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The Truth About Fake Security Cameras

Are fake security cameras worth the investment? Discover the types, features, and most realistic options available. Learn about the pros and cons, where to buy them, and why relying on fake cameras may not be the best choice for your security needs. Make an informed decision to protect your home or business effectively.

Are you concerned about the safety of your home or business but worried that installing a comprehensive security system might burn a hole in your pocket? 

Then you may have heard about or considered an alternative that may deter intruders without breaking the bank—fake security cameras. 

These ingenious devices mimic real surveillance systems and may fool criminals, deterring them by making them feel your premises are under surveillance.

But are they truly worth your investment or just a deceptive gimmick?

Before we give our verdict, let’s unveil the various types and features of fake security cameras, reveal the most realistic ones available on the market today, and even provide insights on where to purchase them.

Then you’ll find out if they’re worth your penny.

Types of Fake Security Cameras

There are various types of fake security cams on the market. Let’s see some of them.

Fake Indoor Security Cameras

Fake indoor security cameras are dummy cameras meant for indoor use

Some have LEDs and a warning decal. They may also come with a red LED light that blinks every 2–5 seconds. Sadly, you can't stop the blinking except by removing the battery. 


  • They are affordable 
  • Come with LED light
  • Stunning look
  • Wall screw makes them easy to install 


  • They lack a control button to switch off the blinking light 
  • They’re made with cheap plastic and can’t withstand pressure

Fake Outdoor Security Cameras 

As the name implies, fake outdoor security cameras are placed in outdoor locations like gardens or car parking spaces. They can also be placed on poles and rooftops.

One of the most common types of fake outdoor security cameras is the bullet camera. It usually comes with flashing red LEDs and fake wires to make it look more realistic.

Fake outdoor security cameras usually have standard AA batteries that can last months. But these cams are usually made of plastic that fades with time when exposed to sunlight and rain.


  • Red LED light 
  • Durable battery 
  • Affordable 
  • Convincing cables and holes


  • May look fake when carefully observed 
  • Fades with time due to sunlight 

Fake Solar Security Cameras 

Fake solar security cameras are similar to outdoor security cameras, but the difference is that they’re solar-powered.

Although these cameras are powered by solar energy, they still come with AA batteries. They use solar power during the day, while they use the batteries at night.

These security cameras also feature a red LED light that blinks every 2–5 seconds

Because of their solar panel, fake solar security cameras appear so real even when closely observed. So, they can easily fool criminals when set in a visible spot.


  • Support solar power 
  • Red LED light 
  • They appear more realistic


  • They require the sun for energy 
  • They require rechargeable batteries

Tip: If you must use any type of fake security camera, always ensure they are visible to potential intruders because their effectiveness lies in how visible they are to deter these criminals.

Features of Fake Security Cameras 

Check out some features you'll find in a fake security camera. 

LED Light

Most fake security cameras come with LED lights, making them appear realistic. 

At night, it’s almost impossible for criminals to detect a fake security camera because of its LED light. So, fake security cameras with lights can fool and deter criminals from afar.

Red Blinking Light 

Like the LED light, the blinking light performs a similar function. This light is made of a red LED that blinks every 2–5 seconds to create the impression that the camera is active, especially at night. 

The fake blinking light:

  • Sends deterrent signals to criminals, especially at night 
  • Makes the cameras more visible 
  • Makes your home or office look smart

Motion Detector

Motion detectors are one of the best features of fake security cameras. 

They enable the fake security cameras to move regularly, make sounds, or light up automatically, giving the impression that they’re surveying the environment.

However, fake security cameras with motion detectors can't record movement.


The cables give the impression that the camera is connected to a power source or control panel.

It’s difficult for criminals to detect that these wires are fake unless they hold them with their hands. The wires are lighter than those of real security cams.

Most Realistic Fake Security Cameras

Almost all fake security cameras are made to look real. Moreover, some look more realistic than others based on their components and features.

Let’s see some of the best fake security cameras you'll find on the market that criminals can hardly distinguish from real ones.

Wali Bullet Dummy Fake Surveillance Cameras 4-Pack

Cost: $23


  • Long-lasting AA batteries 
  • Blinking red LED light 
  • 360-degree rotation 
  • Flexibility 
  • Realistic wires

The WALI bullet dummy fake surveillance cameras come with impressive designs and features. They are cylindrical and 6.7 inches long, perfect for outdoor and indoor use.

They come with wires to enhance their appearance. Also, they can rotate 360 degrees, which makes them more realistic.

These cams come with two AA batteries that can last for six months. 

Bnt Dummy Fake Security Cameras 2-Packs

Cost: $14


  • Long-lasting AA batteries 
  • Blinking red LED light 
  • Photoelectric sensors 
  • 360-degree rotation 
  • Realistic wires

The BNT dummy security cameras are cylindrical and made of ABS plastic with glossy aluminum mounting hardware.

They are water and dust resistant, with a sun shield over their lens. To appear more convincing, they have a fake ring of infrared LEDs similar to real security cameras.

The BNT dummy security cameras have photoelectric sensors that ensure the red LED blinks only at night.

These cams also come with two AA batteries lasting six months. 

Inkeci Fake Dome Camera 2-Packs

Cost: $18


  • Long-lasting AA batteries 
  • Blinking red LED light 
  • Stunning design 
  • Realistic wires
  • Switch control 

The INKECI fake dome camera has an ABS plastic build with a white matte finish. Its design can fit in almost all interior spaces. 

It comes with a ring LED around its lens that activates as soon as you insert two AA batteries. 

You can turn the INKECI fake dome camera on or off using the switch on its back.

Where to Buy Fake Security Cameras

You can get dummy security cams at online stores or in physical stores.

Online stores: You can easily order your desired fake security cameras online. Then you'll get them delivered to your location. 

You can buy fake security cameras online in these stores:

Physical stores: You can easily purchase dummy security cameras in a nearby gadget shop.

One way to find such stores is by searching for "gadgets store" on your Apple Maps or Google Maps, and you'll get a list of gadget stores close to you. Then, you can make inquiries from the store or visit them to purchase a fake security camera.

Are Fake Security Cameras Worth It?

People use fake security cams instead of the real deal because they’re cheaper and look like real security cams to the ordinary eye.

But you can’t rely on them when it matters most since they can't record video footage, trigger alarms or send signals to users. Besides, some sophisticated criminals can identify dummy cameras, leaving you at risk of attack without a trace. 

These fake surveillance cameras might create a false sense of security for you and others who rely on them. 

You could face lawsuits if an incident occurs and it’s discovered that your security cams were fake. Affected parties may sue you with the argument that they felt safe and lowered their guards due to the perceived presence of a real security camera.

So, if you value your security and peace of mind, it’s not worth risking a $5K loss in burglaries or lawsuits because you want to save a few bucks with fake security cams.

However, these dummy cams can be a temporary solution while you upgrade to a real security camera. 

You’re Better off With a Real Security Camera

Using fake security cameras is a gamble that could go terribly wrong.

You may fool the criminals for a while, but it only takes one incident to blow your cover and cost you thousands of dollars in damages or lawsuits, some of which may be irreparable. 

So, while you still have time, switch to a reliable security camera that can monitor your surroundings, send you alerts, and trigger alarms. Check out our guides on:

These resources will help you make the best choice for your surveillance needs so you don’t end up being penny-wise but pound-foolish.

As always, we’re available to recommend the best security solution for your needs and budget. Contact us today, and we’ll help you choose the right security cam for your home or business.

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