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Located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Carrollton, GA, is a thriving small town filled with Southern charm. This large farming community is considered part of the Atlanta metropolitan area, with a vibrant art scene and unique outdoor attractions.

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Snuggled in the heart of the city, Adamson Square is the perfect blend of past and present. Walk around historical monuments and stunning classical architecture sitting alongside the finest restaurants and local galleries.

Carrollton was named after Charles Carroll's estate on the Chesapeake Bay.

This vibrant area is the epicenter of entertainment with a dash of hospitality and beautiful landscapes. Enjoy a little bit of live music, shop around eclectic shops, or sit down for a refreshing craft brew.

While in the neighborhood, visit the Southeastern Quilt and Textile Museum. You can follow the trail of history and heritage through the area’s textile past displayed inside its walls. See a performance at the Carrollton Center for the Arts, all at a walkable distance from Adamson Square.

For the outdoorsy type, bike along the famous Carrollton GreenBelt, the longest closed-loop bike path in Georgia. The trail connects established neighborhoods with gorgeous city parks, commercial areas, and the University of West Georgia.

Historically, Carrollton has been a commercial hub for many rural counties in Georgia and Alabama.

The Carrollton GreenBelt is the largest greenspace and conservation project ever tackled in the history of the city. The 18-mile long linear city park provides residents and visitors an open-air getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday modern life.

You can’t come to The Peach State and not try the food! Carrollton is filled with locally-owned restaurants that bring a different experience for each guest. You will hear the locals talk about “The Corner.” This little cafe is a popular spot among students and residents alike, famous for its spinach artichoke dip.

For a spoonful of good old home-cooked meals, visit M&J Home Cooking Country Buffet. This hidden gem can be a place you might overlook, but the menu is simply mouthwatering! And with hundreds of restaurants to discover, you will never grow hungry in Carrollton, GA.

In Carroll County, harsh winter conditions are infrequent, but severe thunderstorms occur during the spring and summer months. Flooding, heavy rainfall, and the occasional tornado are the most common natural disasters that hit the area. It can result in significant property damage, making residents of Carrollton, GA, look for better ways to keep their homes safe.

One of the best ways to enhance your home's safety in Carrollton, GA, is to install a home security system. Alarm systems come with countless benefits, adding a new level of protection to any property. They work as the perfect deterrent against trespassers trying to break into your home.

Adamson Square in the Carrollton downtown area is named after Congressman William Charles Adamson.

Home security systems also grant remote control over your smart home. Home automation features allow you to handle devices like smart lights and outdoor cameras from your smartphone or tablet. Adding smart home products and features, like professional monitoring plans and security cameras, will raise your security system to a whole new level of protection.

Subscribing to a professional monitoring plan will guarantee 24/7 protection. During an emergency, qualified monitoring agents contact the police or fire department on your behalf, sending a fast response team to your property. You jump into your security camera’s live feeds to see what is going on at home when the alarm is activated.

Carrollton’s home security companies and providers deliver various smart products and the latest automation technology tailored to your safety needs. You can customize your home security system by adding incredible devices like smart locks and security cameras.

A video doorbell camera allows you to interact with anyone standing on your front porch, even before they ring the doorbell. Paring it up with a smart lock, you can see the nanny arriving and grant her access inside your home without having to leave a key under a “fake rock.” You can have a chat with her about any changes in your kids’ daily routine while you are stuck in traffic.

Home safety is quickly becoming an affordable commodity, now accessible to the average buyer. Security companies offer state-of-the-art systems and innovative home automation technology tailored to your needs. They are the best safety solution for any home and business property in Carrollton, GA.



Carrollton, GA Crime Statistics

Georgia’s crime rates are slightly over the national average for both counts of violent and property crimes. Carrollton’s violent crime rates make up 0.47% of the state’s final tally, while property crimes come at 0.41%.

No matter what these low numbers represent, Carrollton residents have a rising concern for their safety. Home security is quickly becoming a top priority for many home and business owners in the area.

Here is a chart contrasting the criminal rates between Carrollton and the state's final scores. It is based on the 2018 results released by The FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Service Division:

Incident Carrollton Georgia Ratio
Property Crimes 1,122 270,738 0.41%
Larceny-Theft 951 200,609 0.47%
Burglary 129 45,369 0.28%
Violent Crimes 160 34,355 0.47%

Just over 45 miles outside Atlanta, Carrollton, GA, is a flourishing town boasting southern charm and hospitality. From extraordinary outdoor amenities to rich historical architecture, the city offers something for everyone.

Enjoy a concert under the stars at The Amp, Carrollton’s downtown amphitheater, or sample the craft brews at the famous Printer’s Ale Brewery. Come summertime, swim, paddleboat, or play miniature golf at John Tanner Park and have a blast with the entire family.

Carrollton has a strong religious element, with about 100 places of worship all over town.

While in town, take a short drive and visit the historic McIntosh Reserve Park and Moore’s Bridge Park. Tour around Little Vine Vineyards and Winery and have a glass of award-winning wines made right here in Carroll County. But with so much to do and see, Carrollton residents have a growing need to protect their homes when they are away enjoying this gem of a town.

Home security systems add a higher level of protection to any property in Carrollton, GA, delivering peace of mind. Security companies offer the best safety solutions using smart products like security cameras and environmental sensors.

When water leaks are detected inside your house, flood sensors send instant notifications to your smartphone. Indoor cameras grant live access feeds, allowing you to assess the situation. Then you can decide if extra steps are needed to avoid expensive property damages. You can even oversee the plumber fixing up your property from the palm of your hand.

Pairing up smart devices like these will deliver a more robust safety solution for any property in Carrollton, GA.

Best Home Security Systems in Carrollton, GA

Previously, old-fashioned security systems were known for their high-priced equipment that needed an intricate hardwired installation. It dissuaded many potential customers, mainly for delivering poor customer service and hard-to-handle components.

The security industry swiftly responded by developing user-friendly systems with affordable price tags. These days, security companies deliver state-of-the-art equipment and revolutionary home automation features within grasp by the average buyer.

In Carrollton, GA, home security providers offer a vast assortment of smart home products and the latest automation technology for you to pick from. They provide unique devices and features like indoor cameras, flood detectors, and voice assistance technology for the ultimate experience in smart home living.

But choosing the best home security system for you may seem like a baffling task, especially for first-time buyers. created a brilliant tool that narrows down the leading security companies in Carrollton, GA. And if you are thinking of moving, it can also look for home security systems in Tennessee or any state nationwide.

Change the filters below accordingly, and the home security match tool will look for the best home security systems available in Carrollton, GA, and nearby areas:

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Carrollton, GA Home Security Companies

Home security providers and contractors in Carrollton, GA, offer the best safety solutions designed to meet their customers’ needs. They provide a complete collection of smart products and innovative home automation technology to choose from.

Devices like outdoor cameras, smart lights, and first-class monitoring services can further boost your security system.

Plus, home security providers offer several home and safety-related services for any residential or commercial property in Carrollton, GA. For instance, certified locksmiths provide 24-hour emergency services to help when you are locked out of your own home.

Professional locksmiths arrive at your location, pick the lock, extract a broken key, or rekey on-site. They can also install smart locks, so you can bike the Carrollton GreenBelt without worrying about dropping your keys again.

Additional services involve home automation systems, video doorbell camera installations, HVAC systems, smart blinds, and more for the quintessential smart home experience.

Listed below are the home security providers and local contractors available in Carrollton, GA, and nearby areas:

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