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Home Security in Everett, WA

Nestled between the beautiful Snohomish River and Port Gardner Bay, Everett, Washington, serves as a central employment hub for Snohomish County along with a family-oriented community. This quaint town is bursting with history, a diverse cultural scene, and fantastic outdoor adventures.

Home Security in Everett, Washington

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Packages as low as $99 + free doorbell camera

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Though you might associate fishing trips with warmer settings, salmon charters are a trendy outdoor activity in Everett. Hop aboard an angling ship that will sail through the serene waters of the Puget Sound. While you are busy catching dinner, keep your eyes open for a chance to spot magnificent whales and sea lions along the way.

Everett is the county seat of and the largest city in Snohomish County.

Enjoy hiking, snowshoeing, and boating at the imposing Wallace Falls State Park, with more than 4,000 acres of stunning landscapes. Its prime location offers beautiful lakes, pristine rivers, and the stellar falls that give it its name, ready for any outdoor lover to explore. And with rocky cliffs and the Cascade Mountains as the backdrop, it makes it the perfect Instagramable spot.

Everett is also known for its strong connection to aviation. The city is home to the renowned Boeing Company, housing one of the world's largest manufacturing buildings. If you are an aircraft fan, visit the Future of Flight Aviation Center and Boeing Tour showcasing modern aviation exhibits. See how the Dreamliner is built and even design your own plane!

Walk around the picturesque historic downtown, filled with music, eclectic shops, and fantastic breweries and pubs. It is where you can savor delicious food and enjoy family-oriented festivals year-round. Everett also has a booming art scene, with many galleries showering the area with a spectacular visual culture.

Founder Charles L. Colby was part of an East Coast capitalist group seeking to build a major industrial city on the Puget Sound. The town was named after his son, Everett Colby.

Tour around Schack Art Center for its unique display of artwork from local and international artists. The center's highlight is its open glassblowing studio, where you can see artisans working on new projects.

If you fancy unique specialty food, stop by Everett Farmers Market situated at the Port of Everett. The market has vendor booths of all types, where you can find home-made goodies, crafts, and kid-oriented stalls. It even has its own quirky wooden token system to allow you to pay by credit card.

Snohomish County is knowns for its icy, wet winters and short summers. Thunderstorms, floods, and harsh weather are among the most recurrent acts of nature that hit the area year over year. Combined with mounting concern for property crimes, residents of Everett, WA, are searching for the best ways to protect their homes and loved ones.

Installing a home security system is one of the best ways to enhance your property's safety. The benefits of having a burglar alarm system are numerous, adding a new protection level to any property in Everett, WA. They act as excellent deterrents against burglars trying to break into your home.

Home security systems also grant remote control to your smart home. Home automation allows you to manage devices like smart lights and outdoor cameras from a smartphone or tablet. To customize your burglar alarm, you can add smart products and features like professional monitoring service and surveillance cameras.

Everett is home to the largest public marina on the west coast of the United States.

Signing up for a professional monitoring plan will guarantee 24/7 protection, even in severe weather conditions. During an emergency, trained monitoring agents contact the police or fire department on your behalf, dispatching a fast response team to your property. When the alarm is triggered, you can jump into the security cameras' live feeds and see what is happening at home in real-time.

Home security companies and providers in Everett, WA, deliver an array of smart home products and the newest home automation features designed to meet your safety needs. You can improve your home security system by adding incredible devices like security cameras and smart locks.

Having a video doorbell camera will allow you to see, hear, and speak with anyone standing on your doorstep, even before they ring the bell. Pairing it up with a smart lock system will let you know when the dog walker arrives and grant her access inside your home. You can chat with her about any changes in your furry friend’s exercise regimen with the touch of a button.

Home safety is quickly developing into a must-have commodity, now within grasp by the average buyer. Security providers offer leading-edge burglar alarms and affordable monitoring services tailored to your expectations. Home security systems deliver the best safety solutions for any residential or commercial property in Everett, WA.



Everett, WA Crime Statistics

Regrettably, Washington’s violent and property crime rates are well over the national standard. Everett’s violent crime rates make up 1.59% of the state's final results, while property crime rates come a little higher at 2.11%. Everett residents are showing a growing interest in property safety, making home security a top priority.

Below is a chart comparing criminal rates between Everett and the state's tally. It is based on the 2018 report issued by The FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Service Division:

Incident Everett Washington Ratio
Property Crimes 4,863 222,011 2.11%
Larceny-Theft 3,077 154,133 2.00%
Burglary 650 40,201 1.62%
Violent Crimes 373 23,472 1.59%

Just a 30-minute drive from bustling Seattle, Everett is a serene city full of small-town charm, beautiful landscapes, and amazing attractions. It has direct access to state-of-the-art boating amenities, giving this waterfront town endless hours of recreational opportunities.

With over 3,000 acres of stunning waterfront property, The Port of Everett features miles of trail systems, parks, and incredible beaches. Take the family for a perfect day under the warm sun and enjoy the wavy shallow waters. It is a hotspot for summer activities, like swimming, kayaking, and kiteboarding.

In recent decades, Everett has become a bedroom community for Seattle, a lovely suburb for people who don’t mind commuting to the city for work.

Everett’s long tradition of aviation is displayed throughout its many museums, like the Flying Heritage and Combat Armor Museum. Placed inside two airplane hangars, this unique collection of historical aircraft focuses on the United States' aeronautical role during World War II. With so much history and natural wonders, it makes homeowners uneasy about leaving their properties unguarded while enjoying this gem of a city.

If you are looking for peace of mind, installing a home security system will give you that extra layer of protection you are longing for. In Everett, WA, home security companies deliver professional safety solutions utilizing smart products like security cameras and environmental sensors.

The moment water leaks are detected inside your property, flood sensors will send instant notifications to your smartphone. Accessing the live feeds from indoor cameras, you can check your home’s condition anywhere in the world (if you have an active Internet service).

You will decide if additional actions are needed to prevent expensive property damages, like calling the plumber’s emergency number. You can even oversee him fixing up your property while sitting at your office. Smart devices like these will deliver a more powerful safety solution for any property in Everett, WA.

Best Home Security Systems in Everett, WA

Originally, traditional home security systems came with expensive equipment that required an elaborate hardwired installation. The security industry earned a dire reputation for delivering unmanageable components and a lack of customer service, deterring new potential customers away.

Security companies learned from their missteps and swiftly developed user-friendly devices with more affordable price tags. Today, home security providers offer cutting-edge home security systems and the latest home automation features within the average buyer's reach.

In Everett, WA, home security companies and providers offer numerous smart products and innovative home automation technology for you to pick and choose from. They provide excellent devices and features like indoor cameras, smart thermostats, and voice assistance controllers for the ideal smart home living experience.

But deciding which alarm system is the best option for you may feel like an overwhelming task, especially if you are a first-time buyer. With the customer’s needs in mind, created a handy tool that narrows down the top home security companies in Everett, WA. It can also search for home security systems in Renton, WA, and other cities nationwide.

Modify the filters below accordingly. The home security match tool will zoom in on the best home security systems available in Everett, WA, and neighboring areas:

Frequently Asked Questions

Everett, WA Home Security Companies

Home security companies and providers in Everett, WA, deliver the best safety solutions for your needs. They offer a wide selection of smart products and pioneering home automation technology tailored to your needs. And if you are planning to move, security providers can help find the best home security systems in Bellevue, WA, or anyplace across the nation.

What’s more, home security providers offer numerous home and safety-related services for residential and commercial properties in the Snohomish area. For example, accredited locksmiths provide 24-hour emergency services to help if you are locked out of the house in the middle of the winter.

Trained professionals arrive at your home, pick the lock, extract a broken key, or rekey on-site. They also offer smart lock installations, so you can go on a fishing trip with friends off the waters of Puget Sound without worrying about losing your keys again.

Additional services incorporate home automation systems, video doorbell cameras, heating systems, smart thermostats, and more for the ultimate experience in smart home living.

Listed below are the home security providers and local contractors working in Everett, WA, and nearby areas:

 Bay Alarm Company - Everett, Everett, Washington

Bay Alarm Company - Everett

  • 8115 Broadway Suite 101, Everett, 9820...

    • Serving Everett
    • Security Systems, Burglar Alarm Sys...
    • Alarm System Monitoring, Fire Prote...
     Secure Pacific - Everett, Everett, Washington

    Secure Pacific - Everett

  • 2221 California St, Everett, 98201

    • Serving Everett
    • Security Systems, Burglar Alarm Sys...
    • Fire Protection System, Access Cont...
     Sonitrol - Everett, Everett, Washington

    Sonitrol - Everett

  • 2221 California St, Everett, 98201

    • Serving Everett
    • Security Systems, Burglar Alarm Sys...
    • Alarm System Monitoring, Fire Prote...
     Frontpoint Home Security - Everett, Everett, Washington

    Frontpoint Home Security - Everett

    • Serving Everett
    • Security Systems, Burglar Alarm Sys...
    • Alarm System Monitoring
     SeaCom, Everett, Washington


  • 1912 Everett Ave Suite 120, Everett, 9...

    • Serving Everett
    • Security Systems, Burglar Alarm Sys...
    • Alarm System Monitoring, Fire Prote...
     Innovative Home Theater, Everett, Washington

    Innovative Home Theater

    • Serving Everett
    • Surveillance Camera Installation, H...
    • TV Wall Mount, Remote Control Syste...
     Evergreen Security - Everett, Everett, Washington

    Evergreen Security - Everett

  • 8115 Broadway Suite 101, Everett, 9820...

    • Serving Everett
    • Security Systems, Locksmith
    • Fire Protection System, Broken Key ...
     Fire Protection - Everett, Everett, Washington

    Fire Protection - Everett

  • 1730 Gibson Rd, Everett, 98204

    • Serving Everett
    • Security Systems
    • Alarm System Monitoring, Fire Prote...
     All Points Secure, Everett, Washington

    All Points Secure

    • Serving Everett
    • Security Systems, Burglar Alarm Sys...
     Divine Protection, Everett, Washington

    Divine Protection

    • Serving Everett
    • Security Systems, Home Theater Syst...

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