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McKinney, TX, is a picturesque city filled with small-town charm, green spaces, and a relaxed vibe. Its proximity to the expanding Dallas-Fort Worth area prompted a rapid economic and population increase, making it one of the country's fastest-growing cities.

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Lovely tree-lined streets, rolling hills, and quaint residential neighborhoods draw new residents and visitors alike to this charming town. McKinney has a strong sense of community, rich history, and a diverse cultural scene that makes the city stand out.

McKinney's historic downtown is one of the largest historic districts in the state. With its beautifully preserved buildings, you can peek at how Texans lived almost 150 years ago. Walk down Main Street and soak in the city’s quaint shops, family-oriented businesses, and fantastic restaurants.

McKinney is less than 40 minutes north of downtown Dallas, but its atmosphere and charm are miles apart.

The district is one of the best tourist attractions in the city. Catch a show at the McKinney Performing Arts Center, dine at fantastic farm-to-table restaurants, or sit down and enjoy a glass of the traditional craft beer at the famous TUPPS Brewery.

Walk over to Chestnut Square to experience the city's earliest days. You can tour preserved buildings dating back to 1850, including a school, a general store, and a chapel. Stick around for a fun reenactment of the 19th century way of life by volunteers dressed up in historical costumes.

Stretch your legs at the stunning Towne Lake area, a 108-acre neighborhood park, lake included. It is the perfect spot for fishing, paddling, or having a fun family picnic. You can also take a relaxing stroll along its verdant hiking trail or simply relax under the sun.

Take a short drive and immerse yourself along lush vineyards and spectacular venues with outdoor patios overlooking the estate. Enjoy a taste, glass, or bottle of one of the signature wines created by local winemakers.

The city of McKinney in Collin County is named after one of the instigators and signers of the Texas Declaration of Independence, Collin McKinney.

End your city tour with a plate of mouthwatering brisket, sausages, and ribs at the legendary Hutchins BBQ & Catfish. It is considered among the best barbecue joints in Texas. Don’t forget to bring your appetite, as the city offers an eclectic food scene ranging from the traditional Southern cuisine to killer Tex-Mex.

If you are into organic produce and great food, hop over the Local Yocal for a unique farm-to-market grocery shopping. Stock your pantry with artisan cheese, homemade jams, and an excellent pick of grass-fed meat and poultry. Whether you are renting for the holidays or making it your permanent address, McKinney is the perfect place to start your Texas adventure.

In Collin County, the weather is mostly sunny throughout the year, with hot, humid summers and mild, rainy winters. Still, the area has its shares of natural disasters. Flooding, tornadoes, hail, and drought are the most frequent acts of nature that strike the area. Combined with rising concerns for property crimes, it compels McKinney residents to look for the best way to protect their homes.

According to Money Magazine, McKinney ranked number one as “The best place to live in America.”

Installing a home alarm system is one of the best ways to raise any property's safety level in McKinney, TX. The benefits of a security system are countless, adding an extra layer of protection to your home or business. They work as an excellent deterrent against burglars trying to break into your property.

Home alarm systems also grant remote control to your smart home, giving you access to your smart locks and cameras using your smartphone apps. The possibilities are endless. You can enhance your home alarm system with fantastic devices like security cameras and monitoring plans.

Professional monitoring services protect your home 24/7, even during severe weather conditions. In an emergency, the monitoring agents contact the police or fire department on your behalf, sending a fast response team.

When the alarm is triggered, you can jump into the security cameras’ live feeds to evaluate the situation. Home security systems are the best safety solution, guarding what matters the most: your family.

In McKinney, TX, security companies and service providers deliver a complete catalog of smart home products and the latest automation technology. These smart devices are designed to fit your security needs and expectations. Adding security cameras and a smart lock is an excellent approach to boost your home alarm system even further.

Pairing a smart lock with a video doorbell camera is a brilliant way to manage who access your home. See the nanny arriving and let her inside your home using a smartphone app. You can even tell her about any last-minute changes on your kids’ schedule while you are stuck in rush hour traffic. Installing smart devices like these will deliver a more robust home security system for any property in McKinney, TX.

Using state-of-the-art equipment and pioneering home automation features, home security companies deliver the best safety solutions. Home alarm systems are fast becoming an affordable commodity that is within grasp by the average buyer. Security companies and service providers offer home security systems tailored to any residential or commercial property in McKinney, TX.



Mckinney, TX Crime Statistics

Texas's violent and property crime rates are above national averages, although they keep dropping year over year. In McKinney, violent crime rates make up 0.24% of the state’s totals, while property crimes come at 0.29%.

Regardless of these great numbers, McKinney residents are experiencing a growing need to protect their homes, making safety a top priority. Below is a chart contrasting McKinney's crime rates and the state's final tally, based on the 2018 FBI's Criminal Justice Information Service Division report:

Incident McKinney Texas Ratio
Property Crimes 1,980 679,430 0.29%
Larceny-Theft 1,573 491,702 0.32%
Burglary 251 117,911 0.21%
Violent Crimes 288 117,928 0.24%

McKinney is a thriving city packed with matchless attractions, magnificent green spaces, and remarkable history. The city’s motto, “Unique by nature,” is the perfect reflection of McKinney’s essence and extraordinary scenery.

Explore gardens bursting with colorful butterflies, native plants, and fossil exhibits at the Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary. Walk among vibrant garden trails, touch mammal skins, and soak in fragile indigenous eco-systems that allow the little ones to experience Texas wildlife at its best.

McKinney, TX, delivers endless hours of fun and great family-oriented attractions for Collin County visitors and residents alike. But with so many sites to discover, leaving their homes unprotected while enjoying this magnificent city may be a growing concern for homeowners in McKinney.

Flood sensors send instant notifications to your smartphone when water leaks are detected inside your home. See the status of your property by reviewing the live feeds from your cameras. After, you decide if additional steps are needed to avoid expensive property damage. You can even oversee a repair crew working on your house while sitting at the office.

Best Home Security Systems In Mckinney, TX

At first, traditional home security systems came with expensive equipment that demanded an elaborate hardwired installation. They were notorious for having troublesome system components and lacking customer support service, discouraging many potential customers away.

The security industry quickly caught on and evolved towards more user-friendly home alarm systems with affordable price tags, making the original ones a thing of the past. Today, security companies offer cutting-edge equipment and the latest home automation technology within the average buyer's reach.

In McKinney, TX, home security companies and service providers deliver a vast selection of smart home products and automation features engineered to match your security needs. To personalize your home alarm system, you can add incredible devices like flood sensors, outdoor cameras, and a voice assistance interface for the quintessential experience in smart home living.

But with endless home security systems and products overflowing the market, choosing the best option may feel like a puzzling task, more so for first-time buyers. With the customers’ needs in mind, we at Home-security have developed a handy tool that narrows down the leading security companies in your area. It can also search for home security in Dallas and many cities across the country.

Adjust the filters below, and the home security match tool will zoom in on the best security systems available near you in McKinney, TX:

McKinney Home Security Systems FAQs

McKinney, TX Home Security Companies

In McKinney, TX, home security companies and service providers deliver expert safety solutions designed to meet residential and commercial needs. They offer an extensive collection of innovative products and the latest home automation features to choose from.

Service providers also deliver the best home security systems in Wichita Falls, TX, and any other city nationwide. You can customize your home alarm system by adding incredible devices like video doorbell cameras, flood sensors, and first-class monitoring services.

Licensed locksmiths can pick a lock, extract a broken key, or rekey on-site. They also provide smart lock installations, so you never find yourself locked out of your home in the middle of the night again.

Additional services include outdoor camera installations, home automation, HVAC installations and repairs, and smart thermostats for the ultimate experience in smart home living.

Here is a list of the home security providers and contractors operating in McKinney, TX, and surrounding areas:

 McKinney Locksmith, Mckinney, Texas

McKinney Locksmith

  • 400 N Central Expy, Mckinney, 75070

    • Serving Mckinney
    • Security Systems, Burglar Alarm Sys...
    • Alarm System Monitoring, Emergency ...
     Fort Knox Home Security and Alarm - Mckinney, Mckinney, Texas

    Fort Knox Home Security and Alarm - Mckinney

  • 4500 Eldorado Pkwy Suite 2000, Mckinne...

    • Serving Mckinney
    • Security Systems, Burglar Alarm Sys...
    • Alarm System Monitoring, Access Con...
     Safe and Sound Technologies, Mckinney, Texas

    Safe and Sound Technologies

  • 3001 S Hardin Blvd Suite 110, Mckinney...

    • Serving Mckinney
    • Security Systems, Home Automation, ...
    • Alarm System Monitoring, Fire Prote...
     AllWired Installations - Mckinney, Mckinney, Texas

    AllWired Installations - Mckinney

  • 2150 S Central Expy Suite 200-205912, ...

    • Serving Mckinney
    • Security Systems, Surveillance Came...
    • TV Wall Mount, Access Control Insta...
     Lone Star Repairs and Handyman, Mckinney, Texas

    Lone Star Repairs and Handyman

    • Serving Mckinney
    • Security Systems, Surveillance Came...
    • TV Wall Mount, Lighting Installatio...
     Network Surveillance 360, Mckinney, Texas

    Network Surveillance 360

  • 3733 E University Dr Suite 300, Mckinn...

    • Serving Mckinney
    • Security Systems, Burglar Alarm Sys...
    • Access Control Installation, Reside...
     Designed Atmospheres, Mckinney, Texas

    Designed Atmospheres

  • 2305 South Custer, Mckinney, 75070

    • Serving Mckinney
    • Security Systems, Home Automation, ...
    • Residential Security Services
     OnGuard Camera Systems, Mckinney, Texas

    OnGuard Camera Systems

  • 5900 S Lake Forest Dr Suite 300, Mckin...

    • Serving Mckinney
    • Security Systems, Surveillance Came...
    • Alarm System Monitoring, Commercial...
     Secure 1 First - Mckinney, Mckinney, Texas

    Secure 1 First - Mckinney

  • 3001 S Hardin Blvd Suite 110-422, Mcki...

    • Serving Mckinney
    • Security Systems, Burglar Alarm Sys...
    • Founded in 2014
     McKinney Security Solutions, Mckinney, Texas

    McKinney Security Solutions

  • 1136 Wedge Hill Rd, Mckinney, 75070

    • Serving Mckinney
    • Security Systems
    • Alarm System Monitoring, Residentia...
     Boyd on a Wire, Mckinney, Texas

    Boyd on a Wire

  • 192 Industrial Blvd Suite 110, Mckinne...

    • Serving Mckinney
    • Security Systems, Home Automation, ...
     Texas AV Solutions, Mckinney, Texas

    Texas AV Solutions

  • 3201 Palmtree Dr, Mckinney, 75070

    • Serving Mckinney
    • Security Systems, Home Automation, ...
     Monitronics Security - Mckinney, Mckinney, Texas

    Monitronics Security - Mckinney

  • 1611 Wilmeth Rd, Mckinney, 75069

    • Serving Mckinney
    • Security Systems, Home Automation
    • Founded in 1986
     DFW Satellite TV, Mckinney, Texas

    DFW Satellite TV

    • Serving Mckinney
    • Security Systems, Home Theater Syst...

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