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Wireless Door Alarms: Everything You Need to Know

Learn how wireless door alarms can protect your home from burglaries and intruders. Discover the features to consider, the benefits of installation, and the steps for easy DIY installation. Get peace of mind with remote monitoring and customizable settings.



According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, about 56% of burglaries reported are perpetrated through forcible entry. This means you are at risk of burglary if you do not install door alarms in your home.

A wireless door alarm requires no wiring, so you can set it up easily without paying extra for professional installation.

Even at that, there are still some crucial things you need to know before you buy a wireless door alarm for your home.

  • How wireless door alarms work
  • What you gain by installing them
  • Wireless door alarm features to consider 
  • How to choose an ideal alarm for your home
  • How burglars may try to disable your alarm

How Wireless Door Alarms Work

In wireless door alarms, the sensor detects when the door is opened and sends a signal to the alarm system using wireless technology.

Once the system receives the signal, the control panel performs a pre-programmed action depending on the door alarm configuration. Some of these actions include:

  • Giving off a blaring sound to scare off the intruder
  • Sending a notification to your smartphone or tablet
  • Alerting the police, monitoring team, or relevant security agency
  • Capturing live feed if the system is linked to a security camera

Depending on the type of sensor, door alarms use different means for detecting entry. 

For example, a magnetic door alarm comprises a sensor and magnet and uses a magnetic field for detection. When the door is opened, the magnet separates from the sensor, which triggers the door alarm and sends the signal to the control panel. 

The main components of the wireless alarm system include:

  • Sensor
  • Control panel
  • Remote control
  • Smartphone app integration

The remote control allows the user to control the door alarm system remotely. 

With smartphone app integration, the door alarm syncs with your smartphone, so you can receive alerts and control the system remotely.

Features to Consider in a Wireless Door Alarm

When shopping for a wireless door alarm, carefully read the product specifications to determine whether it has features that meet your specific needs. Some of the essential features to look out for when choosing your wireless door alarm are:

  • Remote access
  • Ease of installation
  • Mobile Alerts
  • Smart home integration
  • Battery life

Remote Access

Consider if the door alarm allows you to access and control your alarm system remotely. 

While some door alarms can be controlled and managed using a mobile phone, others do not have this feature.

A remotely accessible door alarm is handy if you spend ample time away from home but still need to be in charge of your security system.

For instance, you may need to monitor your kids and pets while on vacation. With a remotely accessible door alarm, you can see what your kids are up to and adjust your alarm settings from any location.

Ease of Installation

Some alarm systems require the service of a professional for installation, while non-professionals can seamlessly install others. 

You should check how easy the door alarm installation is before purchasing.

If you are not tech-savvy or do not have enough time to install a door alarm, you will need the service of a professional. Luckily, security providers like Brinks Home Security offer free installation services.

Mobile Alerts

Not all wireless door alarms have a mobile alert feature.

While some of these alarms can send alerts directly to your smartphone, others may only have an audible alarm or chime that goes off when the sensor is triggered. Some systems may require you to subscribe or pay additional fees to use their mobile alert feature.

If you are not always available at home and still want to be notified anytime your door is opened, you are better off with a door alarm that sends mobile alerts.

Smart Home Integration

If you have a smart home or are considering connecting your wireless door alarm with smart devices such as Alexa or Google Assistant, check if the door alarm you are purchasing allows the integration.

Integration with home automation allows you to control your door alarm and check its status. You can even set up the devices to turn on the smart light anytime your door is opened.

Battery Life

Since the wireless door alarm is usually battery-powered, consider the battery life to be certain that the battery can power the door alarm for as long as you’ll be away.

Benefits of Wireless Door Alarms

Let’s examine some of the perks that come with having a wireless door alarm.

Easy Installation

Installing a wireless alarm does not require wiring, making it easier to install than the wired door alarm system, which may require professional installation.

This means you can install a wireless door alarm in minutes, freeing you from the hassle of hiring a professional to handle your installation.

Deters Intruders

Some wireless door alarms help secure your home by releasing a loud sound whenever it detects any suspicious movement.

This helps in chasing away intruders from your home. About 60% of convicted burglars claimed that seeing a door alarm would prevent them from breaking into a house.

Personalization and Customization

Wireless door alarms allow you to customize your alarm to fit your preference.

You can adjust the sensitivity level, schedule alerts, integrate your smart home devices, and receive notifications on your mobile phone.

Cost Savings

Wireless door alarms do not require wiring, and they can be easily installed by a non-professional in a few minutes. 

This allows you to secure your home without breaking the bank by saving the cost of getting wires and hiring a professional.

Remote Monitoring

Whether you’re at work or on vacation, you can see what goes on at any time in your home.

Having the door alarm in place allows you to keep a tab on your children and get alerts whenever they try to leave the house without informing you.

With this, you can protect your kids from dangers and domestic accidents.

For instance, if your toddler opens their room window, you will be notified and take the necessary steps to ensure they don’t get hurt.

Peace of Mind

This remains one of the greatest benefits of door alarms. Knowing you have a reliable security system in place gives you one less thing to worry about.

You’ll be sure your home is safe, and the door alarm will notify you whenever there is any threat or unauthorized access.

How to Choose the Best Wireless Door Alarm

To choose the ideal wireless door alarm for your home: 

  • Ensure your budget aligns with the alarm you’re getting
  • Check if the system has the features you need
  • Read as many product reviews as possible

Check Your Budget

The cost of a wireless door alarm varies depending on the features and the manufacturers.

Consider the amount you will spend on getting the wireless door alarm for your home. This will let you know the kind of wireless door alarms within your budget. 

However, buying a low-budget door alarm may mean you will be missing out on some important features.

Check the Features

Consider the functionalities you want your wireless door alarm to have when choosing a door alarm for your home. 

For instance, if you are installing your alarm in a high-risk or noisy area, you need to buy a loud door alarm. Also, buying a door alarm with mobile alert capability is important if you’re not always available at home.

Sometimes, you may need to capture video coverage when the sensor detects an intrusion. In this case, you’ll need an alarm system that integrates with a security camera.

Read Reviews

This plays a huge role in determining the best wireless door alarm for your needs and helps you make informed decisions.

49% of consumers claim to trust reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations from friends and family.

You should hear from the people that have used different door alarm products you are considering and choose the one with the best review. 

Here’s how you can do your due diligence:

  • Read user reviews on Amazon and other stores that sell the product
  • Go through the security provider’s product description and FAQs
  • Check reviews on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media

Can Burglars Disable Wireless Door Alarms?

Yes, burglars can disable wireless door alarms depending on the type of alarm, how it’s installed, and their sophistication level. They can try some of these methods to disable your wireless door alarm: 

Signal jamming: Since wireless door alarm sensors use radio frequency to communicate with the control panel, burglars may use a signal jammer to overwhelm the control panel.

The jammer emits radio signals at the same frequency as the alarm system. These rogue signals interfere with the sensor’s signal, so the control panel cannot receive it and take the necessary action. 

Removing the batteries: If your door alarm is battery-powered, burglars may disable it by removing the batteries.

Hacking the system: If you have a smart home system connected to your wireless door alarm, these criminals may try hacking into the system to disable the alarm.

They may also try hacking the smartphone app integrated with your alarm system.

Thankfully, modern wireless door alarms have enhanced technology to prevent burglars from disabling your alarm:

  • Anti-jam technology allows wireless door alarms to detect when the signals are being disrupted and sound the alarm.
  • Signals are also encrypted, making it difficult for intruders to intercept or corrupt them.
  • Anti-tampering features like tamper-proof screws and protective covers prevent burglars from toying with the control panel, batteries, and sensors.

To prevent burglars from disabling your wireless door alarm, choose a high-quality system that is difficult to jam or disable. Also, ensure you properly install and maintain the system to minimize security vulnerabilities.

The most effective way of preventing burglars from disabling your wireless door alarm is by combining it with other security layers like window alarms, security cameras, and motion sensors.

Secure Your Home With a Wireless Door Alarm Today

Wireless door alarms can give you peace of mind as they help deter burglars from your home.

Criminals may try to bypass the system and gain access to your home, but thanks to modern technology, you’ll be many steps ahead of them. 

Use the tips in this guide to choose the best wireless door alarm that offers your desired security features without exceeding your budget. 

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