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Clean Energy Scholarship Essay Contest

The 2023 Clean Energy Scholarship Essay Contest

Here at, we offer connections to viable home safety solutions. Our goal is to help you find the security system or service you need to ensure the safety and well-being of all your loved ones — including those family members who are pursuing a higher education.

In support of your college-level family members, we’re proud to announce our new scholarship contest, open to all students of certified colleges or universities.

Total scholarship awards we are offering for 2023: $1,500!

What Scholarship Awards Are We Offering? is providing three scholarship prizes for the top three essay submissions.

Our editorial team will read all entries, and winners will be selected from eligible candidates. Note that only original submissions will be considered.

We are offering the following scholarships to essay contest winners:

  • First place: $750
  • Second place: $500
  • Third place: $250

Award winnings will be made payable to the educational institution of scholarship winners in June 2023.

Who Is Eligible?

In the interest of fairness, we are opening up our contest to nearly all college students.

You can apply for the scholarship essay contest if:

• You are a college or university student who is at least 18 years old at the time of entry.

• You are enrolled at a secondary or post-secondary institution at the time of submission.

The Essay Contest Topic

Our contest is fairly straightforward: Write us an essay based on the topic below and submit it to our scholarship email. Winners will be announced in June 2023.

The Clean Energy Debate

Today’s world uses far too much energy, with access to few sources of sustainable ‘clean’ energy. Clean energy is important because, when efficiently implemented, it can reduce our use of imported fuels and also decrease the air pollutants caused by energy use.

However, clean energy cannot be put to use for all energy applications (yet), which is why most areas in the world still rely on carbon-based energy sources.

With continuing improvements in the energy industry, experts predict renewable energy sources could replace fossil fuel energy sources by as early as 2050.

To that end, this year’s essay topic is as follows:

What Is the Best Source of Clean Energy and Why?

Calling on your own human experience living in a world that is fighting for solutions for cleaner, sustainable, and renewable energy solutions, as well as thorough research from credible sources, write an original essay which discusses this topic.

Consider the following questions while writing your essay:

• Which energy source will produce the most immediate renewable energy results?

• Which energy source might we be able to store long term?

• What do we need to do to make the use of clean energy more widespread?

• How can we take actionable steps as a society to ensure that we have access to energy sources for generations to come?

• How will using clean energy help our economy?

Essay Guidelines

Submitting your essay to us is easy. Simply follow these steps to write and submit your essay in order to apply for our scholarship:

Write an original essay: We can only accept essays which have been written by you for this contest. Please do not submit anyone else’s work as your own. We will not be able to consider any unoriginal submissions.

The maximum word count is 1200 words. Choose what you have to say wisely!.

Essay format: Please share your essay via Google Documents, with sharing settings open, as multiple people on our editorial team may need to review it.

Title: Use the title provided above. In the title box of the document, please list your name as well. For example, “Jane Doe — What Is the Best Source of Clean Energy and Why?”

Sources: Cite your sources as either in-text links or at the end of the essay.

Essay submission: Please send your essay submission via email to [email protected].

Subject heading: “Scholarship Essay Contest Submission: Your Name”.

Also include: The educational institution you’re attending, your major, and your student ID (we will need this information in order to pay out scholarship awards, if you’re selected).

Essay submission deadline: We will be accepting scholarship essay contest submissions from October 1, 2022 through June 1, 2023.

Essay winners announcement: Essay winners will be announced June 15, 2023.

After submitting your essay: Please do not contact us to discuss your submission. If you are selected as a scholarship recipient, we will reach out to you via email by June 15. Because we have had a high number of submissions in the past, we cannot discuss each and every submission. Award decisions are final.

Scholarship Selection Criteria

The greatest requirement for our scholarship essay contest is that you submit a piece written by you and specifically for this contest.

Other criteria our selection committee will use to choose scholarship recipients include:

Quality: Is your essay well-researched? Well-written? Free from factual errors? Does it cover the topic at hand, or veer off-track? Does it provide actionable solutions or suggestions for your chosen energy source?

Feasibility: Is your chosen renewable energy source a viable solution? Do you provide research-backed facts to support your stance?

Originality: Do you provide a piece that is not only your own original work, but which offers a fresh perspective?

How to Enter the Scholarship Contest

Ready to earn financial support toward your educational goals? Here’s how to enter our contest:

• Ensure you meet all eligibility requirements listed above.

• Write your essay following all submission guidelines.

• Submit your essay by following essay submission guidelines outlined above, and within the submission period.

• Wait to hear back — we will contact scholarship recipients only.

While we can only offer three scholarships, we want to thank each and every participant for taking the time to apply to our scholarship contest. We look forward to reading each submission!


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