is to install a home security system. Having an alarm system in place brings the user tons of benefits, adding a new layer of protection to any property. They work as excellent deterrents against trespassers trying to break into your home.

Home security systems also grant remote control over your smart home, allowing access to devices like smart locks and lights right from your smartphone or tablet. You can boost your system by adding smart products and features, like monitoring plans and security cameras.

All of Redding's drinking water comes from the clear and cold Sacramento River.

Subscribing to a professional monitoring service guarantees 24/7 protection, even under severe weather conditions. During an emergency, trained monitoring agents can contact the police or fire department on your behalf, sending a fast response team to your property. When the alarm is activated, you can review live feeds from your security cameras and see what is going on at home in real-time.

Security companies and providers in Redding, CA, provide an extensive collection of smart products and innovative home automation technology engineered to meet your safety needs. Installing security cameras and a smart lock system will raise your security alarm to a whole new level of protection.

Setting up a video doorbell camera will allow you to see, hear, and speak with anyone standing on your doorstep, even before they ring the bell. Combining it with a smart lock, you will know when the nanny arrives and grant her access inside your home. You can tell her about any last-minute changes on your kid's schedule before they leave for the park, all while sitting at the office.

Nowadays, security companies deliver cutting-edge home security systems and the latest home automation features and protocols tailored to your safety expectations. Home security is fast becoming an affordable commodity that is within reach by the average buyer. Home security companies and providers offer the best safety solutions for residential and commercial properties in Redding, CA.



Redding, CA Crime Statistics

Both violent and property crime rates in California are well above the national average, even though the state’s statistics have remained constant year over year. Redding's violent crimes make up 0.35% of the state's final scores, while property crime rates come at 0.36%

Although the city shows low numbers, safety is quickly becoming a top priority for many Redding citizens.

Here is a chart comparing criminal rates between Redding and the state's final tally. It is based on the 2018 FBI's Criminal Justice Information Service Division report:

Incident Redding California Ratio
Property Crimes 3,433 941,618 0.36%
Larceny-Theft 2,281 621,775 0.37%
Burglary 613 164,632 0.37%
Violent Crimes 620 176,982 0.35%

Redding, CA, is a charming town known for its hospitality, thriving economy, and captivating landscape. It is a haven for outdoor lovers who want to get away from the bustle and hustle of urban life's fast pace.

With over 300 days of sun-drench weather, the city is packed with miles of trails and parks to enjoy nature at any time. Relax under the mist of the stunning waterfalls at McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park, one of the most beautiful sights in the state.

The Sundial Bridge is one of the largest working sundials in the world. This California icon is also a pedestrian bridge over the Sacramento River.

Don’t miss a great photo op at the bubbling mud pots and boiling lakes in Lassen Volcanic National Park and take part in guided excursions all year round. Kayak through crystalline waters at Whiskeytown Lake and explore the beautiful landscapes and trails, horseback rides included!

Redding is the perfect location for outdoor recreation, with so many exhilarating attractions. But Redding residents have a growing concern about leaving their homes unattended while enjoying everything that Redding, CA, has to offer. Having a home security system installed will add an extra layer of protection to any property.

Home security systems use smart products and features to deliver the best safety solution, providing that peace of mind you are looking for. You can enhance your security alarm by adding smart products like environmental sensors and security cameras.

Flood sensors will notify you instantly via smartphone when water leaks are detected inside your home. You can review the live feeds from your indoor cameras to check your home’s status. This way, you can better assess the situation and decide if additional steps are needed to prevent expensive property damage. You can even oversee a repair crew working on your home while sitting at the office.

Best Home Security Systems in Redding, CA

In the past, traditional home security systems came with expensive devices that required an intricate hardwired installation. Security companies gain a bad reputation for delivering unmanageable equipment and poor customer service support, discouraging potentially new customers away.

The security industry became aware of its weaknesses and quickly evolved towards user-friendly systems with affordable price tags. Today, home security companies offer state-of-the-art security alarm systems and pioneering home automation technology within reach by the average buyer.

In Redding, CA, home security providers present a wide selection of smart home products and voice assistance features to satisfy all your safety needs. To customize your home security system even more, you can add video doorbell cameras and smart locks for the ultimate smart home living experience.

But deciding what home security system matches all your expectations may seem like an overwhelming task, especially for first-time buyers. With the customers' needs in mind, designed a valuable tool that narrows down Redding's leading alarm systems. It can also search for the best home security in Costa Mesa and many other cities across the nation.

Modify the filters below accordingly, and the home security match tool will look for the best home security companies available in Redding, CA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Redding, CA Home Security Companies

Home security companies and providers offer the best safety solutions for residential and commercial properties in Redding, CA. They provide a comprehensive catalog of smart products and the latest in home automation tailored to your security needs. You can enhance your security alarm system by adding incredible devices like video doorbell cameras, flood sensors, and outstanding monitoring services.

What’s more, local security providers deliver many safety and home-related services for Redding's residents and neighboring areas. For instance, 24/7 emergency locksmiths can help if you are locked out of your home in the middle of a hot summer night.

Licensed locksmiths arrive at your place, pick the lock, extract a broken key, or make a new one on-site. They also provide smart lock installations, so you never have to worry about losing your house keys while kayaking in Whiskeytown recreational area.

Additional services include outdoor camera installations, HVAC systems, home automation, smart lights, and more for the ultimate experience in smart home living.

Here are the home security providers and local contractors operating in Redding, CA:

 Bay Alarm Company - Redding, Redding, California

Bay Alarm Company - Redding

  • 2335 Larkspur Ln Suite A, Redding, 960...

    • Serving Redding
    • Security Systems, Burglar Alarm Sys...
    • Alarm System Monitoring, Fire Prote...
     Giles Lock and Security Systems, Redding, California

    Giles Lock and Security Systems

  • 1211 Hartnell Ave, Redding, 96002

    • Serving Redding
    • Locksmith
    • Emergency Services, Access Control ...
     Golden Gate Surveillance - Redding, Redding, California

    Golden Gate Surveillance - Redding

  • 701 Redwood Blv, Redding, 96003

    • Serving Redding
    • Security Systems, Surveillance Came...
    • Alarm System Monitoring, TV Wall Mo...
     Satellite Solutions, Redding, California

    Satellite Solutions

    • Serving Redding
    • Security Systems, Burglar Alarm Sys...
     California Safety Company, Redding, California

    California Safety Company

  • 1410 Elmwood St, Redding, 96001

    • Serving Redding
    • Security Systems, Burglar Alarm Sys...
    • Alarm System Monitoring, Fire Prote...
     Redding Network, Redding, California

    Redding Network

  • 1421 Olive Ave, Redding, 96001

    • Serving Redding
    • Security Systems, Surveillance Came...
    • Access Control Installation, Remote...
     Precision Alarm Systems - Vyanet, Redding, California

    Precision Alarm Systems - Vyanet

  • 6799 Airport Rd, Redding, 96002

    • Serving Redding
    • Security Systems, Burglar Alarm Sys...
    • Fire Protection System
     Home Technology Pros - Redding, Redding, California

    Home Technology Pros - Redding

  • 1355 Churn Creek Rd, Redding, 96003

    • Serving Redding
    • Security Systems
     TRUE Telecom and Surveillance, Redding, California

    TRUE Telecom and Surveillance

  • 2054 Princeton Way, Redding, 96003

    • Serving Redding
    • Security Systems, Surveillance Came...
    • Access Control Installation, Interc...
     Cotter Electric, Redding, California

    Cotter Electric

  • 21247 Sandpoint Road, Redding, 96003

    • Serving Redding, Shasta Lake, Corni...
    • Security Systems, Surveillance Came...
    • Lighting Installation, Residential ...
     Affordable Video Surveillance Systems - Redding, Redding, California

    Affordable Video Surveillance Systems - Redding

    • Serving Redding
    • Security Systems, Burglar Alarm Sys...
    • Founded in 1983
     Gaynor Telesystems - Redding, Redding, California

    Gaynor Telesystems - Redding

  • 9650 Tanqueray Ct, Redding, 96003

    • Serving Redding
    • Security Systems, Surveillance Came...
    • Access Control Installation
     World Telecom and Surveillance, Redding, California

    World Telecom and Surveillance

  • 1819 Keystone Ct, Redding, 96003

    • Serving Redding
    • Security Systems
    • Access Control Installation, Interc...
     COM TEC Telephone and Data, Redding, California

    COM TEC Telephone and Data

  • 1849 Keystone Ct, Redding, 96003

    • Serving Redding
    • Security Systems
    • Low Voltage Wiring, Guard or Patrol...
     American Lock and Key - Redding, Redding, California

    American Lock and Key - Redding

  • 984 Twin View Blvd, Redding, 96003

    • Serving Redding
    • Locksmith
    • Emergency Services, Broken Key Extr...
     Audio Video Alternatives, Redding, California

    Audio Video Alternatives

    • Serving Redding
    • Security Systems, Home Theater Syst...
    • TV Wall Mount
     Kern Telecom, Redding, California

    Kern Telecom

    • Serving Redding
    • Security Systems
    • Residential Security Services, Comm...
     California Safety, Redding, California

    California Safety

  • 1410 Elmwood St, Redding, 96099

    • Serving Redding
    • Security Systems
    • Founded in 1974
     Comer Communication, Redding, California

    Comer Communication

  • 2908 Innsbruck Dr , Redding, 96003

    • Serving Redding
    • Security Systems, Burglar Alarm Sys...
    • Low Voltage Wiring, Residential Sec...

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