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Home Security in Kerrville, TX

Settled along the beautiful Guadalupe River banks, Kerrville is one of the Texas Hill Country's best-kept secrets. Few cities have a river running right through the heart of downtown; it is one of the many things that make Kerrville, TX, a unique city.

Home Security in Kerrville, Texas

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Rich in history and a picturesque shopping experience, downtown Kervill offers visitors the distinctive Southwestern experience. Walk among antique shops where cowboys once purchased provisions for cattle drives. Stop by the Museum of Western Art for a truly historical setting, filled with paintings and artifacts of all kinds.

Kerrville is named after James Kerr, a major in the Texas Revolution.

Known for its breathtaking landscapes and magnificent green spaces, Kerrville, TX, offers an active lifestyle packed with exciting things to do and see. The city is blessed with fantastic public parks and walkable trails made for the enjoyment of its residents.

With 517 scenic acres next to the Guadalupe River, the Kerrville-Schreiner is the city’s busiest park. Bike through stunning paths on the Kerrville River Trail or bring your camping gear and set up for an unforgettable experience. Don’t forget your kayak and fishing rod!

Hop on a camera safari at Shonto Ranch and enjoy the awe-inspiring scenery filled with lakes and ridgelines for the perfect photo op. Head over to the legendary Y.O. Ranch Headquarters and experience the wildlife and Texas traditions while horseback riding all over the rugged ranch.

One of the more unexpected tales from Kerr County history is the incredible stories of camels breeding here.

Spend the day with the whole family at the Easter Fest & Cook-off on the Guadalupe River and enjoy an egg hunt, live entertainment, and wash pitching contests. It is a longstanding tradition, delivering some of the best chili and barbeque dishes in the area.

In Kerr County, summers are hot and humid, and the winters are windy and cold. Floods, tornadoes, and thunderstorms are the most common natural disasters that hit the area year-round. Combined with rising concerns for property crimes, it makes Kerrville residents take home safety a top priority.

Installing a home security system is one of the best ways to boost the safety of any property in Kerrville, TX. The benefits of an alarm system are many, adding an extra layer of protection to your home or business.

Home security systems act as the perfect deterrent against trespassers trying to burglarize your property. They also grant remote control to your smart home, allowing access to your smart devices using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

You can enhance your home security system with devices like security cameras and monitoring services. Signing up for a professional monitoring plan will guarantee 24/7 protection to your home, even during severe weather conditions.

The city is host to the Kerrville Folk Festival. This annual summer festival features folk musicians from around the country and Canada.

In an emergency, trained monitoring agents can contact the police or fire department on your behalf, dispatching a fast response team. When the alarm is activated, you can pop into the security camera’s live feeds to assess the situation.

In Kerrville, TX, security providers offer a complete catalog of smart products and advanced automation technology. These are designed to fulfill all your security needs and expectations. Adding security cameras and smart locks is a great way to boost your home security system even further.

Pairing up a video doorbell camera with a smart lock system will grant remote control over your front door. A video doorbell camera will allow two-way communications with anyone standing on your doorstep, even before they ring the bell.

You will see the nanny arriving and grant her access inside your home with the touch of a button. You can have a chat with her before taking the kids to the park, all while sitting at the office.

Home security systems are quickly developing into a commodity that is now affordable to the average buyer. Security companies and providers in Kerrville, TX, deliver the best safety solutions, using state-of-the-art equipment and the latest home automation features.

Today, home security companies and local providers offer home alarm systems tailored to any residential or commercial property in Kerrville, TX.



Kerrville Crime Statistics

Even though crime rates decrease over the years, Texas's violent and property crime rates are higher than the national average. Kerrville’s violent crime rates make up 0.06% of the state's final tally, while property crimes are also 0.06%.

Even with these significantly low figures, Kerrville residents show a growing concern for home safety. They are making it one of their top priorities.

Below is a chart contrasting the criminal rates in Kerrville and the state's final scores. It is based on the 2018 FBI's Criminal Justice Information Service Division report:

Incident Kerrville Texas Ratio
Property Crimes 13,710 254,496 5.39%
Larceny-Theft 9,422 186,401 5.05%
Burglary 2,978 48,186 6.18%
Violent Crimes 2,535 32,723 7.75%

Located in the heart of the Hill Country, Kerrville, TX is a charming town packed with picturesque streams and rugged terrains. Spring crowds rush in search of its famous wildflowers in the rolling hills of the Guadalupe River Valley.

The lush natural beauty of the river, fantastic wildlife and a pleasant year-round climate make Kerrville the perfect hub for both business and fun. Canoe your way downtown on the beautiful Guadalupe River while taking in stunning city skylines.

Near the Guadalupe River, there is one of the most unlikely sights you’ll ever come across: a must-see Stonehenge replica, known as Stonehenge II.

Splash and play on a hot day at Carver Park Sprayground or take the kids to the Down by the Riverside Festival for native plant sales, educational displays, and fun activities. But leaving their homes unprotected while enjoying this gem of a town may be a rising concern for homeowners in Kerrville, TX.

If you are looking for peace of mind, installing a home security system will provide a new protection level to any property in Kerrville, TX. To enhance your alarm system, you can add many smart products like security cameras and environmental sensors.

When water leaks are detected inside your home, flood sensors send instant notifications to your smartphone. It will help in preventing expensive property damages to go any further.

And with the live access of indoor cameras, you can evaluate your home’s status and take extra steps like calling a plumber or closing down the smart water valve. You can even oversee a repair crew working on your home, right from the palm of your hand.

Best Home Security Systems in Kerrville

In the beginning, traditional home security systems were seen as high-end equipment that demanded an intricate hardwired installation. Potential customers were discouraged from buying an alarm system due to a bad customer service reputation and hard-to-handle devices.

The security industry acknowledged its shortcomings, quickly evolving towards friendlier equipment with more affordable price tags. Today, security companies offer cutting-edge systems and innovative home automation technology within grasp by the average buyer.

Home security companies and providers in Kerrville, TX, provide an assortment of smart home products and the latest automation features tailored to your security needs. To personalize your system, you can add incredible devices like indoor cameras, smart lights, and voice assistance interface for the ultimate experience in smart home living.

But for first-time buyers, choosing the best home security system may feel like an overwhelming task. created a handy tool that simplifies the entire process, searching for the leading security companies in your neighborhood. It can also look for the top home security in Austin, TX, and many cities nationwide.

Adjust the filters below, and the home security match tool will zoom in on the best home security systems available near you in Kerrville, TX:

Frequently Asked Questions

Kerrville Home Security Companies

Home security companies and providers in Kerrville, TX, provide the best safety solutions engineered to meet your needs. They offer a wide selection of smart products and the latest home automation features like outdoor cameras, freeze sensors, and first-class monitoring services.

Furthermore, security providers and local providers offer safety and home-related services for residential and commercial properties in Kerrville, TX. For example, 24-hour emergency locksmith services could help if you are locked out of your home in the middle of a cold night.

Certified technicians arrive at your place, pick a lock, extract a broken key, or rekey on-site. They also provide smart lock systems, so you don’t worry about losing your keys while savoring some BBQ during the Easter Fest & Cook-off on the River.

Additional services include video doorbell camera installations, home automation, heating systems, flood sensors, and more for the quintessential smart home living experience.

Here are the home security providers and contractors operating in Kerrville, TX, and surrounding areas:

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