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Abode Equipment

Abode Home Security is a low-cost, simple DIY installation system, offering two equipment starter kits, with the option to personalize each one with lots of add-on products. Abode’s modern design is visually pleasing to the eyes, with its glossy black-and-white equipment, makes for a smooth blending with your home décor. Abode equipment kits come with the Gen 2 Gateway or the iota All-in-one (devices to connect all other components to your system), one mini door/window sensor, and one key fob.


The system is mostly app-dependent: you will use the mobile app or the Web app to control your security devices.

Abode has no activation or installation fees. The company provides professional installation services, for an extra cost. You can pay the equipment upfront, or finance it using Affirm plans.

It has an exceptional integration with some of the best third-party products to enrich the home automation experience, giving you the flexibility to add more devices to your system, controlling all of them through the Abode app.

Abode’s equipment comes with a one-year warranty against defects in their products. You can extend to an unlimited warranty as long as you are subscribed to the annual Secure monitoring plan. Abode has a 30-day money-back guarantee, giving you time to test the system out.

Abode’s devices are set up either freestanding on a shelf or attached to flat surfaces with peel-and-stick adhesives. Even as Abode is meant to be a straightforward DIY installation, not everybody wants to take on a DIY project. Ask a friend to help you out with all the equipment setup, or choose Abode’s professional installation service.

Central Hubs

Abode’s equipment starter kits come with one of the following core items: The Gen 2 Gateway or the iota. These devices will serve as the “brains” for your other security components to connect and communicate with each other. Your devices will communicate with the gateway, which then, will send you an alert via mobile notification when they are triggered.

With its powerful home automation integrations, both Abode’s devices can connect with up to 160 devices from Abode’s product catalog or third-party partners' products, for full security coverage of your home or business. Below is a complete explanation for each component and the app that governs your entire Abode security system.

Abode GEN2 Gateway:

The Abode Gen 2 Gateway comes as the core item in the Smart Security Kit, working as a centralized Hub that communicates with all of the other wireless devices on your security system. The Gateway comes with smart home features that allow you to control other smart devices, such as door locks, lights, garage doors, and more.

It is a slim, black-and-white device that comes with a small LED status light that changes color according to what’s happening around your home, like turning red when an alarm is triggered, sending you notifications to your mobile phone quickly, so that you can take action. The Gateway comes with a SIM card slot, a LAN port, and a USB port. The Gen 2 Gateway has a built-in 93-decibel siren and an AC power connector with a rechargeable battery that lasts about 12 hours during a power outage.

Abode All-in-one iota:

The Abode iota is the core item for the iota All-In-One Security Kit. It is a multipurpose home security and automation device that has a Passive Infrared motion sensor (PIR), two-way audio communication, and an integrated camera. The camera has 1080p HD video quality, with a field of view of 152 degrees diagonal, 127 degrees horizontal, and 67 degrees vertical. It has an infrared LED for night vision, and a status LED that glows that changes colors according to the system's mode.

The iota is a unique All-In-One device that comes with a built-in camera, a motion sensor, and two-way audio

When the alarm is triggered, you can set up your camera to take still shots or 30-second video clips every time the motion sensor goes off, but the camera isn’t streaming to capture movement. The iota provides voice control via Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, and with its Wi-Fi connectivity, you can place it anywhere in your home. The iota All-In-One comes with a Micro SD card slot, a LAN port, a SIM card slot. It has a built-in 93-decibel siren, an AC power connector and a rechargeable battery with a battery life of six hours.

User Experience

The Abode app guides you through the process of installing and checking the status of all your connected devices through your mobile phone. It is also in charge of controlling and managing the entire Abode security system. The mobile app allows you to arm/disarm your system, set it in different modes, view timeline events, and play recorded videos. You can view live video streaming, anytime, anywhere. You can also control all your home automations using the Abode app.

Using the mobile app, you can enable location assistant features, letting you see which mobile devices are inside your geofence, trigger events in your abode system and arm/disarm your alarm according to your location. A Geofence is a virtual boundary set up around an area (like your home) using GPS, RFID, Wi-Fi or cellular data, that will trigger a preset action when your mobile phone enters or exits that area. The app also allows you to create rules on your phone by following a few easy steps with the Abode’s intuitive home automation wizard, making it simple so that beginners and expert customers can develop customized rules. The Abode app is available in iOS and Android apps.

Another way to oversee your security system is by the Abode web portal. The web portal offers more settings and better overall user experience than the mobile app; some settings are only available on the web portal, like configuring alerts and motion sensitivity.

Security components

Abode Mini Door/Window Sensors:

The Abode wireless mini door/window sensor will send you a notification whenever a door or window is open or closed while your system is armed. It has a discreet, small design, perfect for blending with your home and can be installed on almost any door or window. This mini wireless sensor is simple to install with peel-and-stick adhesives to mount in the desired location. One mini door/window sensor is included in every starter kit, but you can always expand your system by adding more sensors to protect every entry point in your home.

Mini door/window sensor can be installed in different locations, such as medicine cabinets or drawers.

Abode has different entry sensors available in various sizes and even has a recessed door/window option for customers concerned with home décor. It is battery-operated, with a battery life of up to four years.

Abode Motion Sensor:

The Abode Motion Sensor detects movement of anything that passes by, with a field of view of 110 degrees and 35 feet range. It is perfect for large rooms with many windows, personal living spaces, or entryways. One unique feature of the Abode motion sensor is that it has a built-in LED to test optimal placement, meaning the sensor will let you know if you picked a good location for it or not. On the downside, it is not pet-friendly, which means that the sensor will trigger as it detects any movement, potentially issuing false alarms, so consider this if you have pets moving freely in your house. The motion sensor is designed to be placed on a flat surface or in a corner, as it includes adhesive tape and a corner mount. It is battery-powered and has a battery life of up to five years.

The motion sensor is not pet-immune; place it up high to minimize false alarms.

Abode Key Fob:

The Abode Key Fob is a quick way to arm and disarm your system remotely with the push of a button. It is a great way to enter or exit your home without punching any passcode, within 100 feet of the Gateway. A Key Fob is included in every starter kit, but you can add multiple key fobs for various users, granting access to family members or your dog walker, for example. The Key Fob comes with four buttons to arm, disarm, standby, or activate the panic alarm, all of these actions can be tracked through the Abode app. The Key Fob is battery-powered with a battery life of up to six years.

Abode Add-ons:

Abode Home Security System has a wide-ranging product catalog to expand your security system, with devices such as glass break sensors, cameras, keypad, environmental sensors, and many more.

Abode’s extensive home automation integration with third-party companies allows you to protect your entire home, from top to bottom. For first-time buyers, we recommend to start small, with the preset kits, and build your system over time; no need to buy everything on the menu, or you can end up with items you might not need. In the segments below is a list of some of Abode add-on devices that you can purchase for your security system.

Abode Wide Angle Motion Camera (add-on):

The Abode Wide Angle Motion Camera is equipped with the same features as the Abode Motion sensor, plus a camera. It comes with a VGA CMOS Camera that automatically takes three 640x480 photos when motion is detected, sending them quickly to your phone. Even though it is a very low resolution for today’s camera standards, having visual verification of what caused an alarm to trigger is a pretty cool feature. It can detect motion from anything moving within range, with a field of view of 110 degrees and 35 feet range. The motion camera has a built-in LED to test optimal placement that will let you know if the location you picked for the sensor is optimal. It is no pet-immune, which means that the sensor will trigger any movement inside your home, including small pets. It comes with a built-in flash that illuminates the area the camera is monitoring in low light conditions. The Abode motion camera is integrated with your abode smart home platform, allowing you to set up actions when other events happen, like taking a picture when a door opens. It can free stand on any flat surface, or be mounted in a corner; it is battery-operated that lasts of up to five years.

Abode Keypad 2 (add-on):

Abode’s new and improved wireless Keypad 2 is a device that allows you to arm and disarm your system quickly. The Keypad 2 has a thinner, more modern design, and comes with a built-in motion sensor that shows your system status every time you walk by for a quick check. You can customize options to turn sound and motion detection off. The Abode logo lights up in different colors to indicate what status the system is presently set to. It supports up to 40 different PIN codes, so you know who armed the system through the mobile or web app. The wireless keypad comes with and backlit buttons for easy access in low light, it is battery-operated with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to six months. Also new to the Keypad 2 is a magnetic wall mount that allows for a more versatile installation, so you can easily remove it from the mount to charge it and place it back.

Abode Acoustic Glass Break Sensor (add-on):

The Abode Acoustic Glass Break Sensor intelligently identifies the sound of glass breaking, perfect for a room with multiple windows. It has a 25-feet detection range, four sensitivity settings, and it is completely wireless.

It has a peel-and-stick adhesive for a simple installation on ceiling or walls. It is battery-powered, with a short battery life of two and a half years.

Abode Smoke Alarm Monitor (add-on):

The Abode Smoke Alarm Monitor is designed to monitor your existing smoke detectors and send you notifications when your smoke alarm goes off; Abode does not make smoke detectors themselves. This device can transform your current smoke alarm into a smart connected device, listening to the sound the sensor makes when triggered. It is compatible with most UL smoke detectors that have a siren that beeps (not speak); install it next to your existing smoke detector. For customers on Abode’s Secure plan, the monitoring center can take action and contact the fire department immediately when the monitor is triggered. The smoke alarm monitor is wireless, comes with adhesives for easy installation, and it is battery-operated with a battery life of up to four years.

Abode Water Leak Sensor (add-on):

The Abode Water Leak Sensor will send instant alerts to your phone when water is detected, so you can act before it becomes a problem. Set it on a flat surface, or use the 45-inch detection cable to monitor an area that is vulnerable to water leaks, like basements, laundry rooms, water heaters or dishwashers. The wireless water leak sensor comes with an 85-decibel siren. It is battery-powered with a long battery life up to ten years, pretty impressive for this type of devices.

Home Automation

Abode Occupancy Sensor (add-on):

The Abode Occupancy Sensor is a powerful extension of the Abode CUE smart home automation platform, helping you monitor and trigger automations on your system and activate the alarm. It uses passive infrared technology to detect occupancy at home, to automatically turn on/off devices, like smart lights, switches, or other connected components, based on activity or temperature. This device is primarily used for controlling smart home automation features, unlike the motion sensor that only detects movement and is used for home security purposes. The occupancy sensor comes with a magnetic base that can rotate 360 degrees, it is battery-powered, with a battery life of up to four years.

Abode Home Automation Power Switch (add-on):

The Abode Home Automation Power Switch allows you to turn every plugged-in appliance into a smart device, like the coffee machine, a fan, or a lamp. Utilizing abode CUE, you can automate your home to turn on/off plugged devices using a schedule, geofencing, or another device status. The power switch is extremely simple to use, just plug it into any 110V power outlet.

Abode connects with up to 160 devices and you can create up to 100 Automations.


Any security system is not complete without a camera to monitor your home remotely. Adding Abode cameras to your security system a great way to enhance your home protection. You can add many indoor cameras as needed, with timeline and media storage that goes from 3 days / 14 days / 90 days, depending on your monitoring plan.
Abode does not have outdoor cameras or video doorbell cameras, but with its fantastic home automation capabilities and third-party integrations, you can easily add these items to your system, at an extra cost. We recommend you buy the products from a compatible third-party provider, for an added extra layer of security. Remember that the iota and the Wide Angle Motion Camera are great alternatives for indoor cameras.

Abode Cam (add-on):

The Abode streaming camera has 1080p HD video quality, with a wide field of view of 152 degrees. It has one infrared LED sensor for night vision, but no zoom capabilities, a feature that is very handy to identify intruders.

The camera has a speaker and a microphone so you can use the Abode app to talk and your voice will play through the speaker. On the downside, there is no two-way voice communication, although Abode says that it's a feature coming soon. The camera has a micro-SD card slot so you can store your files locally, or view 30-second recorded clips that are saved to the cloud. Regrettably, the Abode Cam does not have any artificial intelligence feature; it automatically records during an alarm, so you will probably receive unnecessary notifications when the camera detects motion. On the plus side, the Abode Cam is Wi-Fi enabled, giving you some freedom to install it in more convenient places around your home, like entry doors, living spaces, or the garage. It plugs into any standard AC power outlet.

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