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ADT vs Frontpoint: Home Security Showdown

In this guide, we delve into the home security realms of Frontpoint and ADT, comparing their services, from customer support and installation options to pricing and unique features. Whether you're drawn to Frontpoint's DIY installation and flexible contracts or ADT's professional setup and strong reputation, our comparison aims to provide you with the insights needed to choose the right provider for your home security needs.


In the ever-expanding landscape of home security, finding the right provider can be a pain-with-no-gain kind of endeavor. To simplify this, we've compared two major players – Frontpoint and ADT. This guide covers various aspects; including pricing, contracts, features, customer service, and more, providing you with a detailed analysis to make an informed decision.

Key Features Comparison 

Frontpoint rolls out the red carpet with stellar advantages. You get top-notch customer service, a risk-free trial that spans 30 days, and the freedom of portable, wireless equipment. Dive into the DIY adventure with easy installation, plus relish the freedom from binding contracts. The cherry on top? A mobile app that's your security sidekick with every plan.

ADT, with a rock-solid reputation and response times, is a heavyweight. Picture this – six monitoring centers working round the clock, promising security that never takes a break. They're all about the customers, offering professional installation and sweet deals on both equipment and setup.

But, be ready: long-term contracts are the ticket. Monthly monitoring is a little bit pricier, but hey, quality often comes at a cost. ADT, the stage is yours for those who want experience and professional-grade security.


Let’s take a look at their shared services:

  • Wireless home security options
  • Home automation compatibility
  • Reliable connections
  • Video monitoring upgrades
  • Mobile app availability
  • Higher monthly monitoring fees
  • Good track records
  • Cutting-edge equipment
  • Customer-friendly policies

What Makes ADT & Frontpoint Unique?

  • Equipment Pricing: Frontpoint is more transparent and slightly less expensive.
  • Installation Options: It depends on the experience you want – DIY with Frontpoint or professional setup with ADT.
  • Contract Options: Frontpoint offers no-contract flexibility, while ADT requires a three-year commitment.
  • Connection Types: Frontpoint offers cellular with every plan; ADT provides landline if needed.
  • Monitoring Centers: ADT has more monitoring centers.
  • Years of Experience: ADT has been around for over a century, while Frontpoint emerged in 2007.

Components of ADT and Frontpoint 

Frontpoint and ADT offer a wide selection of components to ensure a tailored to your needs and comprehensive home security system.

Control Panel:

  • Frontpoint: A user-friendly central hub for seamless system control.
  • ADT: Professionally installed control panel for optimal integration.


  • Frontpoint: Varied sensors, including door/window and motion sensors, for detecting unauthorized entry.
  • ADT: Diverse sensor options, like door/window sensors and motion detectors, triggering alarms for unusual activity.


  • Frontpoint: Indoor and outdoor cameras with HD resolution, night vision, and two-way audio for real-time surveillance.
  • ADT: Professional installation ensures optimal camera placement for indoor and outdoor cameras with HD video and two-way communication.

Smart Locks:

  • Frontpoint: Remote-controlled smart locks, enhancing home security and providing convenient access control in your hands.
  • ADT: Smart locks integrated into the security system, allowing remote control for added convenience.

Environmental Sensors:

  • Frontpoint: Comprehensive environmental safety with smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • ADT: Prioritizing environmental safety with detectors for smoke and carbon monoxide.

Panic Devices:

  • Frontpoint: Panic pendant for personal safety, triggering alerts in emergency situations.
  • ADT: Panic button, similar to Frontpoint's pendant, for quick summoning of help in emergencies.

Price Comparison and Affordability: Frontpoint vs ADT

Installation Cost

  • Frontpoint: DIY installation reduces upfront costs, empowering users to set up their system independently.
  • ADT: Professional installation is required, typically costing around $150. Additional charges may apply based on specific plans or promotions.

Equipment Cost

  • Frontpoint: Transparent pricing with various packages starting at $99, offering flexibility in customization.
  • ADT: Professional-grade equipment starts at $599, with costs varying based on customization and specific security requirements.

Monthly Monitoring Fee

  • Frontpoint: Monthly monitoring fee starts at $24.99, providing competitive pricing for reliable security services.
  • ADT: Monthly monitoring fee starts at $28.99, potentially increasing with additional features or higher-tier plans.

Activation Fee

  • Frontpoint: No activation fees, ensuring users can get started without incurring additional upfront charges.
  • ADT: May apply an activation fee, with the specific amount varying based on promotions and the chosen plan.

Remote Access Fee

  • Frontpoint: Remote access included with all plans, enhancing user convenience without extra costs.
  • ADT: Remote access typically included with most plans, but additional fees may apply for certain advanced features.

Additional Equipment Costs

  • Frontpoint: Optional add-ons available for customization, such as extra sensors or cameras.
  • ADT: Users may incur additional fees for extra devices or specialized equipment beyond the standard package.

Contract Options

  • Frontpoint: No-contract flexibility, offering month-to-month plans for users seeking more freedom and control.
  • ADT: Typically requires a three-year contract commitment, suitable for users looking for a long-term security solution.

Cancellation Fees

  • Frontpoint: No cancellation fees, providing peace of mind for users making changes to their security services.
  • ADT: May charge early termination fees if users decide to break the contract before completion.

Trial Period

  • Frontpoint: 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing users to test the system risk-free and ensure it meets expectations.
  • ADT: 6-month money-back guarantee, subject to certain restrictions, providing a grace period for system evaluation.

Warranty and Service Plans

  • Frontpoint: Emphasizes customer-friendly warranty terms, contributing to a positive user experience.
  • ADT: Offers a service guarantee with potential insurance deductible protection, enhancing the overall value of the system.

ADT vs Frontpoint: Installation and Compatibility

Setting up your home security system is a breeze with Frontpoint and ADT, and each offers a unique approach.

Frontpoint keeps it simple with a DIY setup. Picture yourself effortlessly configuring your security system – no stress, just straightforward steps. It's not only cost-effective but also a hands-on experience, giving you control over the entire process.

On the other hand, ADT takes a different route by bringing in installation experts. While it might come at a slightly higher cost, it ensures a flawless setup. Technicians handle everything, making sure every component works seamlessly from the start.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to compatibility, Frontpoint is versatile, easily integrating with various smart home technologies. It's the reliable friend who gets along with everyone. ADT, with its extensive history, syncs up effortlessly with major smart home platforms like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Choose the style that suits you, and let the security setup begin!

Pros and Cons of ADT vs Frontpoint

Frontpoint and ADT are two reputable home security companies, each with its unique set of advantages and disadvantages tailored to different customer needs.

Frontpoint Pros:

  • Excellent customer service
  • 30-day risk-free trial
  • Portable, wireless equipment
  • DIY installation
  • No contracts
  • Mobile app available with all plans

ADT Pros:

  • Strong reputation
  • Fast response times
  • 6 monitoring centers
  • Customer-first guarantees
  • Professional installation
  • Deals on equipment and installation

Frontpoint Cons:

  • Need to call in for no-contract option
  • No professional installation option
  • Frontpoint shines with user-friendly DIY installation and outstanding customer service.

ADT Cons:

  • Long-term contracts
  • Upgrade required for smoke and CO monitoring
  • ADT is a reliable choice for those valuing experience and professional monitoring.

Evaluating Customer Support: ADT vs Frontpoint

Assessing the customer service offered by ADT and Frontpoint is crucial when choosing a home security system. Here's a comparison:

Response Times:

Both ADT and Frontpoint aim for fast response times, ensuring users receive timely assistance.


Both providers offer diverse support channels, allowing users to choose the method that suits their preferences.

Customer Satisfaction:

Both ADT and Frontpoint have positive reviews regarding their customer service. ADT benefits from its long-established reputation, while Frontpoint excels with its customer-centric approach.


  • If you prioritize a provider with a long history and reputation, ADT's customer service aligns with that expectation.
  • For those valuing a modern and user-friendly customer experience, Frontpoint's responsive support may be a strong factor in your decision.

ADT vs Frontpoint: Reviews and Ratings

When it comes to user reviews, both ADT and Frontpoint have garnered insights that can sway the decision-making process. Here, we summarize common themes and include quantitative data to provide a comprehensive perspective.

ADT Reviews and Ratings

ADT, with its long-standing reputation, receives varied feedback. Users often commend its strong reputation, fast response times, and customer-first guarantees. The extensive network of monitoring centers contributes to its reliability.

However, concerns arise regarding long-term contracts, the necessity for an upgrade for smoke and CO monitoring, and the relatively higher monthly monitoring costs. Despite these considerations, ADT remains a reliable choice, especially for those valuing experience and professional monitoring.

Frontpoint Reviews and Ratings

Frontpoint, the DIY champion, offers customers a user-friendly experience and excellent customer service. The emphasis on a 30-day risk-free trial and a variety of plans, coupled with portable and wireless equipment, earns Frontpoint positive reviews.

However, users expressed the need to call in for a no-contract option, and the absence of a professional installation option might be a downside for those seeking expert setup. Nevertheless, Frontpoint stands out for its approachable DIY installation and dedicated customer service.

Choosing the Ideal Home Security System

If you prioritize professional installation, extensive industry experience, and a widespread network, ADT could be your preferred choice. On the other hand, Frontpoint is tailored for users who value a DIY approach, budget flexibility, and a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction.

Given the rapid evolution of smart home technologies, it's essential to be mindful of the compatibility of both ADT and Frontpoint with emerging technologies. Opt for providers that ensure seamless integration with the latest advancements, promising a home security system up-to-date and future-proof.

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