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Ring vs SimpliSafe - Unveiling the Ultimate Defense


Welcome to the electrifying arena where two titans of the home security realm, Ring and SimpliSafe, face off in a battle for the title of your home's ultimate guardian. These household names have revolutionized the way we fortify our sanctuaries, each bringing its unique blend of innovation and reliability.

Key Features Comparison

In this corner, we have Ring, boasting sleek design and Amazon backing. On the opposing side, SimpliSafe enters with its Harvard-born intelligence. Who delivers? Who has the top alarms? Let's find out!


Ring Alarm Security Kit

SimpliSafe System

Base Station






Contact/Entry Sensor



Motion Detector



Glass Break Sensor

Yes (with Alexa Guard)


Range Extender



Panic Button



Key Fobs






Security Camera



Video Doorbell



Components Comparison

Ring Alarm

  • Base Station: The central hub orchestrating all security operations.
  • Keypad: Your intuitive control center, providing at-a-glance security status.
  • Contact/Entry Sensor: Safeguards doors and windows against unauthorized access.
  • Motion Detector: Alerts you to any suspicious movements within your premises.
  • Range Extender: Ensures a robust and reliable signal for seamless communication.

SimpliSafe Summerfort System Components

  • Base Station: The heart of your security setup, coordinating all elements seamlessly.
  • Keypad: Streamlined controls with robust security functionalities.
  • Contact/Entry Sensor: Guardian of entry points, ensuring comprehensive protection.
  • Motion Detector: Vigilant against unauthorized movements, providing prompt alerts.
  • Glass Break Sensor: Elevated protection against forced entry attempts.
  • Panic Button: Instant distress signal for immediate response.
  • Key Fobs: Convenient control at your fingertips for added accessibility.
  • Siren: A powerful deterrent to ward off potential threats.
  • Security Camera: A vigilant eye ensuring visual surveillance.

Price Comparison and Affordability


  • Cost-Effective Packages: Ring offers budget-friendly upfront costs with various package options tailored to different needs.
  • Monthly Monitoring Fees: With professional monitoring starting at $10 per month, Ring keeps the ongoing expenses relatively low.
  • DIY Installation: The DIY setup saves on upfront installation expenses, contributing to long-term savings.
  • Extended Warranty Option: For an additional fee, users can opt for Ring Assist+ to extend the warranty, enhancing long-term value.


  • Comprehensive Packages: While SimpliSafe may have a higher initial cost, its packages come with an extensive set of components, offering a comprehensive security solution.
  • Professional Monitoring Tiers: Monthly monitoring plans range from $14.99 to $35.99, providing options based on the desired level of security.
  • Generous Warranty: SimpliSafe's three-year warranty provides extended coverage, potentially reducing long-term replacement costs.

Installation and Compatibility Showdown: DIY vs Pro

Let's peek behind the curtain and see how Ring and SimpliSafe measure up in these crucial aspects.


Ring steps into the ring with a commendable DIY installation process. Unbox your components, follow the straightforward instructions, and voila – you're the mastermind behind your security setup. The user-friendly approach means you can save some bucks by skipping the professional installer.

Ring knows how to groove in the smart home ecosystem. Whether you're chanting commands to Alexa or seeking harmony with Google Assistant, Ring plays along seamlessly. It's the backstage pass to integrating your security setup with other intelligent devices in your home.


SimpliSafe steals the show when it comes to simplicity. Peel, stick, and plug – that's the gist of it. The sensors adhere to surfaces with ease, and the setup is practically foolproof. DIY enthusiasts will revel in the uncomplicated installation, and for those who'd rather not, there's a professional installation option for a fee.

It doesn't sit out when the smart home dance begins. It's a compatible partner, syncing up with major platforms like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Your commands are its cues, creating a synchronized performance in your home security symphony.

Pros and Cons: Decoding the Heroes

Ring's Winning Moves

Affordability – The Budget Whisperer: Ring emerges as the thrifty superhero, offering professional monitoring without burning a hole in your pocket. At just $10 per month, you get a vigilant guardian for your abode, proving that security doesn't have to break the bank.

Minimalist System: In the realm of simplicity, Ring takes the crown with its minimalist five-piece kit. No unnecessary frills, just the essentials – a base station, keypad, contact sensor, motion detector, and a range extender. Sometimes, less truly is more.

SimpliSafe's Triumphs

Comprehensive Components – The Arsenal Maestro: SimpliSafe dons the cape of a security powerhouse, boasting an extensive array of components in its arsenal. From a glass break sensor to a panic button, key fobs, and a siren – it covers all bases, ensuring your fortress is fortified against any threat.

Cellular Backup – The Unyielding Vigilant: In the face of Wi-Fi hiccups, SimpliSafe stands unwavering with cellular backup. This ensures that even if your Wi-Fi takes a coffee break, your security system remains on high alert, ready to thwart any potential intrusion.

Potential Pitfalls

Ring – Limited Components, Wi-Fi Reliance: While Ring dazzles with affordability and simplicity, it does have a chink in its armor – a limited set of components. Some key security elements might be missing from its repertoire. Additionally, Ring relies solely on Wi-Fi, making it vulnerable to disruptions.

SimpliSafe – Higher Costs, Installation Puzzles: SimpliSafe's superhero ensemble comes at a cost – the monthly fees lean on the steeper side. For those seeking the pinnacle of security, the investment might be justified. However, the path to superhero status involves navigating video tutorials for a smooth setup.


Rings Monthly Plans:

  • Free Ring Plan: $0
  • Ring Protect Basic Plan: $3
  • Ring Protect Plus Plan: $10

SimpliSafe Monthly Plans:

  • SimpliSafe Cloud Storage Only Option 1: $4.99
  • SimpliSafe Cloud Storage Only Option 2: $9.99
  • SimpliSafe Standard Plan: $19.99
  • SimpliSafe Interactive Plan: $29.99

Customer Service 

Ring and SimpliSafe enter the ring for a customer service face-off. Let's unravel the layers of responsiveness, support channels, and overall customer satisfaction.

Ring's Support 

Ring offers a diverse array of support channels, including online FAQs, phone support, and live chat. They've equipped themselves with a multifaceted approach to cater to your queries and concerns.

SimpliSafe's Customer Care

SimpliSafe steps into the ring armed with phone support, email assistance, and live chat options. A diverse toolkit for those moments when you need a superhero to rescue your security day.

Ring vs SimpliSafe: Reviews and Ratings

Ring Reviews

Mixed Google and Amazon ratings: Ring's user base presents a mixed bag of opinions on Google and Amazon. The reviews paint a varied picture, with users expressing diverse sentiments.

BBB Customer Rating: 1.5 Stars The BBB stage showcases a lower rating of 1.5 stars. A puzzle, isn't it? The user landscape seems to have its peaks and valleys.

SimpliSafe Reviews

Impressive Google and BBB ratings: SimpliSafe, on the other hand, boasts impressive ratings on Google and BBB. The user community appears to be singing a more harmonious tune.

BBB Customer Rating: 2.5 Stars While SimpliSafe's BBB rating is higher at 2.5 stars, it's still not a perfect score. The user sentiment, however, seems to lean towards contentment.

Warranty: Safeguarding Your Security Investment

SimpliSafe's Three-Year Marvel 

SimpliSafe takes the crown with an impressive three-year warranty on all its security gear. A malfunctioning security superhero? Fear not! SimpliSafe swoops in with a speedy replacement, ensuring your fortress stays impenetrable.

Ring's One-Year Shield

On the flip side, Ring offers a one-year warranty – a decent shield, but not the most formidable in the warranty realm. However, Ring enthusiasts can snag the Ring Assist+, a sidekick that brings a two-year extension to the party.

Choosing The Right Security System: A Personalized Security Odyssey

  • The Guardian of Simplicity: Ring

    • Ideal for straightforward, budget-friendly security.
    • Perfect for tech enthusiasts seeking seamless smart home integration.
    • Suited for minimalists, focusing on essential features.
  • The Sentinel of Security: SimpliSafe

    • Robust choice prioritizing a comprehensive security arsenal.
    • Tailored for homeowners valuing an extensive array of components.
    • Perfect for those investing in broader protection.
  • Future-Proofing 

    • Assess brand trajectory in adopting emerging technologies.
    • Evaluate commitment to software updates, device compatibility, and cutting-edge features.

When it comes to home security, Ring offers simplicity and budget-friendliness, while SimpliSafe provides a comprehensive security arsenal. Choose based on your preferences, needs, and the level of protection you seek. Embrace the future with a brand committed to innovation and emerging technologies. GO!

In the battle for home security supremacy, Ring and SimpliSafe emerge as frontrunners. This guide delves into their key features, from sleek designs and smart integrations to robust protection elements. With insights on pricing, installation, and compatibility, we equip you to make an informed decision between Ring's user-friendly simplicity and SimpliSafe's comprehensive security arsenal.

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