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Only a couple of miles off the beautiful Gulf of Mexico, Spring Hill, FL, is a small town with a wealth of outdoor adventures. Its unique attractions and easy access to the best beaches in the state makes it a fantastic alternative to some of Florida’s popular but crowded spots.

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Spring Hill is a great starting point for a fabulous family trip to the stunning gulf coast. Hernando County boasts of having some of the state’s finest bass fishing across its pristine lakes and rivers. Hop over Pine Island for a sandy picnic or drive down to Clearwater Beach for some of the most magnificent oceanfronts in the area.

The city’s original planned name was Spring Lake. It was changed to Spring Hill (there was already a Spring Lake, Florida). It was later named after the Lykes’ Brothers home site.

Cast your angling line right off the fishing pier at Baypoint Park, a lovely public area along the shoreline. Stroll around the new boardwalk and take in the scenic views and grill your “catch of the day” at the cookout area.

For a more serene escapade, admire colorful gardens at the Nature Coast Botanical Gardens and Nursery. The 3.5-acre flower garden oozes tranquility, with several themed areas filled with roses, wildflowers, and palm trees that will whisk you away from the bustling suburban life.

Watch exotic animals interact at the Wildlife Survival Sanctuary, a haven for wildlife in distress. The organization takes in animals that private owners can no longer undertake and provide them with the care they need. Take a tour around habitats filled with Bengal tigers, cougars, and leopards. They also have some primates, reptiles, and even a cute potbelly pig.

Spring Hill is a census-designated place (CDP) in Hernando County. It is what the United States Census Bureau identifies as a place dedicated for statistical purposes.

Hike around the breathtaking Weekiwachee Preserve, a wildlife-rich area with many different ecosystems. The gorgeous paths will take you across swamps, sandhills, and saltwater marshes famous for their wading bird population. Get your camera ready in case you get lucky and spot some Florida black bears, usually shy creatures that avoid human contact.

No trip to Spring Hill is complete without spending a few hours at the Towne Square Mall. Bargain hunters rejoice! This indoor shopping mall/flea market is packed with an eclectic collection of shops and antiques that will tickle your wallet. It is a collector's dream place, with an expansive inventory of coins, furniture, watches, and hundreds of unique items.

Hernando County has long, scorching hot summers and short and cloudy winters. It is mostly wet year-round, experiencing floods, hail, and tropical storms as the area’s most common natural disasters. Many Spring Hill residents are looking for better ways to keep their homes safe from these devastating acts of nature and property crimes.

One of the best tactics to improve your property's safety is to install a home security system. The benefits of owning an alarm system are endless, adding an extra layer of protection to any property in Spring Hill, Florida. It acts as an excellent deterrent against criminals trying to burglarize your home.

Home security systems also grant remote control to your smart home. Home automation technology allows you to run devices like outdoor cameras and smart lighting from smartphones or tablets. Adding smart products and features like professional monitoring services and security cameras will bring your home security system to a whole new level of protection.

Spring Hill belongs to Florida's “Nature Coast” region and is in the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater metro area.

Subscribing to a professional monitoring service will safeguard your home 24/7, even during severe weather conditions. In an emergency, qualified monitoring agents contact the police or fire department on your behalf, dispatching a fast response team to your property. When the alarm is activated, you can access the cameras' live feeds and see what is happening at home from anywhere.

In Spring Hill, FL, home security companies offer a vast selection of smart products and the latest home automation features tailored to your safety needs. You can personalize your home security system to your liking by adding incredible devices like security cameras and smart locks.

Installing a video doorbell camera will provide two-way communication with anyone standing on your doorstep. Pairing it up with a smart lock system will let you see when the nanny arrives and grant her access inside your home. You can even tell her about last-minute changes in your kids’ schedule with the simple touch of a button.

Home security companies and local providers offer state-of-the-art alarm systems and outstanding monitoring services ready to meet your expectations. Home safety is swiftly becoming a must-have commodity, now within grasp by the average buyer. Home security systems deliver the best safety solutions for any residential or commercial property in Spring Hill, FL.



Spring Hill Crime Statistics

Unfortunately, both violent and property crime rates in Florida are over the national average. Currently, there is insufficient data to determine Spring Hill’s crime rates accurately. It may be due to the local agency’s reporting practice, or there are no complete crime reports submitted to the FBI.

Regardless of the lack of numbers and statistics, Spring Hill residents are experiencing an increase in safety concerns, making home security a top priority. Here are Florida’s crime rates for 2018. It is based on the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Service Division report.



Situated 40 miles northwest of Tampa, Spring Hill is a charming city full of incredible attractions. It provides visitors everything the big cities, offering a booming cultural scene, great food, and easy access to fantastic outdoor adventures.

Explore Crews Lake Wilderness Park, a unique outdoor experience that feels like being out in the wilds in the heart of downtown Spring Hill. This spacious park has stunning bike paths and walkable trails surrounded by natural beauty. Climb to the top of the observation tower for an awe-inspiring panoramic view of the area.

The city is home to Buccaneer Bay, Florida's only spring-fed water park. It is housed within an entirely natural setting.

Grab a glass of Spring Hill’s own aromatic red wine at the Strong Tower Vineyard. The wine menu has a variety of seasonal produce ranging from the classics like Pinot Noir to delicious blueberry wines.

And to satisfy your kids’ hungry tummy, stop by Guido’s Pizza Café. This family-owned Italian restaurant is being around for over 100 years, delivering some of the best Chicago-style thin-based pizzas in town. But with so many exciting things to do and see, homeowners have a growing concern about leaving their properties unprotected while enjoying this gem of a city.

Having a home security system will add a new level of protection to any property in Spring Hill, FL. Home security companies deliver professional safety solutions customized to your needs using smart products like security cameras and environmental sensors.

Flood sensors send instant notifications to your smartphone the moment water leaks are detected inside your property. Employing the live feeds from indoor cameras, you can assess your home’s status in real-time.

You will then decide if additional actions are required to prevent expensive property damages, like shutting down your water supply. You can even oversee the plumber working on your property while sitting at the office. Smart devices like these will deliver a more robust safety solution for any property in Spring Hill, Florida.

Best Home Security Systems in Spring Hill

In the early stages, traditional home security systems came with high-end equipment requiring an intricate hardwired installation. It deterred many potentially new customers away due to their lack of customer service and unruly devices.

The security industry noticed its weak spots and swiftly evolved towards more user-friendly components with affordable price tags. Today, home security companies offer leading-edge alarm systems and innovative home automation features within the average buyer's grasp.

In Spring Hill, FL, home security companies provide an array of smart products and the latest home automation for you to pick and choose from. They offer unique devices and features like indoor cameras, smart thermostats, and voice assistance interface for the quintessential smart home living experience.

But for first-time buyers, choosing the best alarm system may feel like an overwhelming task. With the customers’ needs in mind, coined a convenient tool that narrows down the top burglar alarm systems in Spring Hill, FL. It can also look for the leading home security in Saint Petersburg, FL, and many cities across the nation.

Tweak the filters below, and let the home security match tool search for the best home security systems available in Spring Hill, FL, and surrounding areas:

Frequently Asked Questions

Spring Hill, FL Home Security Companies

Home security companies and providers in Spring Hill, Florida, provide the best safety solutions tailored to your needs. They offer a wide-ranging collection of smart products and innovative home automation technology for you to cherry-pick. You can boost your home security system by adding outdoor cameras, smart lighting, and first-class monitoring services.

Plus, local security providers offer a variety of home and safety-related services for residential and commercial properties in Spring Hill, FL. For example, authorized locksmiths carry out 24-hour emergency services to help if you are locked out of the home in the middle of the night.

Skilled technicians arrive at your place, pick the lock, extract a broken key, or make a new one onsite. They can install a smart lock system, so you can organize a go-kart race at the Adventure Coast Fun Park without worrying about losing your keys.

Other services include home automation systems, environmental sensor installations, HVAC system repairs, indoor cameras, and more for the quintessential smart home living experience.

Listed below are the home security providers and local contractors operating in Spring Hill, FL, and nearby areas:

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